ARCHIVE Past Digital Additions 2023

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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ARCHIVE Past Digital Additions 2023

ARCHIVE Past Digital Additions 2023

The ARCHIVE Past Digital Additions 2023 is used to store former months of pages that had been updated or newly published on the PINE MOUNTAIN SETTLEMENT SCHOOL COLLECTIONS website in 2023. The list is in reverse chronological order.

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10/27 LOUISE MERRILL Correspondence – Transcription and images of a four-page letter from Merrill to her mother, describing a typical PMSS day. She was a housemother and dietitian in the 1930s.

10/17 Dr. EMMA and Dr. FRANCIS TUCKER Correspondence 1951Brief summaries and images of correspondence of wife-and-husband physicians who worked full-time and then summers at PMSS (1942-1951).

10/17 (Updated) EMILY C. HARPHAM Staff “The Aeroplane Comes to Line Fork.” Transcription of Harpham’s narrative was added to this page.
10/17 (Updated) PUBLICATIONS RELATED 1920 “A Day in a Kentucky Mountain School
by Emily C. Harpham, who writes of her experiences as a teacher for PMSS’s Line Fork Settlement. Published in the December 17, 1920, College Club of Akron Bulletin.

10/4 ROBERT SHEPHERD Trustee – Biography of a PMSS trustee (1963-1971) and a horticulturist who advised the School concerning its garden and landscape cultivation. See also 9/13)


9/13 ROBERT SHEPHERD Correspondence – Images and brief summaries of letters of a Pine Mountain Settlement School board member from 1963 until 1971, primarily with Burton Rogers, PMSS Director. Shepherd was a Horticulturist and Resource Development Specialist with the University of Kentucky’s agricultural extension service and assisted the School with questions regarding the farm and regional horticulture. (See also 10/4)


8/28 (Updated) Dr. EMMA and Dr. FRANCIS TUCKER Correspondence 1946 – Images and brief summaries of correspondence in 1946 of wife-and-husband physicians who worked full-time and then summers at PMSS from 1942 until 1950.

8/27 Dr. EMMA and Dr. FRANCIS TUCKER 80 Year Anniversary 1951 – Images and transcription of an 11-page detailed biography honoring the Tuckers’ 80 years and their service as medical doctors in China as well as at Pine Mountain Settlement School from 1942 until 1950.

8/24 GLENN ARGETSINGER Staff – Biography of a PMSS student teacher from Antioch College’s Cooperative Education Program (1928-1930), who was later hired as a student counselor (1937-1940).

8/22 EVERETT K. WILSON Correspondence – Images and contents of a five-page 1937 summary of Wilson’s work experience as counselor at Pine Mountain Settlement School, 1935-1937. See also: EVERETT K. WILSON Staff – Biography.

8/16 ALBERT G. WEIDLER Visitor – Biography of a Berea College faculty member who expanded the Berea Labor Program and founded Kentucky’s first credit union at Berea, 1920s. His advocacy of cooperative consumerism was an influence on PMSS’s programming.

JULY 2023

7/13 MARGARET ANN LIVINGOOD Staff – Biography of an English teacher at PMSS, September to December 1935. Sister of James C. Livingood, Mechanics Teacher, 1937-1938. Also, possibly, a PMSS physician in 1930s and 1950? (not verified).

7/09 ALAN AND ELIZABETH LOMAX Visitors – Biography of Alan Lomax, an extraordinary collector, ethnomusicologist, musician, producer, writer, and lecturer. In 1937, he and his wife Elizabeth Lomax, gathered 20th century folk music from the southeastern Kentucky area with a stop at PMSS. Also included on this page is a list of recordings by the Lomax family, 1922-1960.

APRIL 2023

4/22 PHOTOGRAPHS – ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION  Series V Classes and Trails – Early photographs that document some of the Environmental Education programmings at Pine Mountain Settlement School in the 1980s. The images focus on the School classes and the trails used in instruction.

MARCH 2023

3/21 JERRY WORKMAN Staff – Biography of a PMSS Community School crafts teacher (1960-1968) from Berea College, who started Appalachian Fireside Crafts and Appalachian Fireside Gallery in Berea, Kentucky. His wife, Eleanor, was also a PMSS worker during the same years, assisting with various activities at the School as needed. Later, he worked for many years with the Save the Children Federation.


2/21 ROSCOE GIFFIN Visitor – Biography of Roscoe Giffin, Chairman of the Department of Sociology at Berea College from 1949 until 1962, who conducted the 1951 Pine Mountain Community Study, assisted by Birdena Bishop and Grace Rood, PMSS staff. The Roscoe Giffin Papers are gathered in the Berea College Special Collections and Archives Catalog, located in the Hutchins Library.

2/17 CATHERINE RITTENHOUSE COLLECTION Correspondence – Images and a list of contents of 1914 letters from a PMSS volunteer to her parents describing her hardships in her new surroundings as well as her growing delight in working with the students and community. See also her biography here and her photograph collection here.

2/15 ANNA HENNEBERGER Staff – Brief information concerning a nurse who worked at PMSS’s satellite facility, Medical Settlement – Big Laurel, from 1921 to 1922, two years after the first structure at the Medical Settlement was built.

2/13 MARGERY PECK Staff – Brief information concerning a PMSS Office employee, 1917-1919, who came to PMSS soon after graduating from Vassar College.

2/9 ELIZABETH CULBRETH Appalachian Book Collection – A list of publications that have been donated c. 2019 in honor of Elizabeth “Libby” Culbreth a longtime PMSS trustee.

2/8 ELIZABETH CULBRETH Trustee – A Berea College alumna and trustee, Elizabeth “Libby” Culbreth was a PMSS student teacher in 1963 and later a PMSS trustee and counselor from 1979 until retirement in  2018.

2/7 RICHARD DRAKE Visitor – Biography of a notable history professor who promoted Appalachian studies and a center at Berea College, 1956-1992; author of Appalachia: A History (2002).

2/6 STUDIES SURVEYS REPORTS: CHARLES DRAKE “Migration Myths” – Images and transcription of  Charles Drake’s review of research studies disproving myths concerning the IQs of migrant groups.


1/27 EDUCATION Southern Industrial Educational Association Correspondence – Letters dated March to December 1921, between Katherine Pettit and Ethel de Long Zande, PMSS co-directors, and representatives of the Southern Industrial Educational Association (SIEA), headquartered in Washington, DC, and its New York and Pennsylvania auxiliaries.

1/22 VIRGINIA AND RAY GARNER Visitors – Brief biographies of two ground-breaking documentary filmmakers who recorded PMSS educational programs and student life during the 1941-1942 school year. They gave copies of their work to the School which are housed in the PMSS Archives and at Appalshop.

1/8 EDUCATION 1937 Vocational Guidelines – Images and transcription of program recommendations by the Alliance for Guidance of Rural Youth.

1/7 GOVERNANCE BOT 1944 Correspondence – Images and list of contents of letters among the PMSS Trustees concerning wartime personnel issues.

1/1 HISTORIES PMSS and the Post Office Department – Images and contents of correspondence related to the Post Office and the School, 1916-1920.

1/1 [UPDATED] STUDIES SURVEYS 1936 Excerpts from Barrett Preliminary Survey of County Planning Problems Harlan Co. Ky – Images of a seven-page statistical and sociological survey of Harlan County, KY, conducted in 1936 by H.E. Barrett. A transcription of the study has been added.

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