STUDENTS 1942 Graduating Class

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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1942 Graduating Class
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STUDENTS 1942 Graduating Class

Conifer , May 1942. Cover. [conifer_1942_cover.jpg

STUDENTS 1942 Graduating Class

1942 GRADUATING CLASS displays images of the article “Biographies of the Class of 1942” featured in the student publication, Conifer. Following the Gallery below is a list of the students covered by the article and their predicted or current occupations, ending with a transcription of the Senior Prayer.

Conifer’s coverage of each student included the student’s name, hometown, chief interest and hobbies followed by a paragraph describing his or her experiences at Pine Mountain Settlement School.


 COMMENTS FROM THE CLASS OF 1942: [Conifer 1942]

CONTENTS: 1942 Graduating Class


Bonnie Ayers  — Secretary — Washington DC

James Centers — U.S. Navy

Becky Begley — Teacher — Harlan County

Ruth Cornett –— Harmon Foundation

Williard Enix — U.S. Army

Reba Garrett — Mission — School

Frances Hall — Married — Defense

Gwyn Hendren — Defense Plant

Oral Howard — U.S. Navy

Theda Howard — Dry Cleaning

Calvin Jones — U.S. Navy

Bertha Lewis

Mary Pace — Bank

Velma Peters — Married — Telephone Girl

Delia Taylor — Teacher — Harlan County

Bill Turner — U.S. Marines

Charlsie Vaughn — Nurse Training


Eternal Father, we have been blessed by Thy guidance to this time. Thou hast given us hope and strength when by our own efforts we would have failed. For friends; for hardships overcome; and the inspiration of all who have taught us here, we thank Thee. We shall try by our life in the days to come to repay the debt we owe the past. We pray that Thy spirit, which we have felt here in many ways, will be in our hearts always.

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