LEON DESCHAMPS Correspondence

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 09: Staff/Personnel

July 11?, 1921 – September 8, 1960

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CONTENTS: Leon Deschamps Correspondence

NOTE: All letters to Deschamps are typewrItten carbon copies for the Office files, therefore usually unsigned. The addressees would have received the signed original letters.

1921 – 1923

[001] July 11(?), 1921
[unsigned] “KP” (Katherine Pettit) to Deschamps in Milford, PA: Miss Gaines; Mr. Browning; Golden and Justus; Boone; Mrs. (Ethel de Long) Zande; Leon’s return to PMSS.

[002] May 12, 1922
[unsigned] “E?”, probably Ethel Zande, to Leon, c/o V. Bogart Co., Lexington, KY: Lonesome without you and May; Carol; encloses salary check.

[003] May 31, 1922
[unsigned] to Deschamps in Brussels, Belgium: Mrs. Morton; visited Hindman and Miss Furman, Kelly Day and family; gardens; forestry; Rest Cottage; Mr. Browning; Colon and Golden.

[004] July 22, 1922
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to Deschamps c/o Balus Ritchie, Viper, KY: Leon back with May and Carol again; please order Farm Forestry book.

[005] Nov 7, 1922
[unsigned] to Leon: Miss Pettit and I agree that PMSS ought not to acquire Leon’s estate in settlement of the notes the School holds against him, but that the School should have a cash return; Mr. Mensell agrees; Mr. Browning; mortgage; insurance papers; Luigi (Zande).

[006] July 10, 1923
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to Leon and May, c/o V. Bogart Co., in Lexington, KY: New baby to arrive; Carol; Mother and Helen (de Long) miss you; new bridge over creek; church building; swimming pool; mortgage; Physical Geographics from The American Book; Dryers High School Geography; babies; teachers.

[007] July 10, 1923
[unsigned] to Leon Deschamps in Lexington, KY: Cannot find Leon’s papers in the vault; Miss [Bessie V.] Gaunt is away; ask Mr. [Charles N.] Manning.

[008] Aug 29, 1923
[unsigned] “KP” (Pettit) to May (Deschamps) at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lexington, KY: Greetings to you and new baby; encloses a letter; Carol is well cared for.


[009] March 13, 1924
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to Rebecca R. Mack in Chicago, IL: Asks for suggestions for young man (Deschamps) who has been teaching French, and science at PMSS and wants to get ahead professionally; describes his credentials; Miss (Evelyn) Wells sorry to miss talking at the Faulkner School in Chicago.

[010, 010a] March 14, 1924
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to Miss Mina Kerr, Executive Secretary, AAUW, Washington, DC: Asks for suggestions for young man (Deschamps) who has given up forestry and has been teaching French, physics and general science at PMSS; wants to specialize in French, which isn’t needed at PMSS; describes his credentials.

[011] March 14, 1924
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to Elizabeth Hench in Indianapolis, IN: Same letter as [010].

[012] March 14, 1924
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to Miss Amy Burt at Central Michigan Normal School, Mt. Pleasant, MI: Same letter as [010].

[013] March 15, 1924
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to “Friends” at Peabody College, Nashville, TN: Asks for information.

[014] n.d.
Description of Deschamps’ character and credentials. Handwritten signature “Katherine Pettit.”

[015] March 20, 1924
“To whom it may concern”: Description of Deschamps’ character and credentials (with handwritten notations). Handwritten signature: “Ethel Zande.”

[016] March 20, 1924
Evelyn Wells, Secretary, Pine Mt. School “to whom it may concern”: Draft letter of recommendation for Deschamps.

[017] March 22, 1924
Mina Kerr, Exec. Secy., American Association of University Women in Washington, DC, to “Ethel” (DeLong Zande): Responding to March 14 letter: Will forward Deschamps’ name to Mr. Fisk, whom she knows well; AAUW information.

[020] March 25, 1924
Everett O. Fisk to Mrs. Zande: Received copy of Zande’s letter from Miss Kerr; will waive Deschamps’ registration fee; cannot give strong encouragement because of his lack of a college degree and that he is “born in a foreign country.”

[021] March 25, 1924
Fisk to Kerr: Informs Kerr of his response to Mrs. Zande.

[018] March 26, 1924
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to “Mina” (Kerr): Thanks Miss Kerr, provides Deschamps’ name, invites her to visit.

[022] n.d.
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to “Gurry” (G.E. Huggins, NYC): Introduces Deschamps and asks for information about working in an export house as an interpreter.

[019] April 1, 1924
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to Mr. Everett O. Fisk, Fisk Teachers’ Agency Boston, MA: Appreciates Fisk’s interest in Deschamps.

[023] May 23, 1924
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to “Leon” (Deschamps), care Bognert Bros., Lexington, KY: Miss Wells heard from Mr. Holt that export business is doing very poorly.

[024] June 6, 1924
[unsigned] “KP” (Katherine Pettit) to Dr. William J. Hutchins, Berea College, Berea, KY: Recommends Deschamps for a position.

1925 – 1927

[025] February 17, 1925
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to “Sirs” at Peabody College, Nashville, TN: Asks about length of time to study for a college degree to teach French.

[026] Februrary 17, 1925
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to “Sirs” at Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Asks for information about courses to study and length of time to get a degree.

[027] June 2, 1925
[unsigned] to Dr. Bruce Ryburn Payne at George Peabody College, Nashville, TN: Mentions mutual friend, Mrs. John C. Campbell; Asks Payne to help Deschamps find a teaching or tutoring job while attending Peabody.

[028] June 5, 1925
[unsigned] to The Registrar, George Peabody College, Nashville, TN: Note introducing Deschamps.

[031, 031a] June 7, 1925
“Leon” (Deschamps) from Peabody College, Nashville, TN, to Zande: Will work for a degree and stay in teaching: Still interested in staying at Pine Mt.

[029] June 8, 1925
Secretary to the President, George Peabody College to Zande: Acknowledging her letter; will be of any assistance possible to Mr. Deschamps.

[030] June 11, 1925
[unsigned, probably Zande] to “Leon” at Peabody College: Informs Deschamps of letter from Peabody College; waiting for answer from candidate for principal’s position.

[032] June 15, 1925
[unsigned] “KP” (Katherine Pettit) to Deschamps: Mentions her memories of Dr. Bruce Payne; PMSS has new preacher.

[033, 033a] Aug 3, 1925
Deschamps to Zande: Updates on his job search;  will seek a part-time position in a small college and continue taking courses at Peabody; asks for letters of recommendation.

[034] Aug 7, 1925
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to “Leon”: Job search results may improve in August; Mrs. Ritchie; Truman; Bessie Mary; election; Boy’s House housemother has arrived.

[035] Oct 15, 1925
[unsigned] “KP” (Katherine Pettit) to “My dear Friends” (Mr. and Mrs. Deschamps): We still miss Aunt Sal, too; Nance Lewis; graveyard; Columbus (Creech); English ivy; visitors (Liliath Robins and husband, Turkish gentleman, Dr. Abell, moving picture makers, three Pittsburgh dentists, Berea people, preacher); Perfect Acre; walnut trees; Limestone Branch; potatoes; Mr. and Mrs. Browning; forest fire danger; fire line; Mr. Zande.

[036] Nov 2, 1925
[unsigned] “KP” (Katherine Pettit) to Deschamps: fossils; ask Mrs. John C. Campbell about work in NC; ask about Community School at Star, NC; write to Miss Furman in FL; shooting at Turkey Fork involved [ ?] Turner and Floyd Smith.

[037] Nov 3, 1925
[unsigned] “EKW” (Evelyn K. Wells) to Deschamps: Received note from President Morgan of Antioch to Mr. Zande asking about Deschamps studying there.

[038, 039] Nov 9, 1925
[unsigned] to “Leon”: article on dialect; workers’ charades.

[040] Dec 9, 1925
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to “Leon”: Article on dialect; will send box of things for family; Hugh Irvin died; Uncle John & Aunt Louise; carols.1926 & 1927

[041, 041a] Jan 6, 1926
Deschamps to Zande: Applied to 80 private schools; Deschamps’ record of education and experience; mechanical drawing; Carol;

[042] n.d.
Deschamps in Brasstown, NC [no salutation]: community building; Mrs. Campbell; Mr. and Mrs. Lange; John C. Campbell Folk School.

[043] August 27, 1927
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to “Leon”: Asks Deschamps to pay towards his loan from PMSS; Granny Creech.

[047] Aug 29, 1927
Deschamps in Brasstown, NC, to Zande: Describes his plans to pay on his debt; Luigi’s letter; Zande’s health; [handwritten notations on this letter indicates payments and balances].

[044, 044a] n.d.
Draft of a mortgage statement (with blanks) indicating that Deschamps would sign over his mortgage on a Pine Mt. property to (blank, possibly PMSS) in order to pay his debt, if he doesn’t pay the debt in thirty days.

[045] Feb 22, 1927
[unsigned] “EZ” (Ethel Zande) to “May” (Deschamps) in Brasstown, NC: Granny Creech; Reny; Hattie’s new baby, Denver; Mallie ready to make the puffs when May sends the wool: Carol; Berto.

[046] various dates
Handwritten list of interest payments to 9/1/27 and balance due for year 1928-29.


[048] April 17, 1928
[unsigned] “EKW” (Evelyn K. Wells) to “Mr. Deschamps”: Asks about missing French record for student Vergil Smith which is needed for Berea credit; Kitty; misses Ethel Zande.

[049] July 2, 1928
[unsigned] “KP” (Katherine Pettit) to Deschamps: Asks Deschamps permission to clear underbrush from the Perfect Acre; ironweed, dock, ragweed; Mr. Browning; Kitty; KP’s visit to Brasstown.

[050] July 16, 1928
Deschamps to “The Secretary” at PMSS: Payment of interest on debt.


[051] Dec 12, 1930
Deschamps to “The Secretary” at PMSS: Payment of interest on debt; PMSS refuses offer of his “transit” as part payment.

[052] Dec 18, 1930
[unsigned] “HH” (Hubert Hadley, Director) to Deschamps: Explains why PMSS cannot take Deschamps’ transit.

[053] July 27, 1931
Deschamps to “The Director” at PMSS: Asks for statement of his account.

[054] July 30, 1931
PMSS Bookkeeper to Deschamps: Sends statement to Deschamps.

[055, 056] Aug 2, 1931; Sept 10, 1931;
Deschamps to PMSS: Payment of interest on debt; handwritten calculations.

[057] Sept 13, 1931
PMSS Bookkeeper to Deschamps: Sends receipt; handwritten notation.

[058] Oct 22, 1931
[unsigned] “GAM” (Glyn Morris, Director) to Deschamps: Welcomes him to PMSS for a week’s visit; reservoir’s main water line has burst.

[059] Jan 10, 1932
Deschamps in Brasstown, NC, to Darwin D. Martin in Buffalo, NY: Asks Martin to use his influence to remove interest charges from his PMSS debt; Morris has asked Deschamps to visit PMSS for consultation but must credit travel expenses against the debt; visited Mr. Zande in Asheville, NC.

[060] Jan 15, 1932
Martin to Morris: Encloses Deschamps’ Jan. 10 letter; agrees to Deschamps’ request if Mr. Manning concurs.

[061] Feb 20, 1932
Morris to Manning: Asks Manning’s opinion of Martin’s request.

[062] Feb 24, 1932
[unsigned] Director to Deschamps: Mr. Manning of the Security Trust Co., agrees to waive interest on debt if principal is paid in 6 months; School will pay for Deschamps’ visit.

[063] March 10, 1932
Deschamps to Morris: payment on debt; re-negotiates Mr. Manning’s proposal.

[064] March 15, 1932
[unsigned] Director to Deschamps: Waiting to hear from Manning; asked for Deschamps’ plans to visit.

[065] March 22, 1932
Manning to Morris: Re-negotiates Deschamps’ request; handwritten notation indicates forwarding this letter to Deschamps.

[066] March 24, 1932
Morris to Deschamps: Typewritten version of handwritten notation on [065].

[067] April 5, 1932
Deschamps to Morris: Thanks Morris for his efforts concerning the debt; will try to pay monthly; will visit PMSS for consultation if expenses are paid; handwritten note indicates expenses will be deducted from his debt.

[068] April 8, 1932
Morris to Deschamps: Typewritten version of handwritten notation on [067].

[069] May 3, 1932
Deschamps to Morris: payment on debt; cannot say when he will visit.

[070] Dec 6, 1932
Deschamps to Morris: Payment in settlement of his debt.

[071] Dec 17, 1932
Morris to Deschamps: Thanks Deschamps for settling debt and invites him to visit.

[072] Dec 20, 1932
Deschamps to Morris: Received receipt, but also requests the “note” so that he can ‘destroy it.”

1936 & 1940

[073] April 29, 1936
Deschamps to Morris: Visited with Pettit in Lexington; PMSS received gift to rebuild the shop; Frank Smith; Jack Niles.

[074, 074a] April 1, 1940
[unsigned] to Deschamps: Welcomes Deschamps to PMSS to spend the summer to help Mrs. (Mary Rockwell) Hook with stonework and carpentry; asks him to be foreman for the construction of Laurel House and girls’ house on Pole House Hill; states living arrangements and terms.

[075] April 21, 1940
Deschamps to Morris: Advice about buying pine lumber.

[076] April 30, 1940
[unsigned] to Deschamps: Delay in plans; expecting Hook soon; asks Deschamps to help with girls’ house.

[077] May 19, 1940
Deschamps to Morris: Too busy at Campbell Folk School to come to Pine Mountain.


[078] Sept 7, 1960
Deschamps in Swannanoa, NC, to “The Director” at PMSS: Asks for a copy of the PMSS calendar.

[079] Sept 8, 1960
Mildred Mahoney, PMSS Secretary, to Deschamps: Will send 1954 calendar; Burton Rogers is on vacation; invites Deschamps to visit PMSS.

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