Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 27: Scrapbooks
BY TOPIC:  Fireside Industries

TAGS: Fireside Industries; weaving; looms; crafts; Berea College; cottage industries; scrapbooks; Indian tribal weaving; South American weaving; Peru; Bolivia; musical instruments; early rocker loom;


The Fireside Industries Scrapbook has an unknown origin.  The photographic collection contains images of weavers, weaving, and various crafts. Most images are not related to the Pine Mountain Settlement School Fireside Industries Community activity. Many of the images appear to be gathered from a variety of unverifiable sources and are therefore not reproduced as single images.

The date of the scrapbook is unknown, as is the owner/creator. The inclusion of South American postcards might be traced to Katherine Pettit who visited Peru, Argentina, and other South American countries in the 1930’s. A copy of her travel journal may be found in the Berea College Archive. The journal describes her observations of weaving in South America.

The missing images in the Scrapbook are not accounted for.

The many varieties of represented looms will be of interest to weavers and are international in scope. A rare Appalachian loom, the “rocker loom” appears in one image but cannot be traced to the Pine Mountain Settlement School area or to an original source.