RUTH SHULER DIETER Appreciation Album II

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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Ruth Shuler Dieter
Appreciation Album II


Ruth and friend. Ruth Shuler Dieter Appreciation Album. p. 45. [schuler_mem_045.jpg]

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RUTH SHULER DIETER Appreciation Album II

The Ruth Shuler Dieter Appreciation Album II is the second part of an album donated to the PMSS Collections by Ruth Shuler Dieter. See Part I here.

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Page 30. Two handwritten notes of congratulations: one signed “Alafair Betty & Alice” with the sentence “Love the Miniard Sisters.” The other is signed “Faye.”

Page 31. Printed “Piano Program” presented by Arthur W. Dodd, Jr. on Saturday afternoon [n.d.], listing the classical music that he performed.

Page 32. Handwritten letter from Sarah V. Carr, June 26, 1984. Remembers Ruth as Carr’s folk-dancing teacher.

Page 33a. Color photograph of Ruth Shuler Dieter at Laurel House. [August Angel seated in left background.]

Page 33b. Color photograph of Homecoming visitors seated on benches on PMSS campus lawn. [Ruth and John in foreground; Fern and Bill Hayes behind them.]

Page 34 and 34a. Handwritten letter with header; “Mrs. Wilson W. Stearly,…Branford, CT, June 13, 1984.” Remembers Ruth singing “The Holly and the Ivy,” the Nativity, meetings at Laurel House, Sunday evenings with the Mr. and Mrs. Glyn Morris, folk singing, folk dancing. Appreciates Ruth’s work on building restoration, new water system, and other projects. Signed “Charlsie (Vaughn Stearly).”

Page 34b. Handwritten letter from Mrs. [Grace] Rood, June 20 [no year].

Page 35. Typed letter signed by Aileen Duckwall, August 12, 1996.

I first heard of Ruth when she came to Salina (KS) with Dr. Don Dieter as his secretary. It wasn’t long before John Dieter was dating her and we soon met her. After they were married, they lived in an apartment and upon Auntie Litt’s death moved into our neighborhood. We spent many week-end evenings with John and Ruth [and other friends], playing golf, cards, pool, and other games. While Ruth and John had no children, they were surrogate aunt and uncle to our children. This trait Ruth maintains today as evidenced by the friendship of all the neighborhood children who are welcome to play in her yard and on her porch.

…Her meticulous caring for her husband extended to her devoted care of John’s mother, Nevada Dieter, until her death.

Through John and Ruth, the Duckwalls and their children met and enjoyed Scottish friends, the Blacks, and German friends….

…The Dieters spent August at Hessel, Michigan, where Ruth helped keep the family summer home in good repair and entertained numerous friends and relatives….

Page 36. Hand-printed letter from Bill Ramsay, President, Board of Directors. “…she has giving so much back to the School as an active alumna and long-term member of the Board of Directors.”

Page 37. Handwritten letter to “Mac,” from “Lois,” June 25, 1984. Encloses photograph of Ruth, c. Fall 1944.

Page 38. Color photograph of Ruth mingling with friends.

Page 39. Color photograph of Ruth standing with a group of six friends.

Page 40. Color photograph of Ruth standing at a candle-lit dinner table with another woman, looking on seated man and boy.

Page 41. Color photograph of Ruth standing on lawn with Paul Hayes.

Page 42. Color photograph of three men with stringed instruments at a podium on the lawn next to the PMSS electrical power house.

Page 43. Color photograph of Ruth with drink in hand, standing in a crowd.

Page 44. Color photograph of Ruth seated outdoors with Jane (Bishop) Hobgood.

Page 45. Color photograph of Ruth seated on a bench outdoors with a little girl.

Page 46. Black/white photograph of eight young women in long gowns, standing at edge of pool that is reflecting their images.

Page 47. Black/white outdoor photograph of a group of eight young women and boys, older man, and two young men.

Page 48. Black/white photograph of a group of young people seated on edge of a pool with tiny sailboat.

Page 49. Announcement: “Your Invitation to Celebrate Ruth Dieter’s ‘Broadway Baby’ Surprise 75th Birthday Party…Great Plains Theatre Festival Concert Hall…Hosted by friends of Ruth Dieter: Barbara Greene, Lois Cissna, Michelle Meade, and Ann Manning.”

Page 50. Handwritten letter from [Arthur W.] Dodd & Georgia [Ayers] Dodd, August 18 [no year].

…I was deeply touched by your statement honoring the occasion of last weekend! Actually the most meaningful gift anyone can receive is a recognition that through the years he has contributed something to a worthy cause. Such contribution on my part was never considered a sacrifice but a span of 18 years when I grew because of the contacts with a worthy group of boys and girls and the close association with a group of Christian “workers….”

Page 51. Typed Schedule of Events for Homecoming, August 11 and 12, 1984. Included ballad sing-along and business meeting in Laurel House, mini-concert in Chapel by Arthur Dodd, rap-session with Carol and Jim Urquhart, picture viewing at Boy’s House, campus tours, open house in craft room (Boy’s Industrial Building), special showing of films and a country dance party. Chapel service on Sunday featured talk by Dr. John Stephenson (President of Berea College), special music by Arthur Dodd, Burton Rogers and Carol Urquhart, Benediction by Mary Rogers, and Ruth Shuler Dieter leading the service.

Page 52. Typed report, page 1 of 3.

Report of Giving – 1977-1984

For the past seven years since the formation of Pine Mountain Association of Alumni and Friends, appeals have been sent to alumni, friends and former ‘workers’ for assistance in underwriting worthy projects at Pine Mountain Settlement School. The association is eternally grateful to each of you for your help because of your contributions. The results of your past efforts are a perpetual monument to your generosity.

The success and non-success of the fund raising, since its existence, together paint a portrait of substance and strength and stability for the organization in the years to come.

Some 1000 plus alumni and friends contributed a record total of $35813.60 to the fund over the past seven years since its inception. This past year some 200 plus alumni and friends contributed $13203.07 to the fund.

This is a very significant accomplishment considering the newness and smallness of our organization and the poor state of the nation’s economy and widespread unemployment. Despite the fact that the number of appeals for donations were specific and for various emergency reasons, the Pine Mountain Association of Alumni and Friends is proud of the generosity of its alumni and friends. Some of the appeals were very successful while others brought in only small but welcomed contributions. The significant accomplishment to date clearly demonstrates an understanding of the importance of a healthy fund each year. The association depends on these unrestricted gifts for support of emergency needs of Pine Mountain Settlement School and these needs are met by the periodic appeals for contributions to the fund.

Several volunteers merit sincere appreciation for their aid to the success of fund raising. The leadership of Paul and Ellen Hayes, along with Ruth Dieter, Bill and Fern Hayes, Arthur and Georgia Dodd, John Dieter…

Page 53. Typed report, page 2 of 3.

…and Jack and Pat Martin has been outstanding. Their enthusiasm and determination led to successful fund drives.

Contributions to the fund is on the increase, but the needs of Pine Mountain Settlement School continue also to increase. There is still much more work to be done and your gifts along with other alumni and friends are needed as never before.

With the advent of a computer in the business office of the school, this member of the association suggests that the members at large consider disbanding the office of treasurer in favor of having the business office be the receiver of all contributions generated by the appeals of the association and the school to follow up with acknowledgements to contributors so as to dispell any confusion among donors as to the final disposition of their donation.

This transfer will not decrease the interest of the association to make continued appeals in behalf of special and emergency needs of the school, but will better coordinate Pine Mountain’s fund raising efforts.

Please give this suggestion your serious thought.

Thank you again for your past generosity.
Respectfully yours,
[signed] August Angel
August Angel, Treasurer

Page 54. Typed report, page 3 of 3.


Total contributions, 1977-1984 $35,813.60
Interest from savings                      1,303.59
Total Income                               $37,117.19


Amount forwarded to Pine Mountain Settlement School for various projects, Chapel repairs, Laurel House repairs and upgrading, office computer, mailings, honorariums, and miscellaneous expenditures 26,616.51 

Balance, Citizens Bank, Hazard, Ky. July 4, 1984 $10,500.68

$10,000.00 of the above balance has been allocated to the Emergency Water Fund which actually leaves the association with a true balance of $500.68.

[signed] August Angel
August Angel, Treasurer

Page 55. Typed report.
Header: Pine Mountain Settlement School, Incorporated, Pine Mountain, Kentucky 40810

Title: “REUNIONS AND SPECIAL GROUPS NOT RELATED TO PINE MOUNTAIN PROGRAMMING” – A list of rules and policies for visiting groups: how to register and pay fees, instructions for using trails, avoiding smoking or alcohol, leaving furniture in place, requesting special diets, swimming, using picnic grounds and field, and using Chapel and piano.

Page 56. Printed program.

To Honor Arthur W. Dodd, Annual Homecoming, August 11-12, 1984

…for helping us keep alive the traditions and heritage of our mountain folk in the songs that we sing, the music that is played…his advice…his gift of photography…beautiful music…enlightening our spiritual life…continued devotion to Pine Mountain…invaluable teachings, and his generous expressions of harmony in talents….For these reasons and for the love and respect we hold for a very special friend, today we dedicate the picture of the Chapel Bell to Mr. Arthur W. Dodd.

Page 57. Three handwritten notes on one page, dated 8/10/96, from “Sarah (of the Howard/Ayers clan),” Jack and Mary Anne Martin, Milly Mahoney and Genella Amburgey.

Page 58. Handwritten note from Jane [Bishop] Hobgood, Urbana, IL.

Page 61. Fax printout from John and Faye Deaton. “[Your Abilene friends] may claim you as a Kansas sunflower, but you will always be a wild mountain rose to us.”

Page 62. Printed letter from Lease Duckwall, Arlington Texas, August 10, 1996.

…Some of the fondest memories of my childhood in Abilene are of the times I spent learning and playing pool in your basement. About the time I was eleven or twelve….John was a tremendous pool player and teacher, and I have never forgotten the lessons in pool and life that I received….

Page 63. Two hand-printed notes on one page.
Note A: Out of Town Guests: Jerry Hollingsworth (Hutchinson), Doris Brannan (Manhattan) and Becky Lewis (Wichita). “All P.E.O. Officers and Friends.”
Note B: Words of appreciation from “Ann.”

Page 64. Handwritten unsigned note, listing three phone messages of good wishes to Ruth from John and Faye Deaton, Pine Mt., KY; Bessie Finch, Ruth’s sister from Fulton, TN; and Ed Shuler, Ruth’s brother from Greensboro, NC.

Page 65. Typed letter from “Lela Christian Meador, Woodlands, TX,” dated April 3, 1984. Memories of Grace Nettleton Home; Reverend Glyn A. Morris; Berea College; Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.

I loved [Rev. Glyn A. Morris]’s current events classes better than any and it was taught in the Library [Boys’ House] which was the greatest thing at Pine Mountain for me. After being issued two books on a Sunday afternoon for years, walking into the library with its great and filled shelves and beautiful tables made in manual training shop, it was heaven to my soul.


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