DEAR FRIEND Letters 1961

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications (Published by the School)
DEAR FRIEND Letters 1961

DEAR FRIEND Letters 1961 May and November

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CONTENTS: DEAR FRIEND Letter 1961 May 20

Page 1
Header: “Pine Mountain Settlement School
Pine Mountain, Kentucky”
Sketch: Fir trees and mountain range

This month’s issue of the PMSS fundraising mailing, written by Director Burton Rogers, focuses on the students’ PMSS experiences and their future prospects.“This year we are receiving High School Commencement announcements from students who entered Pine Mountain School as first graders when we undertook the consolidated program, twelve years ago.” Rogers gives examples of some of the students’ successes.

Forty 8th graders will graduate from PMSS and many will return for two years of high school. Rogers provides children’s quotes from the librarian’s report.

Rogers writes about Laurel House dining room, the serving of hot lunches and the observation that the teachers “quietly influence the children in reaching for themselves important discoveries in the arts of social living.

He covers the increase in PMSS sports activities, due to four men teachers who volunteer to train boys. The athletic court has been freshly blacktopped with the help of the math class and community members who formed the “Pine Mountain Recreation and Athletic Association.”

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PMSS Director Burton Rogers remarks on the resourcefulness of “our children”; the opening of the recreation room last fall; the organizing of new agencies and local groups with which PMSS hopes to cooperate and assist; increase of community use by area clubs and committees of the Laurel House dining room.

“The Council of the Southern Mountains is preparing to sponsor a program of distribution of books, and we have been asked to serve as a distribution center for an area much wider than our school community.”

Rogers also reports on the re-decorating of the former hospital building [Infirmary/Hill House], to be currently serving as guest house and center for conferences and workshops. Berea College’s home economic class has contributed to planning and sewing.

“A weaving workshop, held here in February under the auspices of the Southern Highland Handicraft Guild, stimulated renewed interest in weaving, spinning and vegetable dyeing. several neighbors are now working at looms….” and may be a source of extra income to some in the community.

Other updates include the activities of the local community planning groups and a visit to Harlan County and PMSS by Wilson Wyatt, Lt. Gov. of Kentucky, to talk with local government departments “on immediate steps to area development. In speaking briefly to our students he emphasized the natural resources which we have at hand, to be developed.”

Rogers concludes with thanks to friends and a request for financial help.

“Gratefully yours,
[signed] Burton Rogers, Director”


CONTENTS: DEAR FRIEND Letter 1961 November 22

Header: “Pine Mountain Settlement School
Pine Mountain, Kentucky

Affiliated with Berea College”
Sketch: Fir trees and mountain range

“November 22, 1961”
“Dear Friends, Today our students are uniting in a Thanksgiving Chapel, planned and led by the ninth grade. The altar is bright with harvest products from gardens up and down the valley.”
The students know that this event heralds the School’s Christmas activities, including the Nativity Play preparations.

Rogers lists the past summer activities, including “swimming classes, playground activities, softball games, 4-H, Boy Scouts and folk dancing. The swimming pool was painted, by the generous gift of a former student who lives and works in Harlan County. … For the fourth consecutive summer we welcomed an Ohio church youth conference at Pine Mountain.”

Rogers provides other updates: Staff and children returned to school in late August. The crafts group displayed their skills and products at the annual Community Fair. The students participated in a dedication of the blacktop playing court, which had received night lighting and shower rooms.

Visitors to Pine Mountain included Rebecca Caudill Ayars, author of the Happy Little Family series, Susan Cornish and Tree of Freedom and other children’s books. Enclosed is a letter she has written.

Rogers concludes with holiday greetings and appreciation “to all who help Pine Mountain continue to create fuller opportunity for our youth.”

“Gratefully Yours,
[signed] Burton Rogers, Director”

“All gifts to the Pine Mountain Settlement School, Inc., are tax exempt.”


Dear Friend Letter from Burton Rogers 1961 November 22. [1961Nov22BurtonRogerstoFriend-scaled.jpg]