Pine Mountain Settlement School
Photograph Albums Boxed


Dodd Album, “Pine Mountain 1946 – Photographs.” [dodd_A_cover.jpg]

Holdings and Location as of 2015

Originally located for many years in the Office at Pine Mountain Settlement School, the photograph collection was moved in 2017 to the Archive Annex on the lower floor of the Library (Boys House). Storage containers for the albums consist of either grey archival boxes or fire-proof filing cabinets.

The following is a list of albums stored in grey archival boxes. Each box is numbered and, in most cases, the albums are identified on the exterior of the box. Each album is given a unique number. Not all albums were inventoried and sampled in the Berea College microfilming project of 1983.

PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS Boxed: List of Albums in Each Box




1.)  Kendall Bassett Album
2.)  Margaret Motter Album
3.)  Ethel McCullough Album [Floral Album]
4.)  Katherine True Album
5.)  Ethel Norton Album

#4      Extension Centers

1.)  Social Centers in Kentucky Mountains  1901
2.)  Folder 107 – Line Fork
3.)  Folder 109 – Medical Settlement, Big Laurel
4.)   Lutrella Baker Album – Line Fork 1937-48


1.)  Harmon Foundation Movie Stills. Survey of School Life, early 1940s
2.)  Harmon Foundation Movie Stills. Cooperatives (See: “VIRGINIA AND RAY GARNER Visitors“)
3.)  Arthur Dodd Album


1.)  101 – 102 – Pine Mountain Early Days
2.)   IX_103 Helen De Long Album [IX – Berea]
3.)   Arabella de Long Album (Mother of Ethel de Long Zande)

#7      [two #6 ?]

1.)  Dorothy Nace Album – Community
2.)  Paul Lynn Photos of School
3.)  Publicity Album Pictures (large format loose)


1.)  Marian Kingman Album
2.)  Grace M. Rood Album #1
3.)  Grace M. Rood Album #2
4.)  Sketches of the Creech Cabin
5.)  Negatives (unidentified)

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