HISTORY PMSS Summary 1946-1947

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HISTORY PMSS Summary 1946-1947

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History of the Pine Mountain Settlement School

Staff Members:

Stuyvesant (Peter) Barry, Sociology, English
Alice Barry, Community Girls’ Supervisor
Abby Christensen, Folk Dancing, Mechanical Drawing
Edith Cold, English, Library
Ruth Danner, Nurse
Arthur Dodd, Principal and Counselor
Georgia Dodd, Housemother, West Wind
Lois Fenn, Summer 1947 Housemother, West Wind, Folk Dancing
Dr. Mary Jane Gray, Summer Clinic
Minnie Goodenow, Nurse
William Hayes, Farm, Dairy, Poultry
Gladys Hill, Co-op Teacher, Store
Dr. Elizabeth Henderson, Doctor
Ronald Henderson, Science
Helen Kingsbury, Home Economics
Dorothy LaRue, Nurse (part-time)
Glenn LaRue, Woodwork, Plant Repairs, Bible
Charles Link, Mechanics Shop
Mary Link, Housemother, Boys House, Printing
Margaret Motter, English, High School Principal
Dorothy Nace, Office Secretary
Margaret Nace, Bookkeeper
Mary Rogers, Dietitian (Dec. 1946-Sept. 1947)
Grace Rood, Nurse, Community Group
Ruth Smith, English
Drs. Emma and Francis Tucker, Summer
Harriet Turner, Dietitian, Summer
Charlsie Vaughn, Nurse (March – July)
Bertha Weart, Dietitian (Sept.-Oct. 1946)
Louise White, Housemother, Big Log
Flora Willis, Housemother, Far House
Brit Wilder, Maintenance, Transportation
Rev. and Mrs. Baker, Line Fork
Anna Pishzak, Big Laurel Medical Settlement
H. R. S. Benjamin, Director
Sally Cornett, Laundress
Alice Pennington, Kitchen Assistant
Kermit Wilder, Cook
Martin Baker, Night Watchman

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Page 2, 1946-47

Number of students: 96 Resident, 9 Day


Mountain Day – Walk to Putney Tower. After some of the tower steps were repaired with boards from the truck end-gate, student groups of 5 climbed the tower.

Softball season, Won 4, Lost 7. Mr. Link was playground sponsor. There were Boys’ and Girls’ softball teams. A Pine Mountain Ping Pong Tournament had 3 sections: Boys, Girls & Staff

Regional Folk Dance Festival held at Pine Mountain Saturday, October 12.

Friday, Nov. 1 — Group of students sponsored by Miss Motter gave one-act play “The Neighbors.”

Community Thanksgiving Dinner at Creech School. Speakers were Senator Lorance Carter, Supt. of Schools James A. Cawood, Rev. Matthew Smith, Dr. Oma Creech (Mrs. Franklin Fiske) — Pine Mountain graduate just returned from working with UNRRA in Egypt, Rev. Roland Pinke. Dr. Oma Creech spoke at Chapel Vespers.

Study tour of mountain schools, led by former PMSS Director Glyn Morris, stayed overnight at PMSS.

PMSS traditionsFair Day, Field Day, Halloween Party, Thanksgiving Chapel, Thanksgiving Ball (Peasant Party), Christmas, Book Party, George Washington Ball (formal), Berea Spring Folk Dance Festival, May Day (was rainy this year, activities had to be held inside), Senior Bazaar (for Charity Fund), Silver Tea for Workers (by Senior Girls), Dogwood Breakfast (by Senior Class for workers and visitors), Graduation – Baccalaureate Sunday, Commencement.

Students who worked at Pine Mountain during Christmas holidays enjoyed a play at Creech School, a Christmas Eve party, followed by Santa Claus, a Friday night movie “Home in Indiana,” a Farm House games party, a turkey party at West Wind, a record party at Laurel House, and a Community New Years Eve party (attendance 302), with movie, door prizes, children’s clothing sale, square dancing and refreshments.

The senior class presented “Robin Hood” at PMSS and Evarts H. S. They produced another play “Florist Shop” in February. They earned $17.57 from admissions, and a gift of $100.00 from a friend toward the goal of $200.00 needed for material for a new stage curtain.

There was a flu epidemic just after students returned from spring vacation (March 16.)

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Page 3, 1946-47

The new sawmill finally arrived in April. In operation, it provided much-needed timber for bridge and building repairs.

At Sunday night vespers, May 11, the service flag, with stars representing 156 former students, was retired. A plaque honoring six former students who lost their lives, Robert Creech, Sylvan Hayes [sic, Silven Hayes], John Stevens [sic, Stephens], Raymond Pennington, Hobart Shepherd, and Herbert Bunch, was hung in Laurel House.

The largest graduating class (25) presented a donation for purchase of a hektograph or some kind of duplicator, hoping to facilitate publishing of the Pine Cone.

There was a Co-op membership of 132, capital stock $236.50, Sales Dec. 1 – Feb. 26 $615.85.


Dr. Karchagana, native of Russia who worked in India for 20 years; Mr. & Mrs. King, Columbia University (Christmas Eve & Day); U. S. Representative John Robison, Barbourville.

Trustees: Mr. Charles Manning, the last of the original Board of Pine Mountain Settlement School Trustees, died January 12, in Lexington.

The Spring Board Meeting was held at Pine Mountain April 11 – 12. Present were J. S. Crutchfield, President, Evelyn Wells, Secretary, Dr. Joseph Van Vleck, Jr., Mrs. Inghram Hook, Mrs. Anderson Gratz and Dr. Paul Cressey. Advisory Council members who were also at Pine Mountain were Alice Cobb, Luther Ambrose, Mrs. Bullock, Henry Creech, and Mrs. C. E. Ball.


Southern Mountain Workers Conference in Knoxville, TN, “Highlands and Rural Values,” first week of March, attended by Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin, Mr. Arthur Dodd, Miss Abbie W. Christensen, Mrs. Charles Link, Dolores Scott and Lois North.

Senior Trip to Cumberland Falls, Saturday, May 17.

Summer students and staff saw “The Yearling” in Harlan.

Summer: A June 28 flood silted all the bottom land with sand and gravel, ruined the potato crop, blighted tomatoes, affected two bridges, etc. The last available PMSS chestnut tree was cut and sawed for a new bridge by Burkham building. Far House upstairs painted. New roof for Tool House. Big Log Workers’ bathroom repaired. Boys Industrial solarium torn out, science and math room enlarged.

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