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The MULTIMEDIA AUDIO RECORDINGS GUIDE is a list of reel to reel and cassette recordings in the PMSS Collections. This list is the result of an inventory taken by Elanor Burkhard Brawner, volunteer, on November 2014. Elanor is the daughter of Fred J. Burkhard and Esther Weller Burkhard, PMSS workers in the 1930s.



Marguerite Bishop. Picture Book [Reel to Reel. 006]
Marguerite Bishop. Book II [Reel to Reel. 007]


David Wedding, 1-20-68. [Reel to Reel. 002]
David Wedding. [Reel to Reel. 003]

Bob Martin. 1975-01-19 [Reel to Reel. 010]


Herb Sermon. [?] 1982-03-21 [Reel to Reel. 013]

Balance of Nature. [Reel to Reel. 014]

Bird Songs. E. J. Carr Collection. Tennessee Bird Calls. [Reel to Reel. 015]


Church. 1981-12-25 [Reel to Reel. 009]

 The Messiah. Corbin Community Chorus. 1966-12-07. [Reel to Reel. 008]

“Our Church – Old Church.” [Reel to Reel. 011]

Choir, Wednesday Night. [Reel to Reel. 012]


Singing Games Sung by Paul Lynn. [Reel to Reel. 001]

Paul Lynn Songs. A [Reel to Reel. 016]

Paul Lynn Songs. B [Reel to Reel. 017]


PAM [?] aud_002 [Reel to Reel. 004]

Humana. Laurence Wells [?] [Reel to Reel. 005]



CREECH FAMILY.“Mr. Creech (Henry Creech ?) Interviewed regarding sorghum, hemp/marijuana, Anonymous woman’s interview [related to Creech ?] [1 cassette tape. 003]

CREECH, FAIR ANNA. Fair Anna Creech. Pine Mountain experiences. n.d. [1 cassette tape. 025]

CREECH, CHARLES. Charles Creech. Tapes provided by nephew, Bill Leach. (3 copies) [1 cassette tape]

 BASSETT, KENDALL T. [Randale] Kendall T. Bassett’s “Memoirs of Pine Mountain Settlement School,” c. 1928. Worked as an Antioch intern work/study program. [1 cassette tape. 004]

 BASSETT, KENDALL T. Beth Bassett del Negro, relative of Kendall Bassett, recalls her [father?] 2000-09-13. [1 cassette tape. 005]

BOGGS, MATTHEW. Interviewed by P.B. Cheek. 1986-09-23. [1 cassette tape. 010]

BURKHARD, ESTHER. Esther Burkhard remembers years on staff at Pine Mountain as teacher and Guidance Counselor. 2001-05-16. Kentucky Oral History commission. Kentucky Historical Society. [cassette tape.]

DODD, GEORGIA. Georgia Dodd. #1 1998-10-23 [1 cassette tape. 014]

DODD, GEORGIA. Georgia Dodd. #1, #2 1998-10-23. [2 cassette tapes. 021, 024]

HAYES, FERN HALL. Fern Hall Hayes discusses the Boarding School days and years on staff at Pine Mountain. 2001-04-26. Kentucky Oral History Commission. Kentucky Historical Society. [1 cassette tape]

HAYES, WILLIAM. William Hayes discusses years as a student then farm manager at Pine Mountain School. 2001-04-16. Kentucky Oral History Commission. Kentucky Historical Society. [1 cassette tape]

HOBGOOD, JANE BISHOP. Jane Bishop Hobgood sings Pine Mountain Songs. #2 [1 cassette tape. 013]

JACKSON, CASSIE. Cassie Jackson, staff member at Pine Mountain, discusses her experiences at the School. 2001-05-08. Kentucky Oral History Commission. Kentucky Historical Society. [1 cassette tape]

MAHONEY, MILDRED. Mildred Mahoney, staff member who started the “Little School” a pre-cursor of Head Start at PMSS. 2001-05-15. Kentucky Oral History Commission. Kentucky Historical Society.

MIDDLETON, ETHEL. Ethel Middleton remembers years at Pine Mountain as a student. 2001-04-16. Kentucky Oral History Commission. Kentucky Historical Society. [1 cassette tape]

MULLINS, MABLE. Mable Mullins recalls years as a student at Pine Mountain in nursing. 2001-05-02. Kentucky Oral History Commission. Kentucky Historical Society. [1 cassette tape]

RICH, NORMA. Norma Rich discusses the Boarding School years. 2001-04-23. Kentucky Oral History Commission. Kentucky Historical Society. [1 cassette tape]

ROGERS, BURTON. Burton Rogers discusses the Community School. 1998-10-20. [1 cassette tape. 023]

ROGERS, BURTON. Burton Rogers discusses the Community School. 1998-10-20. [1 cassette tape. 023]

ROGERS, BURTON. Burton Rogers discusses “The Pine Mountain Years.” [1 cassette tape. 026]

ROGERS, BURTON. Burton Rogers. Kentucky Oral History Commission. Kentucky Historical Society. 2001-05-16 [1 cassette tape. 027]

ROGERS, MARY. Mary Rogers is interviewed by Louise Chawla. 1989-08-26. An unrehearsed interview with Mary Rogers for the University of Kentucky Library Kentucky Conservationists Oral History Project. The interview was conducted by Louise Chawla on August 26, 1989, at Pine Mountain, Kentucky. 1 hour 30 min. [1 cassette tape. 008]

ROGERS, MARY. Mary Rogers on Environmental Education.1989-07-20. [1 cassette tape. 012]

ROGERS, MARY. Mary Rogers’ interview on Environmental Education.1988-07-20. [1 cassette tape. 012]

PMSS TEACHERS. Teachers at Boarding School. Interviews. 1988-07-19 [1 cassette tape. 016]

WILDER, BRIT AND ELLA. Brit and Ella Wilder are interviewed at their home. 1986-12-15. [1 cassette tape. 009]

WOOTEN, SHERMAN. Sherman Wooten student days at Pine Mountain. 2001-05-21. Kentucky Oral History Commission. Kentucky Historical Society. [1 cassette tape]

Organ Recital by Schyuler Robinson, 1999-09-17. [4 cassette tapes. 001]

Kids’ Radio Program w/Randy Wilson, 1999-07-23. [1 cassette tape. 002]

Public Meeting. [?] [1 cassette tape. 006]

Intervention Interviews. 5 Days. 1988-07-19. [1 cassette tape. 007]

Harlan Musettes. 1987. [1 cassette tape. 011]

Far House Dedication. Recorded by Scott Ferguson. 1997-09-26 [1 cassette tape. 015]

Urquhart Family Band. (Jim and Carole Urquhart) [1 cassette tape. 017]

Music Room. Pine Mountain Settlement School. 1931. [1 cassette tape. 018]

Music from Pine Mountain. 1937. (Copy) [1 cassette tape. 019]

Intervention Interviews. B.S. 1988-07-18. [1 cassette tape. 020]

Pine Mountain Songs. #3 [1 cassette tape. 022]

1. Coventry Carol
2. The Cherry Tree Carol
3. Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head
4. The Seven Joys of Mary
5. Down in Yon Forest
6. Brightest and Best
7. The Holly and the Ivy
8. The Souling Song
9. See Jesus the Savior
10. The Easter Carol
11. The May Day Carol
12. Lolly Toodum w/notes
13. Shape Note Hymns: Minister’s Farewell
                                          Evening Shade
                                          Waycross Lovee
                                          Garden Hymn
14.The Merry Golden Tree
15. Black is the Color
16. Come Let Us Sing

Pine Mountain Songs #2. Begins with the “Edward Ballad.” Sung by Jane Bishop Hobgood. n.d.  [1 cassette tape.]

Side one:

The Edward Ballad
Barbry Ellen
Oh No, John
The Nightingale
The Little Devils
Wraggle Taggle Gypsies
The Lark in the Morn
The Two Magicians

Side Two: 

Green Grow the Rushes
Cock Robin
Father Grumble
The Two Sisters
Billy Boy
The Hangman’s Song
My Man John
Lord Lovel

Bicentennial Tapes of Kentucky Authors. Boxed set of 7. 1992. [7 cassette tapes. 028]

Old Kentucky Talk: A Collection of Words, Expressions and folklore from the Old Days of the Commonwealth. Clayton & David Gooden. Tucson, AZ: Victoria Publishing, 2000. [1 cassette tape. 029]

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