1952 PMSS Calendar A Year of Song

Pine MountainSettlement School
Series 17: Publications (Published by the School)

1952 PMSS Calendar  A Year of Song

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The 1952 PMSS Calendar A Year of Song is one of the most interesting and most ambitious of the later calendar projects.  The multi-page calendar is also a song-book and contains many of the favorite songs sung and listened to at the School over the years.

Cover. 1952_calendar_012a

The illustrations and hand-drawn scores of the songs by Mary Rogers add a unique and precious quality to this calendar.  Mary Rogers, wife of Burton Rogers, principal and later Director of the School, produced many drawing that accompanied promotional literature. Her lyrical and fanciful hand is readily recognized by many who were associated with the School and admired by those who discover her for the first time.

The work of Mary may be seen in the majority of the calendars prepared after 1949 when the boarding school ended.

Mary Rogers was also a fundamental force in the establishment of the Environmental Education program at Pine Mountain and her love of nature as well as human nature shines in the series of delightful illustrations for this calendar.

A list of the songs included in the calendar “A Year of Song” follows

  1.  January – Lolly-too-dum
  2. February – Barnyard Song
  3. March – Jesus Preached in Galilee
  4.  April – Aunt Sal’s Song
  5. May – The Riddle Song
  6. June – Swapping Song
  7. July – Pretty Saro
  8. August – Brian O’Lyn
  9. September – Weevily Wheat
  10. October – The Devil and the Farmer’s Wife
  11. November – Evening Shade
  12. December – Joseph and the Angel

GALLERY 1952 PMSS Calendar A Year of Song