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Laden Trail road, Fall 2018. [P1110925; Photo by Helen Wykle]

MAY 2022

5/20 FARM 1946 COMMUNITY Fair Day – Images and notes related to the 1946 Fair Day celebration at Pine Mountain Settlement School.

5/18 EVENTS May Day 1949 – Images and transcription of the program for the last Boarding School dance celebration at PMSS, April 30, 1949, with a list of the typical folk dances performed at this annual event.

5/17 JOHN SHELL (Old John Shell) Community – Biography and a brief genealogy of John Shell, a Leslie County, KY, resident who was once said to be “The Oldest Man in the World.”

5/17 LOCAL HISTORY SCRAPBOOK John Shell Oldest Man in the World – Images and full transcription of two newspaper clippings, dated 1919 and 1920, that were found in a scrapbook in the Archives. One promotes the idea that John Shell was the oldest man in the world and the other debunks it.

5/13 WILLIAM CAUSEY FAMILY Community – William Causey and members of his family were well-known in their community as master furniture and basket makers. This page displays excerpts about them from PMSS Archive papers, a partial genealogy, and images of three generations of the Causey family.

5/9 PUBLICATIONS BY PMSS EPHEMERA 1947 A Glimpse of Pine Mountain – An image and transcription of a promotional flyer for Pine Mountain Settlement School that include photographs and descriptive captions.

5/8 (UPDATED) ARTHUR W. DODD Navajo Wedding 1954 APRIL 3 – A former PMSS boarding school teacher and principal writes about a Navajo wedding he and his wife attended while serving as Principal of Ganado Mission School in Arizona. A transcription of the narrative was added to this page.

5/4 MATTHEW BOGGS Homemakers Crafts 1985 Photos – Photos of the Homemakers Club members attending woodworking class with Master Craftsman, Matt Boggs, at Pine Mountain Settlement School  See Matthew Boggs’ biography here.

APRIL 2022

4/30 LOREN KRAMER Education Planning With Toppy – Images and transcription of Loren’s writing on future possibilities for the PMSS education program, written in 1969 and 1970, including  early consideration of Environmental Education. Toppy, his wife, added her own thoughts.  Both taught in the PMSS community school from 1968 to 1970. See Loren Kramer’s biography here.

Charlie and Joyce Whitaker taught elementary school from 1956 to 1965, during the community school era at Pine Mountain Settlement School. The following sets of letters were part of a collection of papers related to Pine Mountain during the 1950s and 1960s, donated by Loren Kramer in 2022. See the Whitakers’ biographies here.
4/28 CHARLIE AND JOYCE WHITAKER Correspondence Set 3 – Images and transcription of letters dated May 25, 1966 – May 27, 1971.
4/26 CHARLIE AND JOYCE WHITAKER Correspondence Set 2 – Images and transcription of letters dated November 16, 1959 – May 24, 1966.
4/26 CHARLIE AND JOYCE WHITAKER Correspondence Set 1 – Images and transcription of letters dated August 28, 1956, and January 11,1957, to November 24, 1959.

4/24 LOREN KRAMER 1969-1970 In the Classroom 6th Grade – A class roster of Loren Kramer’s sixth grade students at Green Hills School, Harlan County, Kentucky, during the school year 1969-1970.

4/22 NANCY SATHER Correspondence 1969 Educational Planning – When then-Director Burton Rogers asked the staff for their thoughts on the future of PMSS educational programs, Nancy Sather responded by recommending Environmental Education. This page contains images and a transcription of her writing on this subject.

4/22 (UPDATED) MARY ROGERS Uncle William’s Mandate to Pine Mountain – Images of a planning document submitted by Mary Rogers for environmental education programming at Pine Mountain Settlement School, prepared in October of 1969. A full transcription of the document was added to this page.

4/22 LOREN KRAMER 1970 First Earth Day at Pine Mountain Settlement School – Transcriptions and a list of links to writings & images related to planning for the first Earth Day at PMSS.

4/20 [UPDATED] GLYN MORRIS 1934 Correspondence with Alice Cobb, his secretary, and others, when PMSS Director Morris took an extended leave, revealing the day-to-day activity and concerns of the campus in 1934 as handled from afar. An image and a list of contents was added to this page.

4/15 GOVERNANCE BOT 1931 Correspondence – Images and list of contents of letters relating to the consideration and confirmation of Glyn Morris’s appointment as PMSS Director.

4/12 GOVERNANCE 1932 Directors Reports and Letter to BOT – Director Glyn Morris updates the PMSS Board of Trustees on the progress of the School in monthly reports. He also describes the School’s financial situation and seeks support from the Board. This page includes a May 1933(?) report on the previous academic year (1932-1933).

4/10 LIME KILN Processing – Images and description of the history, processing, and benefits of lime. Early eastern Kentucky farmers, including those at Pine Mountain Settlement School, burned limestone gathered from the mountains in hand-built kilns. The resultant lime was added to soil to correct acidity.

4/5 JOHN AND VIRGIL STEPHENS Students – Biographies of two brothers from Twila, Kentucky, who attended PMSS boarding school for a short time in the mid-1930s.
4/5 VIRGIL STEPHENS Correspondence – Images and list of contents of Virgil Stephens’ application to attend PMSS and his correspondence with then-director Glyn Morris, dated 1935-1936.

4/1 GRACE FENG LIU Correspondence – Images and a list of contents of letters related to the hiring of Grace Feng to work as a nurse at the PMSS Infirmary in the summer of 1943, while head nurse, Grace Rood, was on vacation. Miss Feng returned to do the same in 1944 and again in 1945 to marry Ts’ui Chieh Liu in the Chapel. Though her Pine Mountain stays were brief, her presence was long felt at Pine Mountain, bringing light to all who knew her. See her biography here.

MARCH 2022

3/31 CLYDE EDWARD ENIX Correspondence – Images and a list of contents of a 1996 Christmas card and notes taken by Esther Weller Burkhard during later phone calls with Clyde Enix, dated 1999-2002. Clyde was a PMSS student (1933-1935) who was a lifetime friend of Fred j. and Esther Burkhard, who had been his teachers at Pine Mountain. See his biography here.

3/25 [UPDATED] GLYN MORRIS 1942 Harlan County Planning Council – Images and transcription of an edited draft of minutes by PMSS Director Morris, Council Secretary, recording a meeting concerning delinquent youth.

3/22 WEST WIND As Hospital – Built in 1940 as a girls’ dormitory, the building replaced the Infirmary as the campus hospital, known as the Creech Memorial Hospital, 1949-1958.

3/16 BUILT ENVIRONMENT Architectural Planning Laurel House I – Blueprint data of the first Laurel House, designed by Mary Rockwell Hook; photographs of Laurel House I construction, 1914.

3/15 BUILT ENVIRONMENT Architectural Planning West Wind Addition – Blueprint data of the second floor addition, 1945, designed by Mary Rockwell Hook; photographs of West Wind construction, 1941.

3/15 BUILT ENVIRONMENT Architectural Planning Big Log – Images of 1913 blueprints of the first PMSS building, designed by Mary Rockwell Hook; photographs of Big Log construction, 1913-1915.

3/11 MEDICAL 1921 Nurse Recruitment Correspondence –  Letters dated 1921 among co-directors, Mrs. Zande and Miss Pettit, applicants for a PMSS nurse position, and those assisting with the recruitment.

3/9 GLYN MORRIS TALKS Harlan Kiwanis Club –  At the invitation of Board member Dr. Bailey, Morris asks for funding for the PMSS Nurse Aid Group.

3/3 [REVISION] PMSS Song Ballads and Other Songs 1923 – Images  of a 125-page songbook that was used by workers and students in the early years of the School to learn and preserve the ballads, folk songs, and chanteys of the surrounding community. The images display an index of titles, a list of sources of the songs, the full text of each song, and an index of first lines of the songs. A list of contents has been added to this page which includes the songs’ image numbers, enabling the viewer to find a particular song in the Galleries.

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