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Pine Mountain Settlement School
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 ALUMNI RELATIONS 1983 Newsletter

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The Alumni Relations 1983 Newsletter features the 10th Annual Homecoming for Pine Mountain Settlement School. Coordinated by the Pine Mountain Association of Alumni & Friends, the event was one of the most well-attended reunion events at the campus.

It was a time to honor many of Pine Mountain’s alumni and to gather in celebration of the School’s long history, raise money for the School’s needs, spend a day sprucing up the campus and envision the future of the Institution.

The event was marked by the return to campus of several workers and students who had long relationships with the School. None was more exciting than the return of Grace M. Rood, R.N., who was the school nurse from 1937 to 1949.  She was 86 years old when she visited.

The Alumni Newsletter that covers the 1983 Homecoming contains minutes of the meeting of the Association of Alumni & Friends and photographs and descriptions of Homecoming activities. See images and transcriptions of the 14-page Newsletter below.


1983 10th Annual Homecoming at PMSS 

[NOTE: Text has been slightly edited during transcription.]

[1983_homecoming_0022.jpg] Printed brochure, page 1 (cover).

[Cover photograph of alumni gathered outdoors.]

Pine Mountain Association of Alumni & Friends
10th Annual

August 13 & 14, 1983
Pine Mountain Settlement School
Pine Mountain, Kentucky

[1983_homecoming_0021.jpg] Printed brochure, page 2.

 Spontaneous Tribute to Grace M. Rood, R.N.

Grace M. Rood, R.N., who was the school nurse from 1937-49, returned to Pine Mountain at the age of 86 for the annual Homecoming with her usual enthusiasm.

Miss Rood’s spirit was evident by the crowds of people from the community who lined up to greet her. This was heartwarming to her, as it showed the results of her efforts to involve the community with the school.

[photo of Miss Rood]

A comment overheard on Saturday was that if one could have seen the long line of people waiting to visit Grace Rood, one would have thought indeed, this was a reception for her! In a way, it was, without neglecting all the other people who have contributed so much to the growth and continuation of the goals and ideals of Pine Mountain School.

Just as important as the many girls she encouraged to go into nursing was the interest, love and guidance she gave to the other students, many of whom she has visited and kept in contact with throughout the years.

It is this impact that can be seen as you go down the list of graduates and realize the numerous lives she has touch.

In summary of this years’ Homecoming we have to say, “Grace Rood, we salute you, and love you just as we know you love everyone of us.”

Charlsie Vaughn Strealy

[1983_homecoming_0023.jpg] Printed brochure, page 3.

Minutes of the
Pine Mountain Settlement School
Tenth Annual Homecoming

The annual business meeting of the Association of Pine Mountain School Alumni and Friends was held in Laurel House at Pine Mountain on August 13, 1983.

John M. Martin, President of the organization, called the meeting to order. Jack introduced us to the new director and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Urquhart. From the floor he recognized Millie Mahoney, Ila Turner, Mrs. Tracey Jones, Miss Rood, Alvin Boggs, Dr. [Willis] Weatherford, Mr. & Mrs. [Arthur] Dodd, Dr. Martha Pride, Dorothy Nace Tharpe, Ruth Creech, and Maude Holbrook. He also read greetings from those who could not attend: Ruby Ayers Warren; Barbara and Glyn Morris; Charlotte and Bill Webb; Mrs. Baker; and Alice Turner Ball.

After a moment of silent remembrance for Stephen Hayes, Mae Richie Descamps, Harriet Howard Bright, Nina E. Warner, Jess Patterson, and Boone Callahan, we heard the minutes of the last meeting by Gola Mooney, treasurer’s report from Mr. [August] Angel, and an activities report from Paul Hayes. Paul’s report was on the special project of the Emergency Water Fund to replace the present system, which has deteriorated due to age. Presently the fund has $7,814.00. The goal of the Association is that it will contribute $10,000.00 toward this project. He also invited everyone to look in on the guest rooms in Laurel House and see for themselves the redecorated rooms. Paul also told us that Bill Dawn had contributed 88 mattresses for beds, mainly for West Wind.

Ruth Shuler Dieter, as the Association’s representative on the Pine Mountain Board of Trustees, said the Board is grateful for the help of the Association. She also said things are upward bound from now on, and on the up and up.

New business was then conducted when Jack presented the following names for election for the coming two years period: Ellen Hayes, President; Carl Whitehead, Vice-President; Betty B. Kelly, Secretary; August Angel will remain as Association Treasurer; and Ruth Shuler Dieter, Member-At-Large. Lois North Ensor moved that these names be accepted, seconded by John Deaton. The slate was accepted by acclamation.

Jane Bishop Hobgood spoke of the need for giving more money so that the Emergency Water Fund might reach the goal of $10,000.00. (John Deaton passed the plate and the goal was reached.) Clayton York, Alice Turner Ball, and Fred Hall called their donations in.

Jack then asked us to please recognize the kitchen help who had worked so hard to feed us all. He introduced Mildred Wilder, Laraine Browning, Sue Lewis, Maxine Turner, Judy Lewis, and Ruth Lewis.

The charter changes were discussed as to name changes and rules and regulations. The changes were voted on and we are now a non-profit organization with the name of The Association of Pine Mountain School Alumni and Friends. With much thanks to Ruthie for all of her hard work and time.

[1983_homecoming_0024.jpg] Printed brochure, page 4.

The date of our next meeting will be August 11 and 12, 1984.

Jack also added our thanks to this for the hard work already done and to be done by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hayes and Ruth S. Dieter.

The Chapel service was announced and everyone was urged to stay overnight for the dancing party and Chapel Sunday with Dr. Weatherford of Berea.

The group thanked the outgoing officers for the splendid efforts of the past two years.

Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Burkhart Kelly, Secretary

“Christmas In August”
Saturday & Sunday, August 13-14, 1983


9:00-11:00 Registration at Laurel House, Audio Visual Room
Visiting Time with coffee, hiking, campus tours and gift shop
Books for sale at the gift shop: “At Home In The Hills,” “Pine Mountain Story,” and “The Love They Gave”
11:00-12:00 Ballad Singing at Laurel House
(Christmas Week in Remembrance)
12:00 Lunch at Laurel House (Special, very important business meeting immediately following — PLEASE STAY!!!)
2:00-3:00 Special Discussion, Pine Mountain’s Future — What Does It Hold?
3:00-4:00 Picture Viewing at the Library
4:00-5:00 “Christmas In August” — Nativity Play Presentation at the Chapel
5:00-7:00 “Welcoming” Picnic Supper on the grounds
7:15-7:30 Gift Shop Open
7:30 Country Dance Party at Laurel House (Moonlight Swim to follow)


8:00 Breakfast at Laurel House
9:00 Chapel Service, Dr. Willis Weatherford, Berea College

[1983_homecoming_0025.jpg] Printed brochure, page 5.

Treasurer’s Report
August 13, 1983
Pine Mountain, Kentucky 40810

Income from various appeal letters, donations, bank interest and Homecoming collection from August 1982 to Homecoming, August 13, 1983 (not included).

TOTAL INCOME $8,760.69

Oct. 13, 1982, Postmaster, 700 x 20-cent stamps for mailing August 1982 Homecoming Report $140.00

Dec. 1, 1982 Laurel House curtains 168.02

Jan 20, 1983 Postmaster, 1000 x 20-cent stamps for Emergency Water Fund appeal letter 200.00

May 12, 1983 Postmaster, 600 x 20-cent stamps and 600 x 13-cent postal cards announcing August 1983 Homecoming 198.00

July 5, 1983 Postmaster, 600 x 20-cent stamps for letter announcing new directors and follow-up request for contributions to Water Emergency Fund 120.00

July 27, 1983 Postmaster, 100 x 20-cent stamps to acknowledge contributions of donors to the water fund 20.00

August 10, 1983 Honorarium to Dr. Weatherford for August 14 Homecoming Chapel talk 100.00

BALANCE $7, 814.67

Balance in bank (Citizens State Bank, Hazard, Kentucky) as of August 13, 1983 is $7,814.67.

Respectfully submitted,
August Angel, Treasurer
Pine Mountain Chapel Fund

[1983_homecoming_0026.jpg] Printed brochure, page 6.

Dinner On The Ground, “Speechifying” and “Foot-Stomping” Music

Kentucky-fried, barbequed chicken never tasted so good before and those wonderful homegrown tomatoes hit the spot along with watermelon, at our picnic Saturday evening to welcome the Urquharts to the area, honor some mighty fine other folks and listen to some good “down home” music.

Billy Boggs spoke for the community to welcome Carol and Jim to the area. His message was one of gratitude and warmth for their coming and he mentioned many possibilities for Pine Mountain’s outreach and how it could work and be profitable for everyone.

Jack Martin, outgoing President of Alumni and Friends, added our greetings and pledge of support. Jack presented them with a check for $10,000, from our Association for the Emergency Water Fund.

Dr. Willis Weatherford honored Ruth and Alvin Boggs for their long years of service and announced Alvin’s new capacity as Associate Director of Development. Ruth will remain as bookkeeper.

Carol and Jim were introduced as the new Director and Co-director. Dr. Weatherford listed their many accomplishments as educators in Albion, Michigan, their involvement in adult education, their experience in crafts and their musical background.

A surprise presentation was done by Jane Hobgood to honor Alonzo Turner for his years of dedication in teaching Country Dancing at Pine Mountain. Special music for the dinner was provided by area groups and the Urquhart Family Band.

In Appreciation to Alonzo E. Turner

[Photo of Alonzo Turner]

We gratefully recognize Alonzo’s many years of dedication in teaching Country Dancing at Pine Mountain.

We know he has given of his time and talent with no expense to the school, teaching the dances to the various groups in sessions on the campus. He has furthered our heritage to the far reaches of our country and we wanted him to know of our deep gratitude for his love and concern.

We hope he enjoys the beautiful butternut fireplace bench made by that master craftsman, Bill Hayes.

Keep on with the dancing and running those sets, Alonzo!

[1983_homecoming_0027.jpg] Printed brochure, page 7.

Lela Christian Meador
Alumni & Friends LADY OF THE YEAR

At the “young” age of 65, “Chris” Meador assures us all that it is never too late to try something new. She is very proud of her two gold medals won in the USA Diving 1983 Masters Indoor Championships held at the University of Nebraska. She captured the prized medals on the one and three-meter boards in her age group. She also competed in the Grand Masters, open to women 50 and up, and won a bronze medal.

Lela has been diving only 2 1/2 years. She began working out by herself to conquer her fear of deep water.

When the board governing the Masters meets again in May 1984, Lela will be awarded an All-American Athlete standing, as is done to all winners of two gold medals in one year.

Congratulations, Lela, Champion Diver – We all take great pride in your accomplishment.

Christmas In August

A celebration of Christmas Week at Pine Mountain was one long to be remembered for its wealth of extraordinary happenings.

The “greeters” in front of Laurel House did an excellent job of getting everyone parked and sent through registration in the Audio Visual Room. Early morning refreshments, tasty and welcome, were served and provided by Evelyn Ayers Howard, Betty Burkhart Kelley, and Lois North Ensor.

Ballad-singing focused on remembering the songs and events that occurred during Christmas Week, starting with Big Log girls lighting the candles on the dining room tables and singing “Silent Night.” Jane led us in a lively discussion as we recalled those memorable times with “Ho, Men Ho,” “Ye Shepherds Watch,” “The Holly and the Ivy,” and all the significant acts that accompanied the singing. We couldn’t quit until we had finished all the verses of “Aunt Sal’s Song.”

After the Business Meeting, there was a special discussion about Pine Mountain’s future. The Panel consisted of Jack Martin, moderator; Dr. Willis Weatherford, president of Berea College; Springer Hoskins; Ruth Shuler Dieter; Bill Hayes; Martha Pride; Carol and Jim Urquhart.

Many in the audience spoke up with their thoughts on farming, merchandising arts and crafts, and various services possible at the school, not only for monetary means but for an outreach program that could produce remarkable results for the school and community.

Dr. Weatherford talked about Pine Mountain’s past, its uniqueness and its time as the most progressive school in the country.

It was agreed that there is conclusive evidence that Pine Mountain is on the…

[1983_homecoming_0028.jpg] Printed brochure, page 8.

…verge of a new beginning with shining hope for future years.

Several of us who had come early practiced to read and recall that wonderful event, The Nativity Play. Ruth told about the early years of its existence and brought it up to the present day. The lines were very moving and the carols, with audience participation, made it a semblance of those long ago years. As we filed out singing “O Come All Ye Faithful” and dropped our gifts on the altar, many tears were seen to slide down the faces, but there were smiles of happiness also.

George W. (Billy) Tye, Ph.D, Comes Home

I had intended for this article to be witty and humorous, but it is hard to be humorous about something which carries such deep feelings as our relationship to Pine Mountain. First of all, I want to say that it is not my intention to present a record of events, but to share some of my observations and feelings about our homecoming.

The campus looked beautiful, and I understand that much of the credit is due to Bill and Fern Hayes, and our new directors, Jim and Carol Urquhart. The fruits of their labors were evident and very commendable.

Friday was a workday, and since I was depending on the Martins for transportation, I was trapped. We set out bright and early to clean up the Schoolhouse, which involved moving, stacking, sweeping, scrubbing, and selective discarding. Paul Hayes gave a good account of himself, even though he was suffering from some bad grapes (ha!) that he had gotten the night before. He did find one mattress that almost wrestled him down the stairs, and he only won the contest by a whisker. Seriously, we had a lot of fun, and I would encourage anyone who can spare the time to participate in at least one work day.

While we were taking a break out front, we saw Carol Urquhart across the creek, leading a cow (or vice-versa), and I think all of us experienced a wave of nostalgia. Later, Carol hosted a tea for the weary workers, featuring elderberry juice which would have been perfect if allowed to age a little longer.

The big event of homecoming for most people is the Saturday night dance, and this one was a real whiz-bang, conducted by (who else?) Jane Bishop Hobgood, with Arthur Dodd at the piano and Carol Urquhart on the bass violin and recorder.

Other impressions worthy of note but limited by space…Bill Dawn tracing family trees…the beautiful solos of Clay and Elizabeth Howard...meeting again with Ray Bird, Junior Boggs, Betty Burkhart, Bob and Wanda Calloway, Shirley Holbrook, and Glen Brown, to name a few…the “old faithfuls” such as Lois North, Elmer Lewis, Jack Wilder, and the slim, trim, SarahBill Hayes setting up for the picnic…the beautiful songs by Sarah and Jane…the inspirational talk by Dr. Weatherford…the sets called by Alonzo TurnerMiss Rood, witty and charming as ever…I could go on and on… We can all thank our outgoing president, Jack Martin, and his staff for a superb job, and offer congratulations to Ellen Hayes on assuming leadership of our alumni group. No one could be more deserving. Until…
George W. (Billy) Tye
[Signed] George Tye

[1983_homecoming_0029.jpg] Printed brochure, page 9.

Working for a “Bright and Intelligent” Future
August 1983

Amazing things happen to me every year at our August gathering. I’ve almost come to expect the unexpected, to anticipate the heady exhilaration of the unforeseen. It can come to my ears or eyes –with a face or a voice, a tune, a lacy shadow on the Chapel path, the sound of dog-bark or bird-song from across the valley — these touch and restore some buried memory. Or it may come to my spirit — some inner realization not bound to memory, but future in its nature, which renews me, makes me take a fresh look at my life and the world around me. It can be breathtaking, even awesome. The most amazing effect of this year’s gathering was, to me, the exciting mixture of the old and the new; the feeling that I was there, yes, to meet with old friends in that well-loved place, but also to experience and even contribute to the promise of a “bright and intelligent” future. For it is obvious that we are being given the chance to participate in Pine Mountain’s future. I am convinced that we do not come back there year after year for the sole purpose of reviving what was significant to us from the past. We come, too, because we are vitally interested in and can be vital to what happens now and in years to come.

Willis Weatherford spoke of the early “workers” and wisely remarked that “they gave, not with pain or complaint, but with joy.” As many of you know, we reached our $10,000 pledge to help provide a new and adequate water supply, and I believe we have given with joy. Some may even have given with a bit of pain, and some have given, and then given again! You’ll find their names listed herein, not because we’re advertising their beneficence, but because we’re extremely proud to be part of this crucial effort. And our efforts must continue. If we want to be involved in what happens at Pine Mountain, then we must continue to give. The most significant way in which we can help secure that “bright and intelligent” future is to keep giving, with joy! Please do it. Do it today. Do it now.

My love to you all,
[Signed] Jane Bishop Hobgood
Jane Bishop Hobgood.

NOTE: Our Christmas mailing list will include a complete list of those who have contributed to the Emergency Water Fund. If you would like your name on the list, please send your contribution by November 10, 1983.

The Gossip Column

Some time ago, a priest told me the story of giving last rites to a dear old lady of his parish. He saw her lips move and he bent down and asked her if she had a request, and she asked for a “sip of milk”. He said he looked the house over but found no milk. He did find a bottle of Kentucky “spirits” unopened so he opened it and poured a drop on his finger. He gently rubbed it across her parched lips and the last words she said were, “Tell the kids, don’t ever sell the cow!”

Now, if I have your attention, I want to tell you the story of another cow. This story shows a great deal of dedication, courage and fortitude. Carol...

[1983_homecoming_0030.jpg] Printed brochure, page 10.

Urquhart elected not to sell her cow but to bring her to Pine Mountain, all the way from Albion, Michigan, pulling her in a trailer borrowed from Berea College. “Jessica,” a beautiful Jersey, has the barn and lot all to herself, but hopefully not for long as she has made a very important visit down the Creek!

As you will see from the contents of this report there was much evidence of dedication, courage and plenty of old-fashioned hustle, that made this year’s Homecoming outstanding. The cooperation of staff, Alumni and Friends and the Board was inspirational. Those who came early for chores were John Warren, son of the late John Warren and Ruby Ayers Warren; Carl Whitehead; Mary Anne and Jack Martin; Charlsie Vaughn Stearly; Ruth Shuler Dieter; Ellen and Paul Hayes; and George Tye. We worked together to clean, sort and dispose of many years of debris at the Schoolhouse. It was a labor of love as we piled, stacked and swept the rooms and sorted through old costumes. We found valuable items, thought lost forever…Capehart records, lovely old looms, beautiful costumes still usable. First Sergeant Carol worked along with us and directed our activity.

After building seats at our picnic area, adjacent to the Schoolhouse, in the field by that “fine” creek, we held a “Chair Wash” on the bridge by the fountain. Miss Rood came down to sit with us while many of her old friends from the community came to see her. They seemed overjoyed at being with her again. We overheard one lady say, “Don’t you remember me, Miss Rood? Why, you delivered all seven of my children.” Miss Rood laughed and said, “Well, the only time I ever saw you, you were in your nightgown,” and on and on it went. After all this we did Country Dancing until 11:00 P.M. — we were pooped!

Homecoming Day dawned sunny and cool. A perfect day for us. An early morning call from Clayton York from Seattle, Washington, pledging a substantial amount to the Emergency Water Fund, set the tone of optimism for the day and from that point everything spiralled…the huge turnout from our Association, the thrill of three sections of the round “For Health and Strength” preceding lunch, our elation in meeting the goal of $10,000 for the new water system, all the great afternoon activities, the good crowd of community people who attended the picnic, all the way through the Dancing Party. The floor was continuously covered with dancers eager to go through those fantastic figures. Jane re-taught us “Picking up Sticks,” “Hole in the Wall,” and Peter Rogers kept a furious pace with sets of four couples and Alonzo called some foot stomping, hand clapping Kentucky Running Sets. After this, a moonlight swim was scheduled but it was announced that there were ice cubes in the pool so we all retired to await our Sunday morning oatmeal and Chapel Service. Dr. Willis Weatherford, President of Berea College, brought to us an inspiring message of courage and hope for the future.

It was really great to see several first timers this year: Don Thompson, brought by brother Buster Blackson; Mary Sue Baker Hamilton; Charlsie Vaughn Stearly; Maxine Holbrook Gallez; Weese Hamis; and Alex McIntyre to name a few. Alex still looks distinguished after an illustrious career in Kentucky politics. John Boggs brought his son John, who is an engineer running construction jobs in the Caribbean. We hear through Buster that his brother Walter (wife is Bonnie Reynolds) suffered a heart attack but is doing nicely now. Walt and Bonnie live in Carlsbad, California, and Walt is with General Dynamics.

[1983_homecoming_0031.jpg] Printed brochure, page 11.

Mable Weaver Quinby came with her daughter, Helen, who works for a research company in Upton, New York.

Every year there are many questions, “Wonder what happened to ‘Flop’ Hollins, Majel and Fred Jones, ‘Bonehead’ Browning, Bill Turner, ‘Rat’ Baker, Talmadge Dean?” We don’t have the answers but we surely would like to know. If you know about any new addresses, please let us hear from you. Maybe we can give information about some people you might want to know about.

Now, all you Alumni and Friends who did not come back, we missed you this time. Get yourself in gear and be here next year. We NEED you. Make your plans now for August 11 and 12, 1984. See you then and love to all.
[Signed] Paul Hayes

Paul Hayes,…Bristol, TN 37620
P. S. Charlsie, we love you too!

SPECIAL NOTICE: Miss Rood lost her precious address book during Homecoming. It listed all her “girls” and families, deaths, etc., plus many other students and workers. If you have information please call us….
Ellen and Paul

From the New Co-Directors

September 6, 1983
To Paul and Ellen Hayes,…Bristol, TN 37620

Dear Paul and Ellen,
Having now been through our first hectic, fun-filled homecoming weekend, I can now relate to the enthusiasm which you bring each year to Pine Mountain. I found the weekend exciting, tiring (how do you do it?), and full of new and caring persons whom I feel I’ll be able to count on for keeping the spirit of Pine Mountain alive for many more years to come. The chance to share with you, and learn of the rich history and meaning of Pine Mountain to so many of you was an important beginning for Carol and me.

I certainly appreciate your (the alumni’s) generous gift of $10,000 for the water system. I can report that good progress is finally being made in contracting this work, and hopefully we’ll be able to start the actual project soon. Also, those of you who worked under my “straw boss,” Carol, in cleaning Burkham, were much appreciated. Hopefully, more of these projects can be realized in future gatherings.

You have asked for my thoughts and concerns regarding the annual homecoming next August and for suggestions as to how the alumni can be a significant help in the continuing program at Pine Mountain. First of all, let me say I believe this past homecoming was extremely meaningful to many people. The boarding school people had a great time celebrating a period in their lives which was very…

[1983_homecoming_0032.jpg] Printed brochure, page 12.

…meaningful. The picnic also brought together many people who perhaps have not been very involved in past homecoming celebrations. Miss Rood was a prime force in creating the response as well as the invitations sent to many local people thanks to you.

It is important in future planning to let us know ahead of time more specifically just what is expected of our staff so that we can more easily accommodate the event. Knowledge of numbers, specific needs, such as seating, or any programs you wish for us to arrange (such as music) must be established well in advance. This kind of advance planning can also eliminate hurt feelings as to rooming assignments, help us to most efficiently use the dormitory space available, and efficiently prepare tasteful meals.

The picnic and dance I thought went well and should be a continuing activity. Your efforts to unite the boarding school and community school alumni were well rewarded. There have been many nice comments about this from the community people since then. The discussions of the future of Pine Mountain were most helpful to us as newcomers.

In terms of specific “new” projects for the alumni, the renovation of the bathrooms in Laurel House is an excellent suggestion. Carol has already shared with you her thoughts on Westwind improvements. She will be more than happy to explore this possibility during the weekend of the October board meeting.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you. The alumni are a critical force in the life of Pine Mountain and it is crucial that they remain excited and enthusiastic. Their presence, as well as their care and concern, is sincerely appreciated by all of us.

Most sincerely yours,
[Signed] Jim Urquhart
Jim Urquhart

P.S. A million dollars added to the endowment would be terrific, if you must know.

Paul and Ellen Hayes

Bristol, TN 37620

[1983_homecoming_0033.jpg] Full-page photograph, page 13.

[Title] On the Chapel lawn following the Saturday afternoon celebration of “Christmas In August”

[1983_homecoming_0034.jpg] Full-page photograph, page 14.

[Title] After the Sunday morning Chapel Service
[Caption] Dr. W. Weatherford; the newly arrived Co-directors, Carol and Jim Urquhart, and Bill Dawn. 

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