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Dear Friend Letters 1933

CONTENTS: Dear Friend Letters 1933 March 28 – Pages 1 – 2

Dear Friend Letters 1933 consists of one 2-page letter that includes the following subjects:

Letterhead lists names of president of the board, director, treasurer ; story about a Pine Mountain girl demonstrating her appreciation and potential ; Morris describes Lexington trip during which he met several ex-students with jobs and/or attending Berea College ; School’s deficit is $11,000 ; financial needs are described ; your help will give aid and hope to over 100 young people ; signed by Glyn A. Morris ;

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TRANSCRIPTION: Dear Friend Letters 1933

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Darwin D. Martin
Marine Trust Bldg., Buffalo, N.Y.

Glyn A. Morris

C. N. Manning
Security Trust Co., Lexington, Ky.


Dear Friend:

“Why can’t we have a meal of cocoa and rice once a week? Hit would help some.” This is a suggestion shyly offered by one of our girls — one who loves Pine Mountain, appreciates all it has done for her, and who is anxious that it be kept going during these trying days. Her home is ‘way down Greasy. Her father was killed last summer in a family quarrel. She has worked faithfully to bring to her remote home some of the practical things she has learned at Pine Mountain, and, pitting herself against the inertia of generations, has partially succeeded. Her life will be devoted to helping her own people. She alone is worth every dollar we have spent this year. But she is only one, and there are over one hundred more, many of whom will become nurses and teachers and leaders, perhaps a doctor or two, to work with and for the people of the mountains, whom they alone completely understand.

Several weeks ago I took a business trip to Lexington. At Harlan town our luncheon was served in a very gracious manner by a young woman who will never forget what she learned in the kitchen at Laurel House. At Berea, dinner at Boone Tavern was served to us by smiling Eunice, neat and prim in her white apron, who graduated from Pine Mountain last year, and who plans to be a nurse. Later we met Cleo, who is making only A’s in her studies at Berea. At Lexington, in a dentist’s office one of our party was waited on by a fine young woman, a former Pine Mountain student. These are just a few, met on this short trip, without any prearrangement, but they are typical of the many young people who have achieved and are achieving, through Pine Mountain.

I wish that you could have gone with me — from the discouragement of trying to make ends meet here, to meet these young people, and be inspired by their poise, their warmth, and their appreciation.

We open our mail with apprehension, for each day brings us a repercussion from the outside, as one letter after another tells us that some friend of long standing cannot help us any longer. But we dare not stop. There are more girls from “down Greasy” and there are more smiling Eunices. Our work is not yet done. We face the end of…

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…this year with a deficit of $11,000. Grocery bills are piled high; new laundry equipment must be paid for; new batteries for our power plant must be bought; many of our buildings are badly in need of repair. And all we ask for is enough money to cover a budget which is less than half what it was two years ago, and money to feed our family at 23 cents a day.

Will you, therefore, who have shared with us the joys and sorrows of Pine Mountain in the past, share with us now our very heavy burden? We’ll eat rice and cocoa, and bean soup several times a week, if necessary, if only some of the young people about us may be enabled to rise above the bondage of a narrow, sordid, and visionless life. Your continued help will give us material aid and spiritual comfort, and will give to over one hundred young people a new vision and a new hope.

Very sincerely yours,
[signed] Glyn A. Morris

[Photograph captions: “The ‘Doctor’s Cabin” and “Old Log”]