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It is nearly impossible to determine the full scale of Katherine Pettit’s personal book collection as it is scattered among general books at Pine Mountain and also distributed to several distant locations such as her sister’s home on Gratz Park in Lexington, Kentucky, and other collections. At Pine Mountain, some books have survived with her name on either the outside or the inside of the book in her familiar script. Those books have been gathered under the “Katherine Pettit Book Collection” on this page. Some books are mentioned in her writing, but that list remains to be aggregated and is very incomplete. Early attempts were made to identify books held by Katherine Pettit and they have been set aside and are also included in the following list. While her name may not appear on those items, there may be other identifier or previous attribution and we have assumed the responsibility of placing the books in the “Katherine Pettit Book Collection.” It can be surmised that she held some personal copies of books also held by co-founder, Ethel de Long Zande but their interests did not necessarily overlap. Because there is uncertainty regarding provenance of some of the materials on this list, it must be used with caution as an indicator of Katherine Pettit’s reading tastes.

The most important lesson found in this small bibliography is the clear signal it sends regarding Katherine Pettit’s general interests. Her interests appear to be distinct from those of Ethel de Long and one can begin to form some ideas related to the division, and the overlap, of interests of the two co-founders of the School by a comparison of the two bibliographic lists.


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