Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 04: Pine Mountain School Histories

The History of the Pine Mountain Settlement School. The Clothing of an Idea with Substance. Page 1. [hist_pmss_idea_001.jpg]

This small sixteen-page publication, “The History of the Pine Mountain Settlement School,” was produced in the first decade of the School and is intended as a fund-raising tool, particularly to support scholarships. The author was most likely Ethel de Long Zande who wrote much of the promotional literature for the School. The printing of this publication was through a Buffalo, NY, printing company and was arranged through Mr. Darwin D. Martin, a member of the Board of Trustees and an officer of Larkin Company in Buffalo, a mail order conglomerate.

The mission of the institution is described on page 15:

To give industrial, moral, and intellectual education, Christian, but non-sectarian: to serve as a social center in an isolated, intensely rural neighborhood; to further by teaching and by the wise use of its own 390 acres of land, the agricultural and economic development of the country.

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