Pine Mountain Settlement School
Conifer Index
Begun by Oradelle Malan, Teacher, 1932-1935
Conifer, 1930s-1949, 1960


Conifer, May 1942 – Cover. [conifer_1942_cover.jpg]




A publication of the Pine Mountain Settlement School during the boarding school years and briefly beyond, the Conifer was written by students and contained fiction, prose, and poetry.

It was begun by Oradelle Malan, an instructor in English literature and writing at Pine Mountain from 1932 to 1935. The first issue was published in the 1930s and continued throughout the boarding school years until the School’s closing in 1949. It was then resurrected briefly in the 1960s.

It overlaps the PINE CONE and in some cases is listed as a supplement to the publication.


1939 MISSING [not published?]

1940 MISSING [not published?]


The Creative Work of Students of Pine Mountain Settlement School
Pine Mountain, Kentucky
Pages 1-39

1942 Supplement

The School Year In Review
Pine Mountain Settlement School, 
Pine Mountain, Kentucky
Published as a Supplement by THE PINE CONE, May 1942
Pages [unpaginated]

1943 MISSING [not published? WWII]

1944 Supplement

PUBLICATIONS PMSS 1944 Conifer How Beautiful Are the Feet of Youth Upon the Mountain

Published as a supplement to THE PINE CONE

1945 Supplement     

Published as a supplement to THE PINE CONE        

1946 Supplement

Published as a supplement to THE PINE CONE

1947 Supplement MISSING [not published ?]

1948 MISSING [not published ?]

1949 May Supplement [Last Boarding School class]

1950 – 1952 MISSING [not published ?]

1953 – 1966 MISSING [not published ?]

Title Conifer Index
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Creator Pine Mountain Settlement School
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Subject LCSH Conifer, — 1939(?) – 1966(?).
Pine Mountain Settlement School (Pine Mountain, Ky.) — History.
Harlan County (Ky.) — History.
Education — Kentucky — Harlan County.
Rural schools — Kentucky — History.
Schools — Appalachian Region, Southern.
Description A publication of the school during the boarding school years. Written by students and containing fiction, prose, and poetry. Begun by Oradel Malan, instructor in English literature and writing at Pine Mountain, the first issue was published in 1941 and continued throughout the history of the boarding school until 1949.
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1939(?) – 1966(?)
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Relation Pine Mountain Settlement School ; Series 17: PMSS Publications
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1939(?) – 1966(?)
Pine Mountain, KY ; Harlan County, KY ;
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