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Laden Trail  the “Road”, Fall 2018. [P1110925; Photo by Helen Wykle]

WHAT’S NEW Latest Digital Additions

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MARCH 2024

3/24 STELLA TAYLOR Correspondence II – Summaries and images of 1939 letters depicting efforts to have Stella Taylor, a PMSS student, accepted into Berea School of Nursing. Includes a list of her student records. (Images of her student records are RESTRICTED.) Also, a 1940 letter to PMSS from Stella while at Berea School of Nursing.

UPDATED 3/20 STELLA TAYLOR Correspondence I – Summaries have been added to the first half of correspondence concerning Taylor, 1934-1938, consisting of her application to PMSS, letters on her behalf to Berea College Hospital, her student progress reports, and other material, 1934-1938.

UPDATED 3/17 STELLA TAYLOR Student – Information concerning Taylor’s time at PMSS has been to her biography. Stella Taylor was a 1938 PMSS graduate and descendant of William Creech who donated land for the construction of PMSS. An exemplary student of the Community Program at PMSS, she went on to study nursing, encouraged by PMSS Nurse Grace Rood, and served as a U.S. Army Nurse in WWII.

3/6 ADMIN GENERAL Correspondence 1921 L & N Railroad – Explore the 1921 correspondence of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad and the inner workings of this influential company in southeastern Kentucky. Provided are images and summaries of letters between railroad agents and PMSS.


1/5 HELEN KINGSBURY Correspondence, 1942-1961 – Images and summaries of letters to and from a PMSS worker who was a home economics teacher from 1942 to 1947. She continued to keep in touch with the School until 1961. See also: HELEN KINGSBURY Staff, her biography.


UPDATED 12/31 MARGUERITE BUTLER Letters II 1918-1970 Transcriptions – An interesting and informative array of letters associated with one of the earliest Pine Mountain Settlement School workers. Records her personal experiences while working and living at Pine Mountain Settlement School. Documents her departure to North Carolina to work with Olive Dame Campbell at John C. Campbell Folk School following training at Danish Folk Schools with Campbell in Denmark. See also:  DANCING IN THE CABBAGE PATCH Olive Dame Campbell’s 1922 Letter on Danish Folk School Training 

UPDATED 12/11 JOHN A. SPELMAN III Correspondence Set II – Summaries and images of letters of a PMSS artist-in-residence and teacher from 1937 until 1941. Set II (of 3 sets) covers 1936-1940 letters mostly with PMSS Director Glyn Morris. Sets I (staff record) and III (family correspondence) are password protected.


11/28 JOHN A. SPELMAN III Blocks for PrintsA listing of proofs taken from linoleum blocks produced by the artist John A. Spelman III who taught art at Pine Mountain Settlement School in the late 1930s and early 1940s. 

11/17 BARBARA MERRILL BARTLETT Staff – Biography of a PMSS housemother, c.1927-1940, and sister of Josephine M. Merrill, also a housemother, 1931-1949.

11/5 JOSEPHINE M. MERRILL StaffBiography and images of a community worker at the PMSS satellite operations, then housemother and teacher at Pine Mountain Settlement School, 1931 to 1949.

11/4 Brief summaries and images of three sets of correspondence to and from Josephine M. Merrill, a community worker at the PMSS satellite operations, then housemother and teacher at Pine Mountain Settlement School, 1931 to 1949.
JOSEPHINE M. MERRILL Correspondence I – 1931-1933
JOSEPHINE M. MERRILL Correspondence II – 1934-1938
JOSEPHINE M. MERRILL Correspondence III – 1939-1954

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