1950 PMSS Calendar

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17 : Publications

1950 PMSS Calendar

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The 1950 PMSS Calendar reflects the drastic change that occurred when the boarding school ceased in 1949. The print shop no longer had the student labor that was necessary for the full operation of the print shop.

The calendar became a very small offering of a single printed page folded into quarters, card style. The face of the card-calendar designed by Mary Rogers, carried a drawing by Mary of the Nativity Play setting and the score for “O come all ye faithful.” Inside the card was the following quote by Uncle William Creech

I don’t want this school to be a benefit just for this neighborhood, but for the whole state, and the nation, and for folks acrost the sea, if they can get any benefit out of hit. 

                                       William Creech Sr., 1913

And on the third page, the calendar for 1950 is displayed as well as “Greetings from Pine Mountain School”. The back of the card identifies the School and the artist.