Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications (Published by the School)


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The DEAR FRIEND LETTERS of Pine Mountain Settlement School were used to solicit financial support from friends and the board and to keep them informed regarding the activities of the School. The periodical letters which generally begin with “Dear Friend,” contain a running account of additions to the built environment; additions of staff or departures of workers; donations; events of importance to the School or community; educational program updates; biographical information of individuals associated with the School; and economic indicators for those interested in the School. Most important, they were tools for raising money for the School. They were in addition to the more broadly disseminated NOTES (Notes from the Pine Mountain Settlement School, 1919 – 2001). Also, like NOTES, the DEAR FRIEND LETTERS were generally mailed several times a year.

The frequency of the DEAR FRIEND LETTERS, however, varied with the Director. The LETTERS were more frequent in the early development years of the settlement school and were largely written by Ethel de Long [Zande] until her death in 1928. These early letters reflect her ability to tug at the heart-strings of donors and are an intimate and often personal reflection of the early activity of the School. Later letters are more generic. Also, in later years the Directors generally elected to use NOTES as the main vehicle for communication and fund-raising and some of the candid commentary found in the DEAR FRIEND LETTERS is lost in the more generic communication format.

Note that personal correspondence of workers is not found here but is with the BIOGRAPHY of the sender and/or the receiver of the correspondence.

The following list is a partial accounting of the DEAR FRIEND LETTERS and associated group mailings and will be updated as additional DEAR FRIEND LETTERS are scanned and added.

1911 [Ethel de Long from Hindman Settlement School] – An unusually early letter that sought money to begin Pine Mountain Settlement School. The letter, written by Ethel de Long while she was still at Hindman Settlement School, samples the climate for the creation of the new school in Harlan County.


1913 October & November – Letters by Ethel de Long and Katherine Pettit describing the early days of building the School and future plans that will need funding, particularly plans for hog-proof fencing. An enclosure titled, “Sammy,” by Evangeline Bishop is a narrative from the pigs’ point of view.

1914 January & November

1915 June & August (PRIVATE)

1916 April & September (RE: the seven Callahan children; a letter associated with the September 15, 1916, mailing)

1917 January

1918 May & October


1920 June

1921 March

1922 [NO LETTER]

1923 February

1924 April

1925 April

1926 May

1927 April

1928 April

1929 April

1930 April & May

1931 April

1932 April

1933 March

1934 March

1935 April

1936 March

1937 April

1938 March

1939 [NO LETTER]


1941 April

1942 April

1943 May


1945 April

1946 April

1947 April

1948 April