CALENDARS 1944 PMSS Calendar

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 24: PMSS Publications (Published by the School)


TAGS: calendars; Pine Mountain Settlement School; 1944; Mattie Ayers; Chapel; Big Laurel School; farms; farming; Jack’s Gap; corn fields; sorghum molasses; aerial views; print shops;


The 1944 Calendar features views of Pine Mountain Settlement School as well as the surrounding community in the early 1940s. The photographs are by Arthur Dodd the staff photographer and Principal and instructor at the School.  During his tenure at the School.”Dodd,” as he was called, created many images that were used in publicity and promotion of the institution.

The 1944 Calendar resembles the 1943 Calendar, also the work of Arthur Dodd. Some photographs depict students in the School environment as well as scenes out in the community where the settlement school practiced its out-reach programs that developed practical life skills as well as well as vocational training.  The program attracted a great deal of attention from national educators as well as government programs that were looking for ways to more fully engage rural communities and their students. Arthur Dodd, the photographer of the scenes in this calendar helped to shape the educational program at the School in the role of Principal at the School. The educational programs at Pine Mountain during the years following WWII produced some of the most outstanding educational training and social work within the rural settlement movement.