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Laden Trail road, Fall 2018. [P1110925; Photo by Helen Wykle]


1/27 EDUCATION Southern Industrial Educational Association Correspondence – Letters dated March to December 1921, between Katherine Pettit and Ethel de Long Zande, PMSS co-directors, and representatives of the Southern Industrial Educational Association (SIEA), headquartered in Washington, DC, and its New York and Pennsylvania auxiliaries.

1/22 VIRGINIA AND RAY GARNER Visitors – Brief biographies of two ground-breaking documentary filmmakers who recorded PMSS educational programs and student life during the 1941-1942 school year. They gave copies of their work to the School which are housed in the PMSS Archives and at Appalshop.

1/8 EDUCATION 1937 Vocational Guidelines – Images and transcription of program recommendations by the Alliance for Guidance of Rural Youth.

1/7 GOVERNANCE BOT 1944 Correspondence – Images and list of contents of letters among the PMSS Trustees concerning wartime personnel issues.

1/1 HISTORIES PMSS and the Post Office Department – Images and contents of correspondence related to the Post Office and the School, 1916-1920.

1/1 [UPDATED] STUDIES SURVEYS 1936 Excerpts from Barrett Preliminary Survey of County Planning Problems Harlan Co. Ky – Images of a seven-page statistical and sociological survey of Harlan County, KY, conducted in 1936 by H.E. Barrett. A transcription of the study has been added.


12/30 HISTORY Chronology II 1912-1942 – Historical highlights of early PMSS in table format. See also HISTORY Chronology I 1912-2000s [on-going]

12/25 ANNE RUTH MEDCALF Correspondence I 1921-1922 – Images and contents of the first of three sets of letters (1921-1928) among Co-Director Katherine Pettit, Edith Canterbury, a former worker, and Anne Ruth Medcalf, a Line Fork Settlement nurse from 1921-1924.

12/21 LAND USE WATER PROTECTION PLAN 1997-1998 – Images and full transcriptions of an overview of the current water resources and a strategy for their protection.

12/18 REBA BLEVINS StudentBiography of a student at Pine Mountain Settlement School in 1945-1946. Later she earned a bachelor’s degree from Berea (Kentucky) College and a master’s degree from Peabody College and spent many years teaching elementary students. She married Estill Cornett.

12/14 JOSEPH SMITH DUNCAN Friend – Biography of the inventor of the Addressograph labeling machine who was a generous benefactor to Pine Mountain Settlement School in 1919 (Boys House construction), 1926 (Addressograph), and 1936 (J.S. Duncan Fund for Pine Mountain).


11/27 RITA REBECCA ROEDER Staff – Biography of a nurse & teacher at Line Fork Settlement, PMSS’s extension, 1923-1924.

[UPDATED] 11/25 GOVERNANCE 1977-78 PHILOSOPHY of Pine Mountain Settlement School – Guide to PMSS trustees’ statements regarding their ideas of the philosophy of the Pine Mountain Settlement School, as requested by Willis D. Weatherford Jr., then-President of the Board of Trustees. (BOT). The information was gathered in order to develop strategic planning goals and objectives for the BOT. This page includes links to the trustees’ statements and images and contents of the final results of this endeavor, both for PMSS and PMSS Environmental Education. Also updated with images and transcriptions as of 11/25:

ALICE COBB 1978 Philosophy of PMSS
MARIAN KINGMAN 1977 Philosophy of PMSS
MARY ROGERS 1977 Philosophy of PMSS (Draft)

11/21 SAMUEL WINFREY Staff – Biography & images of an instructor of poultry & dairy work at Pine Mountain Settlement School, 1933-1936.
11/20 SAMUEL WINFREY Correspondence – Images and a list of contents of his correspondence with Glyn Morris, PMSS Director.

11/16 VISITORS Prospective Visitors 1919-1920 – Images and a list of contents of correspondence between Pine Mountain Settlement School staff and a variety of prospective visitors in 1919 and 1920. The discussions center on instructions for getting to the remote school and details of the visit.

11/13 JAMES LIVENGOOD Correspondence – Images and a list of contents of letters to and from James C. Livengood, PMSS mechanics teacher from 1937 to 1938. See his biography here.

11/11 GOLDA PENSOL BAKER Staff – A biography of a music teacher at Pine Mountain Settlement School’s community school from 1949 to 1953, who found ways to integrate music with other school subjects and provide students with experiences that encouraged their appreciation of music.
11/11 GOLDA PENSOL BAKER School News and Music Instruction – Images and list of contents of Golda Pensol Baker’s “Pine Mountain School News” and her narrative containing tips for teaching music.

11/7 GLYN MORRIS 1932-34 Correspondence Oma Creech – Images and list of contents of Director Morris’s letters to donors soliciting contributions to the Oma Creech Fund for former PMSS student Oma Creech’s medical school education. Oma was the granddaughter of William Creech, PMSS founder. See Oma Creech’s biography here.

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