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Ruth Shuler Dieter (a loyal alumna of the Boarding School years and President of the Alumni Assoc) with Paul Hayes (a former PMSS Director and former student). On the front lawn of Old Log. See Ruth Shuler Dieter Appreciation Album II, 1984. p. 41. [shuler_mem_041.jpg]

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ALUMNI RELATIONS is a series of pages that covers the activities engaged by Pine Mountain Settlement School with students and staff who passed through the School. Alumni relations refers to Homecoming activity, celebration of selected alumni, correspondence related to news of alumni, special alumni events, contributions, and participation of alumni in financial campaigns. The materials in ALUMNI RELATIONS spanS ONLY the year during which students attended school on the campus of Pine Mountain Settlement. Alumni, however, continue to make up a substantial body of institutional supporters and attendees at reunions. The full history of the institution reflects the sharp transitions in the history of the School from early BOARDING SCHOOL years through later programming including LITTLE SCHOOL and the INTERVENTION PROGRAM. The major break came at the end of the Boarding School in 1949.  As the Boarding School students still living steadily declined, the reunions dwindled.  

The general materials found in this series include Homecoming information, such as minutes, photos, narratives, lists of attendees, schedules, and descriptions of events As noted, the most active alumni during the history of the School were the students from the Boarding School years and the bulk of the collection is centered on this population. The Community School students constitute the second largest group, many of whom remained in the immediate community.

See also ALUMNI RELATIONS Guide 1938 to present, which provides a list of links to Alumni Relations materials and describes aggregated alumni activity throughout the years of 1938 to the present. The GUIDE also includes an index to the Alumni Newsletter.

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ALUMNI RELATIONS Guide 1938 to present

ALUMNI RELATIONS Homecoming  Newsletter Index (By year)  

(Chronological lists of links to pages for homecoming events, newsletters, special events, fundraising, minutes and correspondence, and ephemera. IN PROGRESS)