108 PHOTOGRPAHS Ethel McCullough Photograph Album 1914 Overview

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Ethel McCullough Album, 1914

108 ETHEL McCULLOUGH Photograph Album Overview 1914 

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The Ethel McCullough Album was created while Ethel McCullough was a Summer Worker in 1914, the second year of Pine Mountain Settlement School’s existence. She was a close friend Marguerite Butler and the two worked on the development of educational programs for the School and for the satellite or extension programs at Line Fork and Big Laurel under Pine Mountain’s authority. As a friend of Elisabeth Roettinger, daughter of Philip Roettinger who was a Board of Trustee for the School, the photographs of McCullough are mingled among the Philip Roettinger Album dedicated to Philip Roettinger by his daughter. The same sharing is found in the McCullough Album.

Little Shepherd Trail, Jack's Gap

Roettinger Album. “Ethel [McCullough] on Jack’s Gap” on Pine Mountain above the School. [Woman holding a walking stick with two hands.] [roe_054a.jpg]

The Ethel McCullough Photograph Album contains 192 images. The Berea College archive project in 1983 produced contact prints for only 48 images from her collection. This Berea sampling is listed below. The abbreviated number of photographs in the Berea set is most likely the result of duplicates of McCullough’s work found in other albums and photograph collections at Pine Mountain School.

Ethel McCullough was on the Pine Mountain Settlement School staff very briefly as a summer worker in 1914, but like many of the workers, she remained a lifetime friend of the School.  Most of the photographs in her album date from her brief time at the School in 1914, but later photographs, sent to her by friends, augment the album.

108 ETHEL McCULLOUGH Photograph Album Overview 1914:

The condition of the album is remarkable compared to other albums at PMSS dating from the same time period.  [For example Melville Album and Roettinger AlbumHer well-cared for photographs strongly reflect the lives of families living in the community surrounding the School. Also represented are images of  various transportation forms, campus buildings, landscapes and McCullough’s friends, and colleagues. There are very few emulsion shifts or damage to the photographs and the album appears to be intact as created, with no missing items, though some have detached from their supports on the page.

Descriptions of many of the photographs taken by McCullough are included in the album, though not identified. It is one of the earliest and most complete photographic documentation of a rural settlement school in the Appalachians and graphically illustrates the relationships that were building during the first years of the Pine Mountain Settlement School institution.

The McCullough Album compliments the Philip Rottinger Album which contains many photographs from the same early period in the Pine Mountain Settlement School history, many of which duplicate the McCullough items.

108 ETHEL McCULLOUGH Photograph Album Overview 1914:

The McCullough Album is divided into four sections for viewing. The four parts include the full pages as well as the single photographs:

108 ETHEL McCULLOUGH Album, 1914 – PART 1 pages [34 PAGES: 001-034]
108 ETHEL McCULLOUGH Album, 1914 – PART 1A singles [30 IMAGES: 003a-030c]

108 ETHEL McCULLOUGH Album 1914 – PART 2 pages [53 PAGES; 035-088]
108 ETHEL McCULLOUGH Album 1914 – PART 2B singles [XX IMAGES; XXX-XXXX]

108 ETHEL McCULLOUGH Album, 1914 – PART 3 pages [101-150]
108 ETHEL McCULLOUGH Album, 1914 – PART 3 singles [XX IMAGES]

108 ETHEL McCULLOUGH Album, 1914 – PART 4 pages [151-192]
108 ETHEL McCULLOUGH Album, 1914 – PART 4 singles [XX IMAGES]

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Description An album of 192 photographs related to Ethel McCullough’s 1914 summer at Pine Mountain Settlement School, KY.  Ethel was a former staff worker at Pine Mountain Settlement School.
Acquisition n/d ; 1930’s and early 1940’s
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108 ETHEL McCULLOUGH Photograph Album Overview 1914:

Ethel McCullough Photograph Collection, c.1914 —

Note:  The McCullough Collection contains 192 images. Berea microfilmed only 48 images from McCullough’s collection. They are listed below. This abbreviated number in the Berea project is most likely the result of duplicates in her album that appear in many of the other albums and photograph collections produced by staff at the School.  Ethel McCullough was on the Pine Mountain Settlement School staff only briefly as a summer worker in the summer of 1914.  Many of the photographs date from this time period, though a large number are later additions.  It is not known when she created the album. McCullough’s photographs reflect the community surrounding the School, the homes of families in the area, various transportation forms, campus buildings, landscapes and friends and colleagues.
Berea # Folder/
Album Pg
Item I.D # Description
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3401  4 mccu3401
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