PAUL LYNN Photograph Album

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Paul Lynn Photograph Album
Community School Years

Preparing Lunch. Pine Mountain Coarse Entire Wheat Bread, c. 1970s. [lynn_paul_comm_009a.jpg]

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PAUL LYNN Photograph Album

The Paul Lynn photograph album captures life during the Community School years. It duplicates, in part, some photographs that were collected by the SIA [Settlement Institutions of Appalachia] Photograph Project and gathered under Community sets #52 – (?) and sets #89 – 91 LIFE AND WORK School Library and in other SIA photograph groupings. This particular collection is selected from the photographs of Paul Lynn.

Lynn was employed by Pine Mountain Settlement School in the early 1960s. An avid photographer, Lynn’s work stands alone for the candid pictures of his environment and the students while he was in the Pine Mountain program. It is thought that this album has been selectively gathered by the photographer. 

Lynn’s photographs depict the everyday life of students in the classroom, in their industrial arts classes, and working at outside tasks such as farming, clearing ditches, and with their Boy Scout leader, Alvin Boggs. Lynn also captured the visit of a group of Viet Nam visitors who were invited to campus by Director Burton Rogers. The Asian visitors spent time in the classroom with the children in the late 1960s as part of a government exchange program coordinated by Berea College

Eddie Johnson meets a Viet Nam visitor. [lynn_paul_comm_002c.jpg]

In addition to the students, staff workers are also included in the photographs. The identified staff include Jess Patterson, Alvin Boggs, Milly Mahoney, and Mary Rogers.

GALLERY I: Full Pages of Album

GALLERY II: PAUL LYNN Photograph Album – Single Photographs 



EDUCATION Viet Nam Visitors at PMSS 1968

ARTS AND CRAFTS CERAMICS Organizing and Marketing Pottery 1960s