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Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 07: Directors – Glyn Morris


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As will be noted on the chart(1) there has been some decrease in staff turnover in recent years but the problem of securing well-trained, well-adjusted personnel is a serious one, as Miss [Evelyn K.] Wells indicated much earlier:

It has been hard to teach a school so far away from the source of supply of good progressive teachers, and we have suffered from the comings and goings of good teachers who could not afford to work at Pine Mountain or could not manage the conditions. We have lost many who put in a couple of years of solid work with our children and really took hold of their minds.

Especially is this true in the field of vocational teaching, where even before the war there was a great demand for teachers, accentuated by government aid in these fields through Smith Hughes and George Dean grants. Minimum salaries in this region for Home Economics teachers are at least one-third more than Pine Mountain can offer, even considering maintenance allowance. For the most part, however, Pine Mountain considers itself fortunate in having a proportionately large number of well-trained, devoted workers, many of whom could easily secure employment elsewhere at larger salaries. At times the staff suffers from feeding too much upon its own resources, and some have suggested more frequent changes in personnel as a possible solution.

For better or for worse a fair share of the staff are from the region, and products of the school itself are well-represented.

During the past ten years six doctors have been employed. Three stayed less than one year. Several factors are accountable for this turnover, the most important single factor being the inability of…

  1. See Appendix No. 5


…their wives to adjust to the comparative isolation of Pine Mountain.

As will be noted, the staff is large in proportion to the number of students.

Pine Mountain Staff Members
as of May 1942

Name Years at P.M. Training
Glyn Morris, Director 11 A.B. Albright 1928 B.D.
U.T.S. 1931
Gladys Morris, Special 11 R.N. Rome Hosp. N.Y. 1924
Post-Grad. Columbus
August Angel, Printing 7 B.S. Miami U. 1932
Malcolm Arny, Counselor 2 B.A. Union College, 1937
N.Y. School of Social Research, Graduate
Birdena Bishop, Community Grp Teacher 2 A.B. Berea College 1940
Jess Burden, Mechanics Teacher 1 B.S. Berea College 1941
Leona Burden, Home Economics 1 B.S. Berea College 1941
Boone Callahan, Woodworking 13 A.B. Bradley Polytechnic
Berea College
Edith Cold, English, Library 7 A.B. Hillsdale College
M.A. University of Michigan 1917
Arthur W. Dodd, Principal 10 A.B. Berea College 1930
Georgia Dodd, Housemother 3 Pine Mountain 1937
Janet Grant, Secretary 1 1/2 A.B. Earlham College 1933
William Hayes, Farmer, Dairyman 5 Pine Mountain 1937
Gladys Hill, Co-op Teacher 13 A.B. Eastern State Teachers Col. 1927
Alice Joy Keith, Science Teacher 5 A.B. Columbia Univ. 1907
A.M. Univ. of Calif. 1928
Martha Anne Keene, English, Bible 1 A.B. Mt. Holyoke 1938
U.T.S. Graduate



Pine Mountain Staff Membership, cont.

Name Years at P.M. Training
Josephine Merrill, Housemother 11 A.M. Wellesley 1899
Ruth Moody, Dietician 1 Ashville College 1940-41
Lois Penn, Dietician 1 month A.B. Baker U. 1922
Grace Rood, Nurse 5 A.B. Oberlin
R.N. Johns Hopkins
Ruth Shuler, Asst. Secretary 2 Pine Mountain 1940
Strayer Business Col.
Emma Carter Smith, Housemother 1 A.B. Salem 1905
Barbara Spelman, Bookkeeper 2 Beloit College 1938-40
Ella Trufant, Housemother, Music Teacher 2 A.B. Radcliffe 1940
Rev. Richard Baker, Line Fork 5 McCormick Theological Seminary
Lutrella Baker, Line Fork 5 Moody Bible Institute
Anna Pishak, Medical Settlement 3
Alice L. Cobb, Publicity (Special) 6 A.B. Western College 1930
A.M. U.T.S. 1938

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