108 PHOTOGRAPHS Ethel McCullough Photograph Album 1914 pages 2

Pine Mountain Settlement School

108 ETHEL McCULLOUGH Photograph Album 1914 Part 2 pages

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The Ethel McCullough Photograph Album is the largest and oldest aggregate of photographs taken in the earliest years of Pine Mountain. The Album captures the lives of the surrounding community and the interaction of the workers at the School from approximately 1914 until 1920. Most photographs center on the Big Laurel and the Line Fork areas where eventually two satellite settlements were started. Portraits of community members and various students and staff who worked with Ethel McCullough fill this segment of the album.

The full pages for Part 2 are seen here in GALLERY 2, PAGES 35-88. There are multiple photographs on each page. Part 2 contains 53 pages and 150 single photographs. The single photographs are displayed in GALLERY 1 SINGLES 001-095

The full album is comprised of 122 pages which are numbered front and back.

INDEX: 108 ETHEL McCULLOUGH Photograph Album 1914 Part 2 pages

  1. 035 Green Bailey Gross; Kate Caldwell; Doshia MInniard; Mossie Minniard; Bonnie Baker; Marguerite Butler; Lorraine Ritchie; Laurel House I.
  2. 036 Children carry flags of Allied Nations, during WWI; Frances Johnson.
  3. 037 Grandpa Cooper and beehive; Mrs. Chunk Cooper and her family.
  4. 038 Grandma and Grandpa Cooper; Grandpa Cooper with one grandchild.
  5. 039 John Lewis who brought visitors six miles over mountain to school; Uncle  William and grandchild.
  6. 040 One-room schoolhouse. Inside the logs were used as a blackboard.
  7. 041 Grandma and Grandpa in their doorway; The Caldwell family.
  8. 042 Spinning; Schoolhouse on Straight Creek.
  9. 03 Mary Ann Begley.
  10. 044 Widow Griffith’s; Aunt Betts Bailey [Aunt Betts has been named for her].
  11. 045 Caldonia Brown at seven years of age mothering three small children; Caldonia Brown at sixteen years of age; Caldonia Brown; Clara Siler; Mossie Minniard.
  12. 046 Minnie Callahan; Shirley Sizemore; Mabel Mullins; Virginia Burton; Laurel House Girls; Green Bailey Gross; Ethel de Long.
  13. 047 Aunt Sis; John Shell; dog.
  14. 048 A family on Cutshin Creek.
  15. 049 Henry L. Baker.
  16. 050 A sled often used in the mountains; A group of young people. Uncle William’s store in background.
  17. 051 Uncle John Fiddler and Aunt Luisa; A log from Sawmill goes past Big Log House.
  18. 052 Uncle John and Aunt Sis Shell; small spinning wheel.
  19. 053 Delia Creech and some of her family; [twins]; Aunt Judy; Aunt Sal.
  20. 054 PAGE MISSING.
  22. 056 Sol Day‘s family at head of Greasy Creek; Divide Sunday School; [Mrs. Sol Day, horse and children].
  23. 057 Uncle William [Creech] and some of his grandchildren; Uncle William outside his store and post office.
  24. 058 Aunt Sal on her Porch Corner.
  25. 059 Uncle Calvin Nolan and Aunt Sarah; Aunt Sal at her loom in her pioneer home [Creech Cabin]; snow.
  26. 060 Grandma and Grandpa Cooper’s home; Grandma and Grandpa Cooper; [protected tree].
  27. 061 Uncle John Shell who went up in an airplane when he was over hundred years old!
  28. 062 Grave-houses; A mountain farm.
  29. 063 Mrs. John Turner; Phronia Baker; Traveling down Little Laurel Creek.
  30. 064 NOT IDENTIFIED. [School group with stones in front].
  31. 065 [Wedding] NOT IDENTIFIED.
  33. 067 Laurel House I; Part of the Playground.
  34. 068 Laurel House; Burkham School House I; [campus view].
  35. 069 Jack’s Gap. A favorite place.
  36. 070 Carol DeChamps; Laurel House Porch (2 views).
  37. 071 Dillon, the railroad station [two views]; [Barn].
  38. 072 [Boys at Old Log – Green Bailey Gross ?]; [Playground].
  39. 073 [Litter with a patient to carry over mountain to hospital]; [Jack’s Gap];
  40. 074 Mary and Bill Causey; The Causey Family.
  41. 075 A Fiddler on Cutshin; Uncle William Creech.
  42. 076 Uncle William; M.B. [Marguerite Butler] spinning.
  43. 077 [Mother and child]; Aunt Sis and Uncle John [Shell] shear a sheep.
  44. 078 Bertha and Mary Ann Begley; Eve Newman, the school secretary and Mary Ann Begley.
  45. 079 Visitors head out of the mountains for the railroad and home.
  46. 080 [2 mountain views with homes] NOT IDENTIFIED.
  47. 081 [Unidentified]; Maudie Baker’s home on Wooton Creek.
  48. 082 Phillip Roettinger of Cincinnati, a valuable friend of the School; Rhoda Wilder and her family.
  49. 083 Sewing class on Laurel House I porch; Making stew for a large group.
  50. 084 Children having supper in Laurel House Courtyard; Mossie Minniard, Kate Caldwell; Bonnie Baker and Docia Minniard.
  51. 085 Aunt Judy in the kitchen … two of her grandchildren; Peg Watts [Margaret Watts], Mary Ann Begley and Alifair Huff.
  52. 086 Eve Newman and others on two-mile walk down Greasy Creek for dinner at Aunt Judy’s following church.
  53. 087 Mr. and Mrs. D.B. Creech; Mr. Creech.
  54. 088 NOT IDENTIFIED. [Coverlet on line].

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