1960 PMSS Calendar

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: Publications

1960 PMSS Calendar  

TAGS: calendars; 1960; Pine Mountain Settlement School; Harlan County, KY; Mary Rogers; children; Laurel House; Chapel; dragonfly

The 1960 PMSS Calendar is presented as a card format. The art is that of Mary Rogers, staff at Pine Mountain Settlement School. The scene is a familiar one to those who have walked on the roads and paths of the School. Today, the wooden bridge across Isaac’s Creek has been replaced by a stone bridge constructed in 2001 to withstand the intermittent flooding that runs with the small creek.

1960_calendar_001 Drawing by Mary Rogers

Two children, holding hands are poised before the views of Laurel House to the left and the Chapel to the right and the curtain of the steep Pine Mountain as a backdrop. To their right a dragonfly hovers over the creek.

GALLERY 1960 PMSS Calendar