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The Vertical File Guide is a list of topics to be found in the Vertical File located in the Archives Room at Pine Mountain Settlement School. 

The Vertical File is held in a file cabinet which contains folders of a varied collection of materials that relate to the School, to Harlan County, and to the broader Appalachian region.

The clipping files include newsworthy stories about Harlan County, its towns, as well as collected material about related Settlement Schools of the Southern Appalachians (SIA) and other similar institutions. Largely comprised of newspaper clippings and publications, the collections also contain some primary source material.

NOTE: This material is GENERALLY not available in full text online. The material is found in the Vertical File Cabinet only.




Alpha Sigma Tau

American Friends Service Committee

Appalachia – Political (Includes Harlan County politics)

Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)

Appalachian Heritage (See bibliography)




Artists – Area, general
Artists – Harm, Ray
Artists – Isaacs, Ron
Artists – Johnson, Brett

Authors – Area, general
Authors – Caudill, Harry
Authors – Caudill, Rebecca Ayars
Authors – Cobb, Alice
Authors – Ehle, John
Authors – Goodale, Dora Read
Authors – Hamner, Earl
Authors – Jones, Loyal
Authors – Lyon, George Ella
Authors – Miscellaneous
Authors – Morris, Glyn (Less Traveled Roads)
Authors – Norman, Gurney
Authors – Roberts, Leonardzz
Authors – Slone, Verna Mae
Authors – Still, James
Authors – Stuart, Jesse
Authors – Whisnant, David
Authors – Wilkinson, Sylvia



Berea College – Area, general
Berea College – Newspaper clippings
Berea College – Publications I
Berea College – Publications II

Bibliographies – Area, general
Bibliographies – Appalachian South

Blacks in Appalachia


Civil War

Coal Miners – Area, general

Coal Mining – Area, general
Coal Mining – Reclamation

Council of the Southern Mountains – Documents, reports
Council of the Southern Mountains – Ephemera
Council of the Southern Mountains – News articles
Council of the Southern Mountains – Addresses, talks

Counties – Bell County
Counties – Clay County
Counties – Harlan County – General
Counties – Harlan County – 1974 Progress Edition (newspaper)
Counties – Harlan County – 1975 Progress Edition (newspaper)
Counties – Harlan County – 1976 Progress Edition (newspaper)
Counties – Harlan County – 1980 Progress Edition (newspaper)
Counties – Harlan County – 1984 Progress Edition (newspaper)
Counties – Harlan County – 1987 Harlan History Heritage (newspaper)
Counties – Harlan County – 1988 Harlan Heritage (newspaper)
Counties – Harlan County – 1989 Harlan Almanac (newspaper)
Counties – Harlan County – 1990 Harlan County Almanac (newspaper)
Counties – Harlan County – 1991 Harlan Heritage VI (newspaper)
Counties – Harlan County – 1992 Kentucky Bicentennial (newspaper)
Counties – Harlan County – Coal & Gas
Counties – Harlan County – Dams, Roads, Trails
Counties – Harlan County – Education Surveys
Counties – Harlan County – Education news articles
Counties – Harlan County – Festivals, Events
Counties – Harlan County – Fires
Counties – Harlan County – Floods (1977)
Counties – Harlan County – Great Depression
Counties – Harlan County – Health and Medical
Counties – Harlan County – Health, Save the Children Fund
Counties – Harlan County – Political (newspaper)
Counties – Perry County

Crafts – Area, general
Crafts – Berea College Crafts
Crafts – Courier-Journal article
Crafts – Craft Horizons – 25th Anniversary issue, June 19, 1966.
Crafts – Newspaper article
Crafts – Southern Highlands Craft Guild

Craftspeople – Bailey, Sarah


Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)

Drama – Pennington, Lee, Appalachia My Sorrow, n.d.
Drama – Wheeler, Billy Ed, Shepherd of the Hills, n.d.
Drama – Wilderness Road 

ETSU – Center for Appalachian Studies

Environmentalism, General
Environmentalism – Animals (Fauna)
Environmentalism – Education
Environmentalism – Fish

Farm, Farming

Fauna – Kentucky, General
Fauna – Birds, Miscellaneous
Fauna – Insects

Film – Harlan County USA
Film – Miscellaneous
Film – Stranger With a Camera

Flora – Miscellaneous
Flora – Forests, logging
Flora – Trees

Frontier Nursing Services (FNS) – General
Frontier Nursing Services (FNS) – Publications I
Frontier Nursing Services (FNS) – Publications II
Frontier Nursing Services (FNS) – Newspaper articles

Geology – Area, general


Kentucky – Area, general
Kentucky – Eastern, general
Kentucky – Eastern, Parks and Recreation
Kentucky – General, Education
Kentucky – General history

Kentucky Humanities Council

Kentucky – Rivers
Kentucky – Tourism

Kentucky Women

Lend a Hand Society

Lesson Plans

Libraries (Appalachia related)

Mountain Eagle Newspaper


Musicians – Area, general
Musicians – Ritchie, Jean
Musicians – Sexton, Lee

Native American


Pine Mountain Community/Harlan County – People
Pine Mountain Settlement School – Area, general
Pine Mountain Settlement School – Environmental (newspaper)
Pine Mountain Settlement School – General interest, events (newspaper)
Pine Mountain Settlement School – General interest, people (newspaper)
Pine Mountain Settlement School – History

Photography – Area, general

Publications – Appalachia, Land of the Sky (history, NC)
Publications – Appalachia, Science in the Public Interest
Publications – Gratton, Harley
Publications – Antioch College
Publications – Archives of Appalachia
Publications – Citizen’s Appalachia
Publications – Newsletter of the Center for Appalachian Studies and Series (ETSU)
Publications – Highland Highlights 
Publications – University of Kentucky – Appalachian Center [MOVED]


Religion – Commission on Religion in Appalachia
Religion – Harlan County [Move to Harlan Co.]
Religion – Kentucky, general

Rural Skills

Restoration, Preservation


Settlement Institutions of the Southern Appalachians (SIA)
**Note: Not all institutions listed fall within the SIA identification
SIA – Kramer, Loren, report
SIA – Alice Lloyd College
SIA – Alice Lloyd College – Publications of, I
SIA – Alice Lloyd College – Publications of, II
SIA – Annville Institute
SIA – Berry College
SIA – Bethany Orphanage
SIA – Black Mountain College
SIA – Blue Ridge School
SIA – Buckhorn Children’s Center (Witherspoon College)
SIA – Caney Creek [See Alice Lloyd College]
SIA – Carr Creek Community School
SIA – Cherokee Indian School
SIA – Clear Creek Baptist School
SIA – Crossnore School
SIA – Cumberland College
SIA – David School
SIA – Frenchburg Mission School
SIA – Hazel Green Academy
SIA – Henderson Settlement School
SIA – Hensley Settlement
SIA – Highlander Folk School – General
SIA – Highlander Folk School – Publications
SIA – Hindman Settlement School – General
SIA – Hindman Settlement School – Publications
SIA – Hinton Rural Life Center
SIA – Home Place
SIA – John C. Campbell Folk School – General
SIA – John C. Campbell Folk School – Publications I
SIA – John C. Campbell Folk School – Publications II
SIA – John C. Campbell Folk School – Publications III
SIA – Lees Junior College (Lees-McCrae College)
SIA – Lend a Hand Center
SIA – Living Waters Christian School [not SIA]
SIA – Lotts Creek Community School (Cordia School)
SIA – Madison College
SIA – Morris Folk Craft Cooperative
SIA – Oneida Baptist Institute
SIA – Phi Beta Phi Settlement School
SIA – Pikeville College
SIA – Penland School of Handicraft
SIA – Pleasant Hill Academy
SIA – Quicksand Craft Center, Inc.
SIA – Red Bird Settlement School – General
SIA – Red Bird Settlement School – Publications
SIA – School of the Ozarks
SIA – Stuart Robinson School (The Highland Institution)
SIA – Sunset Gap
SIA – Warren Wilson College (Asheville Farm School)

Southeast Community College

Tennessee Valley Authority

War on Poverty