PMSS SCHOOL SONG “Across These Hills”

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 30: Music

PMSS SCHOOL SONG “Across These Hills”

TAGS: Pine Mountain Settlement School song; school songs; music; mountains; humanity; truth; honesty; self-control; Burkham School House II;

Across These Hills

Across these hills our fathers came,
Found this land and here did see
That man might live and love and dream
And strive his truest self to be.

The words by time made dear to us
Humanity and sturdy truth,
Deep sprung from honesty, self-control,
These are their challenge to our youth.

For greater skill of hand and mind,
Joys of heart and friendships free
For quickened feeling, truer aims —
For these our lives will richer be.

O guarding mountain, staunch and strong,
Our hopes and spirits oft renew.
Help us and guide us in all our ways,
O keep thy children straight and true.

Words – Srs. 1944        Tune – Parry

The reference to Humanity, Truth, Honesty, and Self-control references the stones laid into the foundation of the 2nd Burkham School House. Today the stones sit mute, but powerful in the field in front of the mound where the Burkham School House once stood.