PINE CONE 1930 December

Pine Mountain Settlement School

PINE  CONE 1930 December

Pine Cone 1930, cover. [pinecone_1930_dec_cover.jpg]

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PINE CONE 1930 December


Page 1
Editorial staff, editorials
“Time” by Pauline Vallbrecht

Page 2
“Fair Day (in the style of Washington Irving)” by Ulysses Shackleford

Page 3
“Fair Day (in the style of Washington Irving),” continued
“Grim Winter,” poem by George Trosper

Page 4
“The Story of My LIfe,” by Maxine Frazier
“Stained Glass” by Cleo Stamper

Page 5
“Stained Glass,” continued.

Page 6
“Old Clothes” by Eunice Cornett

Page 7
“Old Clothes,” continued.
“Athletics,” by O.P. and W.C. (baseball, girls’ team, Miss Seones)

Page 8
Class Projects:

“The Seventh Grade Geography Movie” by F.H. and J.H. (Miss Motter, James Huddleston, Jessie Harris, Miss Pryor)

“Odysseus’ House” by F.C.

“Mother’s Cooking,” a poem by Anna Kirby

Page 9
“The Hallowe’en Party” by G.S. and C.S. (at Laurel House dining room)
“The Book Party” by L.S. and M.F. (at Laurel House; PMSS movie; Miss Motter, Miss Russel, Miss Crutchfield)
Physics class, Eunice, Ova

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