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Map Community Residents

LAND USE MAP Community Residents 1934 - 1942

Community Map of Pine Mountain valley. Partial view of a larger map showing families surrounding the Big Laurel Medical Settlement on Greasy Creek. Includes Lick Branch ad Ginseng Branch. [P1050595.jpg]

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LAND USE MAP Community Residents 1934-1942

The MAP OF COMMUNITY RESIDENTS 1934-1942 was a large map drawn to accompany a survey of communities in the area of Pine Mountain Settlement School’s medical settlements.

The survey took place during the years 1934 through 1942. Each family name was written by hand on a separate 6″ by 7 1/2″ note card. Notations and updates in different handwriting were added in later years.

Birdena Bishop had assisted in the study of the local community in 1942. She most likely prepared the map, which showed where each family lived along the various creeks.

The following images represent various sections of the map. Hand-drawn on paper and attached to oilcloth, the map is in poor condition and may be difficult to read in some sections. The map only reflects the families located in the area during the specific year that it was prepared and may not reflect families who may have departed the region before 1942.

Links to Google satellite images and a table of community residents are provided for reference.

GALLERY: LAND USE Map of Community Residents 1934-1942

LAND USE Map of Community Residents 1934-1942:


Pine Mountain Settlement School region: Earth view

Pine Mountain Settlement School: Map


This table is coordinated with the MAP OF COMMUNITY RESIDENTS 1934-1942.


This list of persons living in the area of Pine Mountain Settlement School's medical settlements was taken during the years 1934 through 1942. Each family was recorded by hand on a separate 6" by 7 1/2" notecard. Notations and updates in different handwriting were done in later years.

Accompanying the cards was a hand drawn map on oilcloth of the same area showing where each family lived along the various creeks.
016Mr.AndersonChrisDivideNoFarmer5 - None attended PMSS; - all adults & marriedDIvidePine MountainMrs died March 1938;
Mrs. Leslie Begley;
Mrs. [?](Pennington);
Mary died December 1939;
052Mr. and Mrs. BaileyEllisonInclineNoLog - woodsman5 InclineInclinexx
043Mr. and Mrs.BaileyFrankInclineNoLog - woodsman3InclineInclinexx
021Mr. and Mrs. BaileyGroverDivideNoLogging (occasionally)12 - Nine attended PMSSDivideP.M. Church of Godxx
046Mr. and Mrs.BaileyRobertInclineNoLog - woodsman8 - The oldest attended PMSS for 2 monthsInclineInclinexx
125Mr. and Mrs.BakerArchBig LaurelNoFarming13 - five not livingTurkey ForkTurkey Forkxx
072Mr. and Mrs.BakerWillieUpper GreasyMr. - Yes
Mrs. - No
Log - woodsman9 - one attended PMSS for 3 months; 2 live elsewhereBig LaurelBig LaurelMoved Penn.
099Mr. and Mrs. Begley Oscar (II)Little LaurelMr - No
Mrs. - Yes
Coal miner1 Little laurelPine MountainMoved; Mr. in Army
066Mr. and Mrs.Begley Oscar (I)Upper GreasyMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes
CCC man until very recently - now driving school bus once a day7 - five attended PMSS Little LaurelPine Mountain (occasional meeting at Little Laurel)Mrs. Mallie Huff Begley
074Mr. and Mrs.BegleyLeslieUpper GreasyMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes
Farmer5 Big LaurelBig LaurelMoved
100Mr. and Mrs.BegleyAlfredLittle LaurelMr. - Yes
Mrs. - No
Coal miner2 by first wife ; 2 by second wifeLittle LaurelPine MountainMrs. Sara Jane Coots
075Mr. and Mrs.BoggsHomerUpper GreasyYesLog - woodsman3Big LaurelBig LaurelMoved; Lumber Camp
062Mr. and Mrs.BoggsBrownUpper GreasyYesLog - woodsman3Little LaurelPine Mountain (or Little Laurel)Mrs. Ethel Day
118Mr.BoggsAbnerBig LaurelNoFarming7 - two attended PMSSBig LaurelBig LaurelMoved; Putney
081Mr. and Mrs.BoggsW. H.Lower GreasyNoFarming5 - two attended PMSSBig LaurelBig Laurelxx
117Mrs.BoggsStacey EllenBig LaurelNoFarming (support by son-in-law)9 - three attended PMSS Big LaurelBig Laurelxx
119Mr. and Mrs.BoggsJohnBig LaurelNoLogging6Big LaurelBig Laurelxx
078Mr. and Mrs. BoggsRayUpper GreasyYesLog - woodsman5Big LaurelBig LaurelMoved; Lumber Camp
090Mr. and Mrs.BoggsBillLower GreasyNoLog - woodsman6Alex BranchAlex Branchxx
020Mr. and Mrs. BoyerWalterDivideMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes, 2 1/2 yrs
[blank]2DivideP.M. Church of GodMoved
112Mr. and Mrs.BrowningMarshLittle LaurelMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes, for 2 1/2 months
Laborer (for P.M.)6Turkey ForkPine MountainMrs. Bertha Boggs
033Mr. and Mrs.BrowningRobertDivideNoTruck-driver2DivideP.M. Church of Godxx
109Mr. and Mrs.BrowningJimLittle LaurelNoLog-woodsman10 - two attended PMSSTurkey ForkPine MountainMrs. Mathe [?] Cornett; Mrs. Pearl Cornett;
040Mr. and Mrs.BrowningHomerDivideMr. - Yes, 4 months
Mrs. - No
Log - woodsmanNoneDivideP.M. Church of Godxx
025Mr. and Mrs.BrowningWilmerDivideMr. - Yes, 3 yrs.
Mrs. - Yes, 3 yrs.
Truck logging1DivideP.M. Church of GodMoved; Putney
037Mrs.BrowningRebeccaDivideNoNone (Mrs. B - old-age pensioner)2 (of Turner); 1 grand-daughterDivideP.M. Church of Godxx
070Mr. and Mrs.CootsHobartUpper GreasyNoMiner7 - four attended PMSS Little LaurelPine Mountain (or Little Laurel)Mrs. Mary Shephard
013Mr. and Mrs.CootsRileyDivideNoFarmer11 DividePine MountainMoved
093Mr. and Mrs, CornettJohn R.Lower GreasyNoLog-woodsman8Alex Branch SchoolAlex BranchMoved
107Mr. and Mrs.CornettPearlLittle LaurelMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes (for 6 mos.)
Log-woodsman6Little Laurel [previously] Turkey ForkPine Mountainxx
001Mr. and Mrs.CornettJessIsaacs RunYes, bothStore-keeper and P.M. night watchman2CreechHeld at Creechxx
010Mr. and Mrs.CornettJohnIsaacs RunNoFarming6 adults, marriedCreechHeld at Creech ChurchLiving in house with Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cornett
111Mr. and Mrs.CornettP.Little LaurelNoFarmer6 - all adults - all married; 4 attended PMSSLittle LaurelPine MountainMrs. Jane Browning
005Mr, and Mrs.CornettHarrisonIsaacs RunNoFarming2CreechHeld at Creech Churchxx
009Mr. and Mrs. CornettFrankIsaacs RunMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes, 1 yr.
Store-keepeerNoneCreechHeld at Creech SchoolMr. & Mrs. John Cornett live in same house with above family;
Moved Dayton, Ohio
004Mr. and Mrs.CornettCharlesIsaacs RunMr. - Yes, can't say how long
Mrs. - Yes, 2 yrs.
Farming4 - one attended P.M. part of a yr.CreechHeld at Creech Schoolxx
032Mr. and Mrs. CouchHarmDivideNoTimbering (occasionally)2DivideP.M. Church of Godxx
034Mr. and Mrs.CouchJohnDivideNoNone (old-age pensioner)2DivideP.M. Church of Godxx
027 Mr. and Mrs.CreechBillDivideNoLogging (occasionally)6 - all attended PMSS; one for 2 years and 4 for 1/2 year.DivideP.M. Church of GodJan 1942
006Mr. and Mrs.CreechHenryIsaacs RunNoFarmer8 - All attended PMSS; two graduated from PMSSCreechHeld at Creech Schoolxx
003Mr. and Mrs. CreechCreechColumbusIsaacs RunMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes
Supt. of lumber companyNone of own - [previously] nephew makes home with Creeches, attending P.M. 2nd yearCreechHeld at Creech Schoolxx
088Mr.and Mrs.CreechBillLower GreasyMr. - No
Mrs. - for only a few days - but lived for 3 years with Miss Merrill at Medical Settlement
Lumber truck-driver3Alex BranchAlex Branchxx
031Mr. and Mrs.CreechKermitDivideMr. - Yes, 1 1/2 yrs.
Mrs. - Yes, 1 week
Logging, electrician3DivideP.M Church of Godxx
060Mr. and Mrs.DayJasperUpper GreasyNoWorks at Putney lumber mill4CreechPine MountainMoved Louellen
061Mr. and Mrs.DaySolUpper GreasyNoFarmer and miner12 - one attended PMSS for 3 mos.Little LaurelPine Mountain (or Little Laurel)xx
023Mr. and Mrs.DayRedmanDivideNoWorks at saw-mill3DivideP.M. Church of GTodxx
116Mr. and Mrs.FieldsJessBig LaurelNoMining8Big LaurelBig Laurelxx
110Mrs.GriffithCassioLittle LaurelNoFarmer5Turkey ForkPine Mountainxx
121Mr. and Mrs.HallJimBig LaurelNoMining - Mary Helen5Big LaurelBig LaurelMoved
041Mr. and Mrs.HallMilburnInclineNoLog-woodsman4 - oldest attended PMSS 2 wks.InclineInclinexx
082Mr. and Mrs.HarrisBoydLower GreasyYes, bothCoal miner1Big LaurelBig Laurelxx
098Mr. and Mrs.HarrisLeonardLittle LaurelMr. - Yes
Mrs. - No
Coal miner3 girlsLittle LaurelBig Laurel SchoolMrs. Alice Elkins
097Mr.HarrisTomLittle LaurelNoNone12 - three attended PMSSLittle LaurelPine Mountainxx
086Mr. and Mrs.HarrisMinnerLower GreasyNoFarming7Big LaurelBig Laurelxx
089Mr. and Mrs.HarrisHaywoodLower GreasyNoLog-woodsman3 under school ageAlex BranchAlex BranchMoved mining camp
085Mr. and Mrs.HarrisElbertLower GreasyNoNone, at present6Big LaurelBig Laurelxx
084Mrs. HarrisMatildaLower GreasyNoFarming6 - all adults, marriedBig LaurelBig Laurelxx
039(Bachelor)HensleySiDivideNoNone (old-age pensioner)NoneDivideP.M. Church of Godxx
113Mr. and Mrs.HensleyW. E.Big LaurelNoRailroader L&N and store-keeper2Big LaurelBig LaurelJune
035Mr. and Mrs.HensleyAbnerDivideNoNone (old-age pensioner)3 - one is a grandson who was in 3rd year at PMSSDIvideP.M. Church of Godxx
058Mr. and Mrs.HolbrookGeorgeInclineNoFarming, mining, timbering3 - oldest attended PMSS 1 yr.InclineInclinexx
022Mr. and Mrs.HuffArthurDivideMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes, 1 1/2 yrs.
Lumbering - Putney5DivideP.M. Church of Godxx
029Mr. and Mrs.HuffJamesDivideNoFarming "occasionally"7DivideP.M. Church of Godxx
105Mr. and Mrs.JacksonChesterLittle LaurelMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes
Miner for P.M.6Little LaurelPine MountainMrs. Cassie Cornett
087Mr. and Mrs.LewisJohnLower GreasyNoFarming4 (5?) - three attended PMSSBig LaurelBig Laurelxx
071Mr. (widower)LewisBenUpper GreasyNoFarmer8 - All attended PMSS for 1, 1-1/2, 2, 3 or 4 yrs.Big LaurelBig LaurelMrs. sister to Henry Creech
106Mr. and Mrs.LewisElijah C. Little LaurelNoFarmer6CreechPine MountainMrs. Nan Sturgill
015Mr. and Mrs.LewisHenryDivideNoLogging (occasionally)7DividePine Mountainxx
007Mr. and Mrs.LewisE. GilbertIsaacs RunNoFarming7 - All attended PMSSCreechHeld at Creech Schoolxx
096Mr. and Mrs.MaggardLeeLittle LaurelNoLumberman; [previously] P.M. Laundry manNoneLittle LaurelPine Mountain or Little LaurelMrs. Becky Couch
103Mr. and Mrs.McQueeenBillLittle LaurelMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes
Log-woodsman9Little LaurelPine MountainMrs. Callie Cornett
064Mr. and Mrs.MetcalfWilliamUpper GreasyNoDefense: bridge watchman9 - three attended PMSSLittle LaurelPine Mountain (or Little Laurel)Moved Putney
063Mr. and Mrs.NanceJeffUpper GreasyNoNone6 - one attended PMSSLittle LaurelPine MountainMoved
044Mr. and Mrs.NapierBenInclineNoFarming8InclineInclinexx
045Mr. and Mrs.NapierLloydInclineNoTruck-driver4inclineinclinexx
036Mr. and Mrs.NolanBillDivideNoCar-oiler - railroad - LoyallNoneDivideP.M. Church of Godxx
014Mr. and Mrs.NolanDelbertDivideMr. - Yes, 11 yrs.
Mrs. - Yes, 9 yrs.
Lumber-mill hand3DividePine MountainMoved Louellen
042Mr. and Mrs.NolanJohnInclineNoFarming10 - all older ones attended PMSSInclineInclinexx
051Mr. and Mrs.NolanGarfieldInclineNoFarming and mining8 - three attended PMSSInclineInclinexx
018Mr. and Mrs.NolanOttoDivideMr. - Yes, 8 yrs.
Mrs. - Yes, 3 yrs.
Store-keeper and miner4 DivideLaurelMoved Louellen
065Mr. and Mrs.PattersonJessUpper GreasyMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes
School bus driver & night watchman on bridge project1Little LaurelPine Mountain (occasional meeting at Little LaurelMoved Putney
011Mr. and Mrs.PenningtonNickDivideNoMiner 7- five attended PMSSPine MountainPine Mountainxx
067Mr. and Mrs.ScarceFrankUpper GreasyYesTruck-driver3Little LaurelPine Mountain (or Little Laurel)Home of "Grandma" Creech - who is Mrs. Scarce's grandmothers
017Mr. and Mrs.ScarceBenDivideMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes, 2 yrs.
Miner (part of the time)6 DividePine Mountainxx
038Mr. and Mrs.ShellBradleyDivideNoMiner7DivideP.M. Church of Godxx
101Mr. and Mrs.ShepherdHenryLittle LaurelNoFarming and mining 6 - two attended PMSSLittle LaurelPine Mountain or Little LaurelMoved - coal camp
049Mr. and Mrs.ShoupeAaronInclineMr. - Yes (short period)
Mrs. - No
050Mr. and Mrs.ShoupeFredInclineMr. - Yes (short period)
Mrs. - No
048Mr. and Mrs.SizemoreJohnInclineNoLog - woodsman2InclineInclinexx
114Mrs.SmithNancyBig LaurelNoNone (supported by son)3 - one attended PMSS for 2 daysBig LaurelBig LaurelMoved
094Mr. and Mrs.SpradlinColumbusLittle LaurelNoCoal-miner5Little LaurelPine Mountainxx
095Mrs. SpradlinMarthaLittle LaurelNoFarming4 - one attended PMSSLittle LaurelPine Mountain or Little Laurelxx
Mr. and Mrs.
Bob (father)
Frank (son)
Big LaurelThe Messrs. - No
Mrs. - Yes
Father: farming
Son: mining
Father: 5 - two attended PMSS
Son: 2
Big LaurelBig LaurelFrank Taylor & wife moved to Putney, Dec 1944
076Mr. and Mrs.TurnerHiUpper GreasyNoFarmer9 - two attended PMSSBig LaurelBig Laurelxx
124Mr. and Mrs.TurnerWilsonLittle Laurel;
[previously] Little Laurel
NoFarming8 - one attended PMSSLittle Laurel; [previously] Turkey ForkLittle Laurel; [previously] Turkey ForkMrs. Laurie Baker
068Mr. and Mrs.TurnerDanUpper GreasyNoStore-keeper
[previously] None (private coal-miner)
10 - four attended PMSSLittle LaurelPine Mountain (or Little Laurel)Mrs. Martha Lewis
120Mr. and Mrs.TurnerHarmonBig LaurelNoLogging (by boys) and support from Army10 - three attended PMSSBig LaurelBig Laurelxx
073Mrs.TurnerJudeUpper GreasyNoDoes own housework8Big LaurelBig Laurelxx
092Mr. and Mrs.TurnerMonroeLower GreasyMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes, 1 yr.
Log-woodsman8Alex BranchAlex BranchMrs. Ellen Jane Day Turner - Monroe killed, July 1942
091Mr. and Mrs.TurnerHenLower GreasyNoShop-man for lumber company8 - one attended PMSSAlex BranchAlex Branchxx
053Mr. and Mrs.TurnerAlonzoInclineMr. - Yes, (graduated)
Mrs. - No
Truck-driver (log-truck)1InclineIncline
054Mr. and Mrs.TurnerJohnInclineNoLumber-man4 - all attended PMSSInclineInclinexx
122Mr. and Mrs.TurnerSilasBig LaurelNoLumbering and night-watchman, Putney3Big LaurelBig Laurelxx
024Mr. and Mrs.TurnerArthurDivideMr. - Yes, 1/2 yr.
Mrs. - No
"Public works" occasionally5DivideP.M. Church of GodMoved Coal Camp
069Mr. and Mrs.TurnerWalter, MableUpper GreasyNoLog-woodsman (at Pineville)4Little LaurelPine Mountain (or Little Laurel)Mrs. Mable Turner
080Mr. and Mrs.TurnerFrankLower GreasyNoLog-woodsman5 - two attended PMSSBig LaurelBig Laurelxx
079Mr. and Mrs.TurnerOtisUpper GreasyNoLog-woodsman5Big LaurelBig LaurelMrs. Alin [?] Boggs Turner
115Mr.TurnerHampBig LaurelNoFarming8Big LaurelBig LaurelDied August 1944
077Mr. and Mrs.TurnerChadUpper GreasyMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes (graduated)
Mr. - Log-woodsman
Mrs. - Post-mistriss
1Big LaurelBig Laurelxx
083[Not provided]Turner
[Not provided]Yes, for short time
Ilo - Kitchen helper for 2 yr
Howard - Miner; now in Army1Big LaurelBig laurelxx
102Mr. and Mrs.VanceJohnLittle LaurelNoLog-woodsman6Pine MountainLittle LaurelMrs. Jude Turner
059Mr. and Mrs.WatkinsAlbertUpper GreasyYesPost-mistress
Farmer - Truck-driver
1Pine MountainPine MountainMrs. Bess Lewis
055Mr. and Mrs.WilderBillInclineNo Farming6 InclineInclinexx
028Mr. and Mrs.WilderWesDivideMr. - No
Mrs. - Yes, 3 yrs.
Trucking3 DivideP.M. Church of Godxx
126Mr. and Mrs.WilderHenryBig LaurelNoTimbering5 - one attended PMSSTurkey ForkTurkey Forkxx
108Mrs.WilderRhodaLittle LaurelNoFarming8 - All attended PMSSTurkey ForkPine Mountainxx
026Mr.WilderDorceDivideNoCarpenter3 - three attended PMSSDivideP.M. Church of Godxx
056Mr. and Mrs.WilderNealInclineNoFarming3InclineInclinexx
008Mr. and Mrs.WilderJohnIsaacs RunMr. - Yes (grades & 1 yr. H.S.
Mr. [sic] - No
Log-woodsman2CreechHeld at Creech SchoolMoved Dayton O
057Mr. and Mrs.WilderRobertInclineNoWorks on state highway5 - one attended PMSS for 1/2 yr,InclineInclinexx
002Mr. and Mrs.WilderBritIsaacs RunYes, bothP.M. truck driver, furnace man1CreechHeld at Creech Schoolxx
104[Not provided]Wilder
Little LaurelMr. - Yes, 6 mos.
Mrs. - Yes, 1 yr.
Farming and mining1Little LaurelLittle Laurel or Pine MountainMoved Army camp
047Mr. and Mrs.WilliamsThadInclineNoLog-woodsman4Inclineinclinexx
019Mr. and Mrs.WilliamsWillardDivideNoWorks in store[?]-mill occasionally3DivideBeech ForkMoved Lumber Camp
030Mr.WilliamsHenryDivideNoNoneLives aloneDivideP.M. Church of Godxx
012Mr. and Mrs.WilsonJoeDivideNoP.M. fireman6 CreechPine MountainMoved Harlan

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