DEAR FRIEND Letter and Brochure 1950

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications (Published by the School)

DEAR FRIEND Letter and Brochure 1950

Dear Friend Letter, April 1950
Brochure, 1950

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First draft, page 1 of 2.
Typewritten draft of Dear Friend of Pine Mountain letter with handwritten edits. “Copy for letterhead – Copy A – for heading on letter – see layout.”

First draft, page 2 of 2.
Typewritten draft of “Dear Friend of Pine Mountain” letter with handwritten edits. “Copy for letter – Copy A – page 2.”

Handwritten paragraph.
“Last paragraph – The funds needed to operate our enlarged hospital and clinical outposts, to insure effective modern teaching in the school, and to reorient the farm program are all dependent on gifts. We must look to our friends for support, so that the work may continue and expand.”

Second draft, page 1 of 2.
Typewritten draft of “Dear Friend of Pine Mountain” letter with handwritten edits.

Second draft, page 2 of 2.
Typewritten draft of Dear Friend of Pine Mountain letter.

Official version, page 1 of 1.
“April 1950 Dear friend of Pine Mountain.” Burton B. Rogers, Director and Principal, describes the annual school census by the teaching staff who travel the area to visit the children’s homes located in Breaks of Laurel, Greasy Creek, BIg Laurel, Rockhouse, Steel Trap Branch and Little Laurel. Contents: Pine Mountain jeep, mountain hollows and creeks, former students, teaching staff, Community Program, school attendance, hot lunches, hospital, farm program. The letter ends with an appeal for gifts.

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CONTENTS: PMSS Brochure 1950

Fundraising Brochure, Page 1
“Pine Mountain Settlement School was founded in 1913….” A short history; the consolidating of one-room school districts in 1949 and its administration; description of the children and their families; the hospital; the start of a new venture in vocational and recreational activities, in which “t]wo workers will lead both school and after-school interest groups in such things as woodworking, sewing, playground sports, dramatics, and music.”

Images: Three sketches by Mary Rogers show a child with a hand puppet, two children eating lunch, and a teacher with students. Two photographs depict “In the woodwork shop” and “Fifth and Sixth graders making pottery.”

Fundraising Brochure, Page 2
Images: Three sketches by Mary Rogers of the Nativity Play, two boys with basketball, girl and boy dancing.
Photographs: Doctor using a stethoscope on boy in out-patient clinic;
nurse and toddler;
Draper Building “for grades 3 to 8, audio-visual room, woodwork shop, maintenance headquarters.”;
Burkham Schoolhouse for “grades 9 & 10, assembly room, children’s library, high school reading room, art room.”
Laurel House with “kitchen and dining room, living room for folk dancing, quarters for 5 of the staff.”
Hedges Memorial Chapel“Children prepare and conduct occasional midweek services.”
Young girl working on handcrafts;
“Story hour in the children’s library, which is entirely supplied with gift books staffed by volunteers.”

Inset: “We Need Your Help!” An appeal for $40,000 annually to maintain hospital and activities.

Fundraising Brochure, Page 3

“Immediate and Pressing Needs for maintaining and expanding our Community Program” (list of needed items and their costs).

Comments on Purpose, Education, Economics, Health, and Religion

One-room school house;
School children at their desks;
Children seated at dining table in “Laurel Hall”;
Mary Burkham Schoolhouse;
“Ayshire Herd on reclaimed mountain pasture”;
Mother and child in bed tended by nurse in the hospital “(formerly West Wind girls dormitory)“;
Doctor traveling by jeem up a creek bed;
“Patient with doctor at clinic”;
Charlotte Hedges Memorial Chapel

Fundraising Brochure, Page 4
“Physical data: Pine Mountain School has 24 buildings and a tract of 300 acres. Water from a spring-fed reservoir supplies the whole settlement. 20 acres are arable or in pasture. Much of the rest is wooded mountain slopes. The Rural Electrification Administration power line serves the school and community.”

Administration, Board of Trustees, map of roads to PMSS with mileage from each town.

Above fold: “More than the three R’s”; PMSS address with sketch by Mary Rogers of mountain, schoolbus and students.

“Facts About Pine Mountain Settlement School”
Provides information about the “Setting” of the School, “Date Founded” and “Administration.” Also, clubs or churches are informed that Dorothy Nace, who served as secretary for five years and is teaching the second and third grades this year, will be available for speaking engagements….”, illustrated with new Kodachrome slides.

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