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Pine Mountain Settlement School
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Mission Statement


For over 100 years Pine Mountain Settlement has been focused on enriching lives and connecting people through Appalachian place-based education for all ages.

Uncle William and Aunt Sal, founders

Uncle William and Aunt Sal in re-enactment of their wedding. [melv_II_album_081_mod.jpg]


The Pine Mountain Settlement School archival mission supports the institutional mission and strategic planning goals. Our institutional mission continues a long 105-year history of multiple educational and social enrichment programs centered on the local community and beyond. Once a boarding school with a progressive educational curriculum, Pine Mountain School’s recent educational programming has moved away from residential education to multi-faceted offerings of short-term environmental, cultural, medical, social, agricultural, and art and craft programs and workshops. But, the archive has not moved away from, nor will it move away from, a commitment to Pine Mountain as place and people.

The programs at Pine Mountain Settlement School are evolving to meet the changing needs of the community and region. Today’s programming continues its focus on environmental education and educational support for students in local schools, as well as long-term partnerships with Appalachian centered programs and short-term workshops for all ages and all geographies.

“Hidden” and largely inaccessible for many years, the materials in the rich local archive are being organized, digitized and offered through this growing website. Current work with the archive is a volunteer effort. The efforts of Helen Wykle and Ann Angel Eberhardt grew out of their direct and early childhood association with the School. They began their digitization efforts in 2000 following their professional retirements and have continued their efforts since that time. The digital offerings are comprised of their selections and the recommendations and inquiries of users of the material. The digital record reflects life in the Pine Mountain valley and in many parts of the Southern Appalachians from 1913 until the present. It highlights settlement school staff, the people in the surrounding community, former staff, students, buildings, journals, letters, farming practice, linguistics, weaving, dancing, singing, drinking, funeralizing, politicking, and much more. It is our mission to reach out to a broad range of interests including those of former students, former workers, new visitors, old visitors, coal miners, environmentalists, farmers, teachers and a broader public. We are eager to encourage new scholarship, new insights, new research directions and new friends for Pine Mountain Settlement School. We are always appreciative of contributions to keep our efforts maintained.

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 An in-depth digital look at the ARCHIVE at Pine Mountain Settlement School. The collections include photographs, documents, biographies, objects, video and other materials that describe the institution from its beginnings in 1913 to the present day. Many documents are available in FULL TEXT.
Work is ongoing.