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Archive Visiting and Access


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ARCHIVE Access Guidelines

The Archive Visiting and Access Guidelines define the policies for using material from the Pine Mountain Settlement School collections. Subjects that are covered include reproduction of materials, copyrights, user’s responsibilities, fees, ownership, identification, rights, indemnity, restrictions, use of images, permissions, complimentary copies, privacy laws, on-site visits, and accessible materials.

Pine Mountain Settlement School allows reproduction of materials from its digital collections, in compliance with United States copyright law. Pine Mountain does not hold the copyright to some items in its collections. It is the user’s responsibility to obtain permission to publish texts and facsimiles from the owners of the copyright. Our policy prohibits reproduction of an entire collection.

    • A $10 processing/handling fee is required for all requests.
    • Low resolution scans cost $3 per page.
    • High resolution scans, 400 dpi minimum, cost $10 per page.

Pine Mountain Settlement School claims ownership of most of the material of the Collections. Any person wishing to publish or broadcast any part of the materials held by Pine Mountain Settlement School must assume responsibility for correct identification and any claimants of copyright.

This Archive Access Guideline describes the user rights to singular publication of the material and images supplied to the user does not waive any right to future publication by Pine Mountain Settlement School or their right to grant others the permission to use the material or images.

The recipient agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Pine Mountain Settlement School, its officers, employees, and agents from and against all suits, claims, actions, and expenses arising out of the use of reproductions provided by Pine Mountain Settlement School and Pine Mountain Settlement School Collections.

Pine Mountain Settlement School reserves the right to restrict the use and reproduction of rare, valuable, or fragile materials. In general, duplication of entire books or collections is not unless . for private use. Commercial and promotional use, other than for Pine Mountain Settlement School, is discouraged.

Images for Web use may not be published at more than 72 dpi and require written permission [e-mail] of Pine Mountain Settlement School.

Pine Mountain Settlement School encourages the researcher to provide the School with one complimentary copy of their published work.

ARCHIVE Visiting and Access Guidelines: Restrictions
Physical Collection is Open for Research

Researchers must request permission to use materials included in the Pine Mountain collections and agree to copyright and privacy laws associated with the collections. Permission is required before using materials for publication or public use. The materials in this collection are housed at Pine Mountain Settlement School and permission to use original materials must be requested from Pine Mountain Settlement School Office and arrangements must be made in advance with the School for on-site visits.

Requests to use materials must be made through the Pine Mountain Settlement School Office at least 48 hours in advance. Overnight accommodation may be required due to the remote location of the School.

The Archives Room for the Pine Mountain Settlement School Collections is located in the Library (formerly known as Boys House). Physical access to material within the collections is limited and not all materials are available to researchers. Some collections are unprocessed and may not be accessible. The availability of staff to address access without prior notification is limited. In addition, other restrictions may apply. For the reasons described above, Pine Mountain Settlement School reserves the right to refuse physical access. Please contact Pine Mountain Settlement School Office to discuss your needs prior to travel to the School.

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