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August Angel, Teacher 1934-1942
August David Angel (1908-1996)


August Angel cutting hair., early 1940s. [X_100_workers_2580_mod.jpg]

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August Angel: Volunteer Playground Assistant 1933
Teacher (Biology, Mechanical Drawing, Printing) 1934-1938, 1940-1942

August Angel, c. 1933. This photograph of August Angel was attached to his application, as required, for a teaching position with the Pine Mountain Settlement School. The date of the application was June 24, 1933, the month and year of his graduation from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

August Angel, 1933. This photograph was originally attached to his application, as required, for a teaching position with the Pine Mountain Settlement School. The date of the application was June 24, 1933, the month and year of his graduation from Miami University.

August Angel’s story begins when his father, Augustin Anghel, immigrated to America at the turn of the century to work on the railroads and in the steel mills. Augustin’s original plan was to save his earnings, return to Romania, and spend the rest of his years on his farm with his wife, Maria Lichirie. Instead, in 1907, Maria came to America to join her husband.

Approximately one year later, October 1908, August was born in Syracuse, Indiana. Eventually, his parents moved to Farrell, Pennsylvania, and then Cleveland, Ohio, two steel mill towns in which August spent most of his youth. It was a time when the family struggled to make ends meet and August supplemented the family income by working at various jobs.

Beginning in 1929, August attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. For income, he worked during the summers as a handyman at Edgewood Inn in the Catskill Mountains of New York, and as a boatswain on Great Lakes freighters. August earned a B.S. in education from Miami University in 1933.

Mrs. Stanley Plattenburg, wife of the Rector of the Episcopal Church in Oxford, (formerly Miss Mary Anne Smith, who was a teacher at Pine Mountain Settlement School in 1926), suggested that August request an application for a position at the School, which he did in June 1933. Glyn Morris, director of the School, responded that there were no openings for the coming year, but he sent an application form for August to complete and submit for future consideration.

AUGUST ANGEL Staff: Teaching At Pine Mountain, 1933-1938

Meanwhile, Mrs. Alice Carter Shera, a Miami University student and a member of a women’s group that was interested in helping mountain people, asked August to drive her to Pine Mountain Settlement School for a visit. While there, Glyn Morris offered August a teaching position, which August accepted. (Mrs. Shera was promised a teaching position upon completion of her studies at Miami U. She later returned to teach arts and crafts.) According to Glyn Morris’s report to the PMSS Board of Trustees and the Advisory Board for August 1933,

Mr. August Angel, a young man with a very interesting background, recently graduated from Miami University at Oxford, Ohio….[He has been hired] as a volunteer instructor in Printing, and assists in playground and organized games and athletics.

For the next four years, 1934 to 1938, August served as a paid instructor in science and printing at the School. He assisted Glyn Morris in setting up the first print shop in the Office building for students to receive hands-on experience in a useful trade. The shop provided all the printed material that was needed at the School, such as The Pine Cone, Chapel programs, special event programs, staff and student stationery, office stationery, pads, business office materials, and Notes. Several books were also printed, including the first edition of At Home in the Hills (1938), a collection of John Spelman‘s linoleum cuts, and the hand-bound A Pine Mountain Study in Civics (1937) by Everett K. Wilson. Eventually, the student shop was moved to the Draper Building (which replaced the burned Boys’ Industrial Building in 1936).

GALLERY: August Angel at Pine Mountain 

In 1936, August was married to Susie Hall from Viper, Kentucky, and a graduate of Pine Mountain Settlement School, in the School’s Chapel by Rev. Glyn Morris.

AUGUST ANGEL: Return to Pine Mountain, 1940-1942 

After over four years at Pine Mountain, August accepted a high school teaching position with the Dayton (Ohio) Public School System, where the first of his three children, Ann Marie Angel (Eberhardt), was born in 1940. A few months afterward, August and Susie, longing to recapture the spiritual qualities they had known at Pine Mountain Settlement School, returned to the School, August to teach printing, and Susie as housemother.

In 1941, Glyn Morris arranged for August to attend the Keating School of Linotyping in Chicago, Illinois, for six weeks of training. The school was sponsored by the Mergenthaler Linotype Company. While there, August wrote the following letter to Glyn Morris dated June 11, 1941, expressing how Pine Mountain had influenced his life:

Dear Mr. Morris:
Every once in a while a person gets to thinking about himself and his place in the sun. Since coming to Chicago I’ve had plenty of time to sit back and check off my worth to the world. I want you to know that my return to Pine Mountain a year ago has given me that assured feeling that there I’ve found my little place. In a letter from Sue she writes that she can hardly wait for the time to return to the campus.

Though I haven’t spoken to Sue regarding such feelings I know for certain she is crazy about the school. When I say school I don’t mean the impersonal thing, I mean those things of good report, get-togethers, friends –you, A.W. [Dr. Alfreda Withington?], Mrs. Morris, Miss [Gladys] Hill, others on the campus and some of the friends of the school who come year after year — Miss [Abby] Christensen, Mrs. [Mary Rockwell] Hook.

These things and friends, the high ideals of the school, its beauty of location, its work and dignity for same, are some of the things I am thankful for that I’m a member of the community there. Thanking you and Mrs. Morris again for letting Sue and me return to live, I am,

GALLERY I: Letter from August Angel to Glyn Morris, 1941

AUGUST ANGEL: After Pine Mountain, 1942-1996

Susie and August’s second child, Michael Anthony Angel, was born in the School’s Infirmary in 1942. Soon after, the family departed Pine Mountain when August found employment with the Civilian Conservation Corps. In 1944 August left for U.S. Army training and deployment to Europe as a member of Counter Intelligence Corps during and after the final months of World War II.

Returning home as a war hero for taking part in the capture of a well-know Nazi, August and his family settled in Pennsylvania where his father was living and, in 1949, Patrick Nicholas Angel was born. Over time, August established two successful businesses in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania, a print shop and a community meeting hall.

After the Angel children left home for college (Ann and Patrick) and the U.S. Marines prior to college (Michael), August and Susie moved to Susie’s hometown of Viper, Kentucky, where August founded another print shop. He again became involved with the Pine Mountain School, printing for the School at cost, as well as printing the second edition of At Home in the Hills, for a Pine Mountain fundraising effort. He was also active as a treasurer for the Pine Mountain Association of Alumni and Friends.

In 1985 Susie and August were honored at the School’s annual homecoming with a bronze plaque that read: “To August and Sue Angel, with love, from Alumni and Friends.” According to the Annual Report of the 1985 Homecoming, the Association’s newsletter,

Seeing the sparkle in Mike’s (August and Sue’s grandson) eyes as he listened to his grandfather and friends tell tales of the school’s early days, and being present in the restored room at West Wind, where we went to lovingly hang a small bronze plaque…, was to us the most poignant moment of all.

August and Susie spent their last years enjoying life on a farm that was shared by their sons and grandchildren in London, Kentucky. August died in 1996 and Susie in 2006.

GALLERY II: Student Workbook by August Angel, 1942

[For transcription, see Workbook for Students of Printing.]

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