WEAVING Samples Pine Mountain Settlement School II

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 32: Object Collections

WEAVING Samples Pine Mountain Settlement School II

TAGS: weaving; Pine Mountain Settlement School; Harlan County, KY; weaving patterns; looms; Appalachian coverlets; wool; warp; weft; Fireside Industries; Berea College, KY;

Allen Eaton tells us that there are three types of coverlets which can be woven on a mountain loom

The Overshot or Float Weave illustrated by the Double Bowknot pattern …
Summer and Winter Weave
The Double Weave, consisting of two webs joined together …*

*See: Allen Eaton. Handicrafts of the Southern Highlands:
A Book on Rural Arts,
New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 1937, opposite p.186

Given the myriad woven patterns that may be created using today’s contemporary looms, the mountain loom may sound limiting, but the variations coming off the mountain loom are startling in their variety and complexity.

It is a pity that when we speak of art, the
thought should be of something quite remote
from the life of the people ….. The word

art ought to carry as common and universal a
meaning as the words life and love. 

J.H. Dillard
In: A Book of Hand-Woven Coverlets by Eliza Calvert Hall 1912

The following examples are representative of the “life and love” that flow throughout the southern Appalachians.

GALLERY – Blue Tub Contents


Lindsey-woolsey – Creech Family red madder and walnut

Blue and White Coverlet ‘Monksbelt” type

Blue and White Coverlet double weave

Lindsey-woolsey skirt with “tatted” or crochet edge  red madder [?]

Green Coushion Cover – Coverlet pattern

Mountain Bonnett [not woven]

Textille fragment. Cotton and wool with indigo/madder

Cream and White Cushion Cover [maybe faded green —same as #5]

Well-worn homespun vegetable dyed

Quilt with red and white diagonal. Backing squares of feedsack

Rag Rug.  Wool [?] and cotton  4′ x 3’

Rag Rug. (Thin cotton rag weft) Runner ?

Two contemporary crocheted acrylic squares

5 pieces yellow cotton lace weave curtains

Brown slip covers


  • 1 rag rug sample
  • red, black, yellow (2) samples
  • contemporary pink, blue cat track and snail
  • contemporary brown, green, cotton warp piece