PINE CONE 1941 January

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications

PINE CONE 1941 January, Vol. V, No. 4

TAGS: Pine Cone 1941 January, student writings, Laurel House opening, school bell donations, editorials, poems, community & campus news, teachers, visitors, influenza 


Page 1
Mrs. [Fanny] Gratz visits school; Laurel House Opens Doors to students and staff; Dorothy Elsmith gives bell to school and smaller bells to staff;

Page 2
THE PINE CONE – “A school and community paper published monthly by the students of Pine Mountain Settlement School.”

Editor – Robert L. Blanton
Assistant Editor – Eleanor Ayers
Business Manager – Fred C. Jones
Assistant Manager – Willard Enix
Reporters – June Anderson, Bonnie Ayers, Mabel Beeler, Helen Cornett, Oral Howard, Theda Hackman, R.L. Huddleston, Majel Jones, Emmy Mullins, Velma Peters, Nelle Shuler, Jewell Weaver
Adviser – Vera R. Hackman

“Member, Columbia Scholastic Press Association 1940-1941.”

Editorial: ‘Good Queen Bess’ and folk dancing at Pine Mountain; “My Mountain Home” poem by Doris Rogers; Chinese Social Worker Arrives by Dodge not by Donkey; Community Group news.

Page 3
Miss [Maude] Holbrook Goes to Florida; Co-ops open new store; Pine Cone publication has new office; New Laurel House stoker requires screened coal; Mr. [William Hayes teaches A-1 and A-2 Agriculture classes; Dorothy Elsmith addresses co-ops, juniors, and seniors; Dr. Frederick L. Gates son of philanthropist Frederick T. Gates of the Rockefeller institute visits campus; Old Log modernized with bathroom and kitchenette; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Leach and daughter Elizabeth Sandra are living in Old Log; John Howard Young former teacher visiting; Mr. Allen S. Corbin and engineer on freighter running from New York to Chile on campus visiting Joan Ayers; Lee Goins and Howard Burdine visit campus.

Page 4
The flu epidemic comes to PMSS. Miss Grace Rood, nurse, treats patients. Why Laurel House Nodded a Gable; Students as donors to organizations. Loyall High School dance party; Co-op Book display; Field Day;