Pine Mountain Settlement School
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Weaving samples

WEAVING Guide for Pine Mountain Settlement School

The Weaving at Pine Mountain Settlement School GUIDE is an overview of this important craft as it was practiced at Pine Mountain Settlement School. It includes information about the early search for mountain weavings that brought Katherine Pettit to the homes of families in Eastern Kentucky and her later work at developing the craft of weaving and natural dyeing techniques at Pine Mountain School. Her interest in weaving as a viable livelihood for mountain homes led to a partnership with Fireside Industries, a craft sales strategy begun by Berea College that spread to many Appalachian settlement institutions.

The weavings at Pine Mountain are spread throughout the institution in framed weavings such as that found in the Office, to stored weavings in the Pine Mountain Settlement School Collections housed at Boy’s House Library. Many examples of early Pine Mountain Settlement School weavings as well as looms, spinning wheels, tools of the craft, and yarns can also be found on the upper floor of Draper Industrial Building where the Weaving Studio is located.

The inventory of weaving at Pine Mountain is not currently complete but lists of identified weavings, photographs, and brief inventories have been started for the weaving collections.

DANCING IN THE CABBAGE PATCH Weaving at PMSS Beginnings (Post)
DANCING IN THE CABBAGE PATCH Weaving at PMSS 1930s-1940s (Post)


KATHERINE PETTIT Sassafras Weaving Album 1901
KATHERINE PETTIT  – Weaving at PMSS – Beginnings

USDA “Home Dyeing with Natural Dyes” 1935

WEAVING Draper Loom Studio

WEAVING Samples Pine Mountain Settlement School I
WEAVING Samples Pine Mountain Settlement School II

WEAVING Fireside Industries
WEAVING INVENTORY Photographs and Listings