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Student, 1939 – 1942
Assistant Nurse, April – July 1947

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“Charlsie – ’40 P.M.” Submitted to the Ruth Shuler Dieter Appreciation Album (Part I) by Bill Dawn. [pmss_schuler_mem_011_cropped.jpg]

Even as a boarding student at Pine Mountain Settlement School, Charlsie Vaughn knew what she wanted to do with her life. During her time at PMSS, she honed her focus on nursing while assisting Grace M. Rood, R.N., the head nurse at the School’s Infirmary. After graduating from PMSS in May 1942, Charlsie went on to become a registered nurse, a profession she pursued for 50 years.

CHARLSIE VAUGHN Student Staff: PMSS Student 1939-1942

Besides her studies as a PMSS student and working alongside Miss Rood in the Infirmary, Charlsie found time to join in other campus activities. She served as a reporter for The Pine Cone, the School’s student publication, in 1941 and 1942. Also, she played a part in the 1940 production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta H.M.S. Pinafore. As part of the December 1941 celebrations at the School, she was among two pairs of “lords and ladies” who danced the Christmas minuet

The Pine Cone reported in its January 1941 issue that Charlsie was part of a group of Pine Mountain students and staff members who performed a series of English country dances at the Loyall (Kentucky) High School. 

The PMSS graduating class of 1942 was featured in that year’s May issue of the student literary publication, Conifer. In a listing of the seniors’ biographies, Charlsie was described as having come from Woodway, Virginia, and chiefly interested in nursing. She also enjoyed swimming and dancing as her hobbies. The biography continued:

“Her laugh is a ready chorus”

Charlsie came to us during her Junior year. Since then she has served on the Citizenship Committee and has worked at the Infirmary for three semesters, learning her chosen profession. Her classmates and teachers will long remember Charlsie’s radiant smile and cheerful disposition.

CHARLSIE VAUGHN Student Staff: PMSS Nurse 1947

In January 1947, while studying nursing at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, Charlsie received a letter from the director of Pine Mountain Settlement School, H.R.S. Benjamin. He had heard from Miss Rood that Charlsie was willing to return to PMSS to assist in the Infirmary, replacing Miss Minnie Goodnow, who was leaving on April first. In return, the School would furnish maintenance (room and board without cost and limited laundry) at $90 per month. She agreed to accept their offer and to begin in April 1947 after finishing at Johns Hopkins and further studies at the Louisville General Hospital.

As soon as she arrived at Pine Mountain, her skills and training were put to a serious test by 30 patients sick with the flu. She continued assisting Miss Rood and Dr. Elizabeth Henderson in the Infirmary until July (or possibly August) 1947, when she left for a position with The Institute of Living in Hartford, Connecticut.

As part of Charlsie’s application for employment at The Institute of Living, the Associate Director of Nursing asked Director Benjamin for a statement regarding Charlsie’s abilities. Benjamin wrote that Charlsie had been a PMSS student who was “serious minded and a good worker.” She had graduated in spring 1947 from Louisville General Hospital and had passed the State Board examination. Her work experience included one year at Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, Tennessee. He concluded that Charlsie was “…a very good nurse. She possesses a pleasing personality, is dependable, and shows a good deal of initiative in her work…. We, personally, enjoy her very much.”

Soon after Charlsie Vaughn left Pine Mountain, Benjamin wrote to her expressing his “deep appreciation of your service here for nearly six months. It is hard to imagine what we should have done without your competent and cheerful help during this busy time.” 

CHARLSIE VAUGHN Student Staff: After Pine Mountain

Charlsie had an active life after Pine Mountain but did not forget about Pine Mountain Settlement School. She first attended a PMSS homecoming at Pine Mountain in 1983, perhaps because Grace M. Rood, R.N., her former supervisor and mentor, was designated the guest of honor by the PMSS Association of Alumni and Friends. Charlsie wrote a tribute to Miss Rood in the 1983 Homecoming newsletter in which she expressed her gratitude and respect for Rood, who had served in the Infirmary from 1937 to 1949 and was then 86 years old.

One of Charlsie’s friends at Pine Mountain was Ruth Shuler (Dieter). In August 1984 the Association of Pine Mountain Alumni and Friends presented Ruth with an Appreciation Album containing letters, photos, and cards describing memories and expressing thanks for Ruth’s many years of dedication to the School. One of the letters was from Charlsie in which she wrote:

“Fond memories — During my years at Pine Mountain we had a lot of fun and meaningful experiences! The Nativity, meetings at Laurel House, Sunday evenings with the Morrises, folk singing, folk dancing! Homecoming last year was very special. We worked, laughed and sang all weekend!”


Charlsie Vaughn was born on February 24, 1925, in Pansy, Harlan County, Kentucky, to Mary Elizabeth (Fee) Vaughn and Edward Vaughn. She had one sibling, her sister Athelene. Sadly, when Charlsie was six years old, her father was shot and killed when he tried to arrest strikebreakers during a time of labor unrest at the coal mines. 

Consequently, her mother was on her own with two small children. Attempting to find ways to make a living, she ran general stores and boarding houses, moving from town to town. According to an obituary for Charlsie Vaughn Stealy: “During World War II, [Mary Elizabeth Vaughn] worked at the top secret Oak Ridge, Tennessee, facility as an ‘Atomic Girl,’ helping to develop the atom bomb.”

It was at The Institute of Living, a mental health center in Hartford, Connecticut, that Charlsie met her first husband, Nicholas George (1923-2002). They married in 1948 and eventually had five children: Tanya, Evan, Christopher, Niki, and Gregory. Charlsie and Nicholas moved several times in their early years together, first to Columbia, Missouri, where Nicholas completed his journalism degree at the University of Missouri and their first two children were born. Over a period of 15 years, they also lived in Waterloo, Iowa; Verona, New Jersey; and Montclair, New Jersey, where they settled for the next 17 years. In each of these locations, Charlsie always found work as a nurse, a profession that fulfilled her desire to help others. In the meantime, Nicholas George became “an innovative radio news editor and network manager.”

Charlsie and Nicholas George divorced in 1975. A year later, Charlsie married Wilson “Bill” Watters Stearly Jr., (born 1930) a trust officer for banks in Montclair, and gained three stepdaughters, Betsy, Sally, and Annie. In 1980, the couple relocated to Branford, New Jersey, and eventually to North Branford where Bill died in 2003.

Charlsie Vaughn Stearly died on July 25, 2018, in Branford at the age of 93. The last line of her obituary suggested that: “Gifts in her memory can be made to The Pine Mountain Settlement School.”

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