LAND USE Timber and Logging Record

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 12: LAND USE
Timber and Logging Record

LAND USE Timber and Logging

Logging at PMSS. [II_2_early_days_109b]

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LAND USE Timber and Logging Record

The record below is a very early assessment of the timber tract at Pine Mountain Settlement School. The back of the record holds the name of Leon Deschamps, who most likely did the assessment and recorded it for the School. Deschamp was the Farm and Forest Manager for the School in its earliest years and created model tract, “The Perfect Acre”, located behind the Chapel.


The record reads as follows:

Pine Mountain Tract

The whole tract to be managed under the Selection System. Not more than 200 BFM to be removed per acre per year. However, when there are very large trees (over mature) on the tract, up to 400 BFM can be removed without injury.


In 1921 lot 2 Block II was clear cut, this operation was necessary owing to the bad shape the forest had been left in after the previous logging operations conducted a few years ago. (A few more trees will be removed from this lot but not before 1926.)

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Pine Mountain Tract

Total area 119.48 Acres.

Total estimated standing timber September 1921 = 500,000 as follows:

Maple 115,000 Cucumber 7,500
Basswood 85,000 Hemlock 4,500
Chestnut 85,000 Hickory 5,000
White Oak 65,000 Buckeye 2,500
Red Oak 65,000 Ash 2,500
Poplar 40,000 Black Walnut 2,500
Beech 15,000 Black Gum 2,500

In 1921 there were removed from Lot 2 Block II 22,620 B.F. [Board Feet]

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