Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 25: Case Studies, Reports, Surveys, Consultant Documents (not fully inventoried)


The following is a guide to case studies, reports, surveys, consultant documents and the like that are found in the Pine Mountain Settlement School Collection. Bold titles in this list are linked to pages that display images of the reports.

Boyd, Tom. A Status Survey of The Pine Mountain Settlement School Service Area Population. Berea College Department of Sociology. Studies in Applied Sociology Nr. 11. March 1985. Archival material.

Chang, Fu Liang (aka Fuliang Zhang). Whither Pine Mountain? Fu Liang Chang Survey of PMSS. Commissioned by Berea College, Berea, Ky., 1951. Internet resource.

Giffin, Dr. Roscoe. Giffen Study. Commissioned by Berea College, Berea, Ky., 1950. Archival material.

Gray, Debbie. The “Fotched-on Women” from the Seven Sisters’ Colleges: A slide and tape presentation designed for use by alumnae chapters of the Seven Sisters Colleges.  Part of work on a Master’s Degree, 1980-1983. Archival material.

Oldendorf, Walter P. Pine Mountain Boarding High School: A Unique Educational Community, 1930-1949. Berea College, Berea, KY. National Council for the Social Studies College and University Faculty Assembly, November 1981. Archival material.

Pine Mountain Settlement School Staff. Considering Pine Mountain Settlement School’s Future. A series of documents produced by PMSS staff at the recommendation of the Board of Trustees. Pine Mountain, Ky., 1960. Archival material.

Stokely, Jim. To Make a Life: Settlement Institutions of Appalachia. Berea, Ky: Settlement Institutions of Appalachia, 1977. Archival material.

Taylor, Paul F. The Coal Mine War in Harlan County, Kentucky, 1931-33. Thesis. Graduate School, University of Kentucky, 1955. Archival material.

Wear, Dr. Pat W. Pine Mountain Settlement School Survey Report, April 22, 1960. Undertaken by Dr. Wear at the suggestion of the PMSS Board of Trustees, 1951. Internet resource.

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