ARCHIVE 1983 PMSS Records on Berea College Microfilm

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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PMSS Collections to 1983
DUPLICATED on Microfilm at Berea College

 ARCHIVE 1983 PMSS Records on Berea College Microfilm

John D. Shell and wife Mary Nolan “Aunt Sis” Shell on their front porch with Watch, their dog. Before 1917. [mccullough_II_47a_full-view]

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ARCHIVE 1983 PMSS Records on Berea College Microfilm

PMSS Collections to 1983 on Microfilm at Berea College 

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PMSS COLLECTIONS ON MICROFILM AT BEREA COLLEGE provides a list of selected items that were microfilmed and placed in Berea (Kentucky) College archive in 1983 as part of the Settlement Institutions of Appalachia (SIA)/Berea College Research Resources program.

The SIA was founded in 1970 as a non-profit consortium of private service institutions in South Central Appalachia. Leaders of the twelve founding institutions envisioned it as a mechanism to facilitate the exchange of ideas, cooperation in program development and fundraising. Pine Mountain Settlement School was among the original 17 member institutions. (Source: The Settlement Institutions of Appalachia Papers, Berea College Library, Berea, Ky.)

In 1979, an organization was formed calling itself the Settlement Institutions of Appalachia/ Berea College Research Resources Project (SIA). Funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)  Berea assumed the charge to organize and preserve a selected collection of Pine Mountain Settlement School collections onto microfilm. The SIA collection includes film, original records, and photographs from selected settlement institutions in Appalachia. The leadership of SIA envisioned Berea College as a central repository for the selected surrogate materials from the various institutions. Pine Mountain Settlement School was among the institutions selected for the microfilm and duplication project and constitutes one of the largest collections representing rural settlement institutions.

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at Berea College

 Selected items microfilmed and placed in the archive at Berea College in 1983 as part of the Settlement Institutions of Appalachia (SIA)/Berea College Research Resources program.
Alumni and Friends Association, 1975-81
Articles of Incorporation, 1913
Buildings, Mary Rockwell Hook, 1916-40 [See: Guide to Built Environment and Mary Rockwell Hook]
Bulletins to Board, 1941 [See: Reports to Board of Trustees – Index]
Centennial of Uncle William, 1945
Chang Survey, 1951
Children’s Writings, 1969
Citizenship Committee, 1930s – 40s
Commencement Programs, 1948, 1966-71 [See: List of Boarding School Students by Class]
Cooperatives, 1941
Creech Family, 1913, 1972-73
Dramatics, Pine Mountain Pageants and Plays, 1919, 1930, 1969, n.d.
Pine Mountain Ears, 1953 and Junior Enterprise, n.d.
Earth Day, c. 1970s
Educational, 1936, 1941
Emotionally Disturbed Children Project, 1975 [Intervention Program]
Environmental Education, Events and Programs, 1972-83
Extension Center,  [LINEFORK] 1930
Folksongs and Ballads
Fortieth Anniversary, 1953
Giffin, R., (sic, Dr. Roscoe Giffin?) People of the Pine Mountain School District, 1950
Guest Records, 1943-57
Guidance Institutes, 1935-42
Historical Letters Marguerite Butler, 1914-22, 1969-70 [See also: Marguerite Butler]
Children ,1914-25
Founding of the School, 1911-13
Sheperd Travelogue, 1938
Hanby Letter, 1973
Letters, Notes, Miscellaneous, 1913-70
Catherine Rittenhouse, 1914
Evelyn K. Wells, 1915-27
Historical Writings Mable Mullins’ Memories of Miss Gaines, 1980
Paper by Blanche Rannells, 1924
PMSS: A Record, 1913-41
Writings: Lewis Lyttle, n.d
McKaye, Percy and Marion, Articles, 1946
Magazines and News Clippings, 1916-80 [See: Publications Related ]
Morris, Glyn: Articles, Speeches, Bibliography, 1939-42
Morton Arboretum Visit, 1947
Music Project, Golda Pensol [Baker], n.d.
Notes From the Pine Mountain Settlement School, 1913-53, 1974-82
Pettit, Katherine Letters and Notes, 1911-36

Recognitions and Articles, 1936, n.d.

Pine Cone, 1930-49, 1955-56, 1969
Pottery Philosophy and Planning, 1965-66

Salt Glazing, Letters, Firing Records, 1965-66

Preschool, 1963-66, 1971 [“Little School“] [See: Mildred Mahoney]
Publicity Letters, 1913-49, 1963-75 [See: Dear Friend Letters Index]
Religion: A Student Survey, late 1940s
Reports to Board of Trustees, 1913-73 [See : Reports to Board of Trustees Index]
Reunion, 1963; Alumni List, c. 1974
Road, 1922
Scrapbook, 1913-39,, 1940-72 [See: Scrapbook before 1929]
Silver Jubilee, 1938
Student Evaluation of Environmental Weekend, 1981
Zande, Ethel de Long, Articles, 1913, n.d.
Christmas, Documentation on Activities, Programs, Music, 1920s – 40s
Mummers Play, 1948
Dance Music, c. 1930s-40s
Pine Cone, 1930
Conifer, 1941-49 [See Conifer Index]
A Pine Mountain Study in Civics, 1937
Consumers’ Cooperative Store, 1939
Findings of the Pine Mountain Guidance Institute, 1939
Pine Mountain Bulletin, c. 1939
Experiences in Consumer Cooperation, 1940-41
We Came to Pine Mountain, c. 1941-42 [See also: 1941 Graduating Class]
CALENDAR: “A Year of Song,” Pine Mountain Calendar, 1952
The Green Book: Teaching Ecological Concepts Outdoors, 1974
Health Survey of Harlan County, Kentucky, published by the International Save the Children Fund of America, 1932.

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