Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 15: EVENTS

Community Fair Day 1920s. [III_campus_life__0767]

TAGS: EVENTS ongoing, EVENTS annual, EVENTS special, Community Fair Day, Lucy Braun Weekend, Black Mountain Wildflower Weekend, Nativity Play, May Day, Fall Color Weekend, Dogwood Breakfast, Mountain Day, conferences, musical performances, organ recitals, dramas, centennial celebration, Silver Jubilee, Centennial, Alumni Relations, guides


EVENTS are listed under three categories:


This includes events that have continued on a regular basis at the School. Such events include Fair Day, the Nativity Play, Fall Color Weekend, etc. It does not include events that are part of regular programming. See list in GUIDE TO ONGOING EVENTS.


This includes events that were part of community celebrations in past years and are no longer offered on a regular basis. Such events include Dogwood Breakfast, May Day, Mountain Day, and Lucy Braun Weekend. See list in GUIDE TO PAST EVENTS.


This includes one-time special events such as conferences, musical performances, organ recitals, dramas, centennial celebrations, etc. Some of these events may be cross-listed under other headings, such as Alumni Relations and other gatherings that celebrate a special year, person, or events (Silver Jubilee, Centennial, etc.). See list in GUIDE TO SPECIAL EVENTS.