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ARTHUR W. DODD CORRESPONDENCE: ADMINISTRATIVE – August 12, 1932, to March 17, 1963

Arthur W. Dodd Correspondence: ADMINISTRATIVE

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CONTENTS – Arthur W. Dodd Correspondence: ADMINISTRATIVE
[Note: Correspondence is In reverse chronological order and is typewritten unless otherwise indicated.]

[001] n.d.
Photograph of Dodd with camera and students.

Arthur W. Dodd Correspondence: ADMINISTRATIVE, 1960s

[003] n.d.
Handwritten note listing organ music, hymn pages, prayer reading by Geraldine, and talk and closing prayer by Mrs. Benjamin.

[004] March 17, 1963
“BR” [Burton Rogers] to Miss Edith Cold and Dodd: Received information from Camarilla (CA) State Hospital that Mrs. Northam died on January 27, 1963; flooding at PMSS.

[005] Feb 7, 1963
Burton Rogers, Director, to Arthur Dodd, Principal at Ganado (AZ) Mission H.S.: Cold weather problems; Christopher and Bonnie’s wedding; Newark, NJ, computer programming training; Mr. Farley (retired Berea organist).

[006] Jan 28, 1963
“BR” to Cold and Dodd: Asks for information about Mrs. Adelaide Northam; her piano.
Feb 2, 1963: Response from Dodd: No information available; hospital construction at Ganado.

[007] Sept 15, 1961
Rogers (in Sherman, CT, with Peter) to “Georgia and Dodd”: Thanks Dodd for card; Mary (Rogers)’s visit in England; back surgery.

[008, 009] July 24, 1961
Color postal card of Grand Tetons and Colter Bay, Wyoming. Note from the “Dodds” to Rogers: Describes their travels; Libby; Margo.

[010] April 13, 1960
Rogers to Dodd: Miss Mae (sic) Gadd from Hindman visited for dancing party ; Gadd is interested in visiting Dodd; PMSS updates; Weibel wedding.

Arthur W. Dodd Correspondence: ADMINISTRATIVE, 1950s

[011, 012] September 18, 1959
Rogers to “Georgia and Dodd”: Sympathy for Georgia whose father died ; missed Dodd’s visit to Harlan Co.; describes travel in west US; visited Richard Bakers in AR, (H.R.S.) Benjamins in MO, Tootells at Cleveland Clinic, Mariel Boone in NM, Miss Binford in CA, Mrs. Keith in Camel, Miss Cold at Ben Lomond; Ganado, NM; PMSS updates.

[013] May 11, 1956
Rogers to Dodd: Arranges to meet with Dodd before Dodd leaves for Oxford, OH, then AZ; Joanna in Philadelphia.

[015, 016] April 11, 1956
Rogers to Dodd: Mary is in England; Christopher goes to Berea; Peter; vacation plans; Joanna in Japan; former Yale organ teacher visited.

[014] April 18, 1955
Rogers to Dodd: Mrs. Holsinger’s death; Dodd’s invitation to visit.

[017] May 11, 1953
Mary B. Holsinger to Dodd: Rogers family is on a trip to meet Mrs. Rogers’ sister (Eva) and son from England.

[018] May 20, 1953
Rogers to Dodd: Will miss meeting with Dodd in KY.

[019] May 6, 1953
Dodd (Ganado Mission letterhead) to “Burton” (Rogers): Plans to travel to KY, then CA with the Weekes family; Shepherd School ; Navajo children; visual education; opaque projector; graduating 20 Navajo, Hopis, and Lagunas; Margaret’s piano recital; invites Rogers to visit.

[020] May 1, 1953
Rogers to Dodd: Asks about summer plans.

[021] Jan 10, 1952
[unsigned] to “Dodds”: Appreciates Dodds newsletter; Christmas vacation in CT; Dorothy in FL; Dr. Tracy Jones to help at PMSS; Raymond Sturgill wounded in Korea; Arliss Centers.

[022] Nov 1, 1950
[unsigned] to Dodd: Sent statement to placement office; PMSS updates; Georgia’s work at Laurel House, home ec teaching; Dr. Gabbard at Buckhorn.

[023, 024] Oct 13, 1950
Dodd at Columbia Univ., NYC, to “Burton” (Rogers): Appreciates PMSS visit in Aug and Sept; describes proctoring at NY School of Law; asks Rogers to send statement to Office of Field Relations and Placement of Teachers College; describes course in Anthropology and Education; list of graduate courses Dodd has completed.

Arthur W. Dodd Correspondence: ADMINISTRATIVE, 1940s

[025. 026] n.d.
Christmas Vacation Memorandum: Mr. and Mrs. Dodd’s schedule.
Memorandum: PMSS contract with Mr. and Mrs. Dodd for fiscal year 1941-42; handwritten note signed by Dodd indicating request for $5 a month raise (added notation: “approved”). Typewritten note with title “BIG LOG” re: scheduling.

[028] December 20, [no year]
Georgia Ayers Dodd to Union Theological Seminary Book Service via Western Union: orders “Apostle” book by Sholem Asch.

[031] n.d.
Agreement: Dodd to oversee two advanced printing students and their work for extra $25 per month.

[032] July 16, 1945
H.R.S. Benjamin (Director) to Dodd (on vacation in Jacksonville, FL): minor question.

[027] July 4, 1945
H.R.S. Benjamin (Director) to Mrs. Dodd in Jacksonville, FL: Asks Mrs. Dodd to clarify for Betty (housemother) the dating regulations for West Wind girls.

[034] May 26, 1945 (per notation)
Dodd (handwritten) to Benjamin: Asks Benjamin to apply to renew Dodd’s draft deferment.

[033] Jan 23, 1945 and May 1, 1945
CLASSIFICATION ADVICE from Selective Service System, Local Board No. 58, Harlan, KY: Dodd’s classification for 6-month period.

[036] Jan 8, 1945
[unsigned] to “Dear Friends” (Mr. and Mrs. Dodd): Acknowledges cash gift.

[035] Dec 23, 1944
Georgia and Arthur Dodd to Miss Dorothy: Cash gift to School; dog behavior.

[037] Oct 17, 1944, and Oct 19, 1943
Classification Advice from Selective Service Local Board No. 58, Harlan, KY: Dodd’s classification for 6-month period.

[038] March 7, 1944
(William D.) Webb to “Gentlemen” at (Selective Service) Local Board 58, Harlan, KY: Asks how to apply for reclassification or deferment for two men (at PMSS).

[039] March 11, 1944
Webb to “Gentlemen” at Selective Service Board 58, Harlan, KY: Requests reclassification or deferment of Dodd to be “administrative head of vocational high school” at Pine Mountain.

[040] Feb 9, 1944
[unsigned] from “Principal” (Dodd) to Mr. Joseph Levernz, Director of Personnel, Alexandria, VA: Levernz to send letter to Draft board asking for deferment from American Red Cross service.

[041] Jan 17, 1944
Webb to Executive Committee: re: Mr. Dodd, Red Cross and Deferments. Negotiations with Red Cross are resumed; Mrs. Dodd; Ruby Dodd, her sister; Dr. Tucker; counter-signatures; Mr. Hayes; Mr. Wilder; UK Farm-Home week; the LaRues [Dorothy and Glenn].

[044] Aug 10, 1943
Dodd to Bonnie Ayers in Washington, DC, via Western Union: “Advise against rejecting Lumberman offer” of job until Ayers hears from Webb.
August 12, 1943: Dodd to Ayers via Western Union: “Advise taking Lumberman’s opening…”

[042, 043] Aug 9, 1943
[unsigned] to Evelyn K. Wells in Wellesley, MA: Possibility of hiring Bonnie Ayers as bookkeeper; Ruth Shuler; Ayers’ credentials; Appointments Committee.

[029] May 4, 1943
William D. Webb (Acting Director) to Mr./Mrs. Dodd: PMSS contract for 1943-1944

[030] April 11, 1942
Glyn Morris to Mr. and Mrs. Dodd – PMSS contract for 1942-1943.[045] Oct 30, 1941
Dodd to Glyn Morris: Need teaching plans from Mr. Arny.

[046] n.d.
“For Happier Workers — Fewer Late in-the-Evening Feeds — and Raids on the Store.” Suggestions to kitchen for improving staff meals.

[047] Sept 24, 1941
Martha Anne Keen to Morris: Delay in arrival.

[092] Aug 8, 1941
[unsigned] to Dodd: Need to discuss community school problems; Kiwanis Camp; Bothwell.

[048] n.d.
Dodd to Miss Trufant, Miss Cold, (Glyn) Morris: Re moving Capehart records to Laurel House.

[050, 051] Duplicates of page 2. First page is missing.
Dodd to ?: (August) Angel; camp; the doctor; Miss (Grace) Rood; Ruby.

[059] Postcards
June 24, 1941, Dodd to “Glyn” (Morris) in Woods Hole, MA: Progress report on the Findings.
July 26, 1941, Dodd to Miss (Janet) Grant at PMSS: Requests copies of the Coop History.
Sept 21, 1941, Dodd to “Glyn”: Institute question.
[060] Address sides of [059].

[093, 094] July 30, 1941
Dodd to Morris: Recommends “Community Schools in Action” book by Elsie Ripley Clapp; PMSS community relationships; PMSS’s problem of isolation; “The Community School” by Dr. Everett; Curriculum Conference; Dr. Hatcher; classroom furnishings.

[053, 054] June 29 [no year]
Dodd to “Glyn” (Morris): Encloses copy of another letter about the Coop booklet and course; Progressive Education; Dr. Hatcher; Masonic burial for Mr. Elhanon Nolan; Mrs. Darse Wilder died; campers; Defense Program; Ordway Tead’s daughter; Miss Saurborn; REA project; Henry Creech; Miss Gould at Line Fork; Delia; the Nutters.

[058] July 24, 1941
Dodd to Freeman (Wurlitzer Co.): Declined repair of violin.

[065] July 23, 1941
“J.G” to Dodd: mimeographing; sending stencils.

[056] July 23, 1941
“J.G.” to Dodd: Updates: Ruth Ann; Line Fork; Alice; “Outline”; Mr. Galbreath; Mr. [James A.] Cawood; Findings; Mr. Hansbrough.

[063] July 22, 1941
Dodd in Nashville, TN (via postcard) to “Ruth” (Shuler) at PMSS; Requests additional copies of Coop History, “Experiences in Consumer Cooperation.”
[064] Address side of [063].

[061] July 10, 1941
“Memo regarding Visual Education”; Visual Education Cooperative; Eastern Teacher College; explanation; educational films.

[057] July 8, 1941
Dodd to Glyn: Sends Morris a copy of a letter from Mr. J.C. Freeman of The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co., NYC, describing repairs needed for the violin and bow Dodd had sent them and the cost; asks for authorization.

[062] July 3, 1941
G.M. Gumbert, Chairman, Committee on Visual Education, Eastern KY State Teachers College, Richmond, KY, to Dodd; Responds to Dodd’s interest in the Regional Cooperative Film Library; use of audio visual aids in teaching.

[049] June 30, 1941
“G and G” to “Arthur” (Dodd): Barbara Gates to arrive for Kiwanis Camp duty; work assignments for Miss Jane Hooper; engaged to Olcott Gates, Mrs. (Dorothy Olcott) Elsmith’s son; the Nutters.

[052] June 18, 1941
Dodd (PM Guidance Institute letterhead) to “Glyn” (Morris): Sends excerpt of letter to Miss (Gladys) Hill from E.R. Bowen, Genl Secy of the Cooperative League of America with praise for Miss Hill’s article; will publish it; requested multiple copies of booklet “Experiences in Consumer Cooperation.”

[055] June 11, 1941
Dodd at PMSS to “Glyn” (Morris): Updates: Mr. Burden; recreation program; Community Room; Findings; West Wind; Miss Gould at Line Fork; Delia Taylor.

[067] June 6, 1941
[unsigned, probably Morris] to Dr. J.E. Brewton, Assoc. Dir, Div. of Surveys & Field Studies, George Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville, TN: Requests a fellowship for Dodd; Institute update.

[068] June 2, 1941
[unsigned] “Memo to Dodd: List of tasks; Miss Cobb and; Miss Grant; fire squad; Jess Burden; Miss Trufant; Miss Ann Gould.

[066] April 22 [no year]
[unsigned] note to Dodd re: letter from E.F Hall, Science Research Associates.

[117, 118] Feb 12, 1941
Dodd to Evelyn Wells at Wellesley (MA) College: Describes problems with 2 PMSS employees’ complaints; signed by 16 workers, some with reservations.

[071] Dec 12, 1940
[unsigned] to Dodd at PMSS: Look into Mrs. Keith’s discussion with students on birth control.

[069] Aug 12, 1940
Picture postcard: “Driving and Bathing, Jacksonville Beach, Fla.”
Address side with postmark “Duluth Minn, Aug 12, 1940”; to A.W. Dodd, PMSS.

[070] Aug 4 [no year]
Handwritten postcard from Dodd in Jacksonville Beach, FL, to Morris at PMSS: Arrival details.
Handwritten note from “Fern & Bill” (Hayes) to Dodd: Arrangements for arrival from vacation.

[075] June 21, 1940
Dodd to Glyn: PMSS updates: library cataloging; Laurel House construction; Saxe; Mrs. (Mary Rockwell) Hook; Zande House renovation; Boy’s House; K.U. contract.

[072] n.d.
Dodd to Morris via handwritten Western Union: Arrival plans.

[073] March 19 & 26 [no year] Printed material.
Cover of Chapel program by Arthur W. Dodd with print of Chopin.
[074] List of musical pieces, composers, and descriptions.

Arthur W. Dodd Correspondence: ADMINISTRATIVE, 1930s

[076] July 29, 1938
Dodd from Tampa, FL, to Morris via handwritten Western Union: Itinerary.

[077] n.d.
Dodd (in NYC) note to Morris : PMSS updates: Institute program; Mrs. Burdine; new printer teacher; Dr. Kilpatrick.

[095, 096] Aug 9, 1937
“Dictated by Mr. Morris” to Dodd in NYC: Forwarding Dodd’s memo to Mr. Young and Mrs. Olinger; sent books to Mrs. Powell; PMSS not ready for curriculum changes that Dodd recommends; need adaptable teachers; asks Dodd to inform Jimmy Livengood what he will teach; new printer; Bill Dawn and wife.

[078] Aug 3, 1937
[unsigned, probably Morris] to Dodd in NYC: Fred Burkhard, printer teacher; Mrs. Power, housemother; Iddie Sparkman; Confusion between curriculum and method; construction update; Home Economics Building.

[097] Aug ?, 1937
Dodd to Morris: Encloses memo for Mr. Young and Miss Olinger; school philosophy revised by Dr. Kilpatrick, foremost interpreter of John Dewey; attended Supreme Court issue forum.

[079] July 29, 1937
[unsigned, probably Morris] to Dodd in NYC: Send plans to Miss Merrill, Newport, NH.

[080] July 1, 1937
[unsigned, probably Morris] to Dodd in NYC: Angel requested reconsideration.

[085] n.d.
Dodd to “Glyn” (Morris): Update about August (Angel)’s plans to leave; Angel begins to print Everett’s book.

[086] June 15, 1937
Dodd to Morris: Bids for window sashes, lumber; Howard and Edrye; PMSS updates; vegetable cellar; Angel’s plans; suggests Clyde Blanton to replace Angel.

[084] June 2, 1937
Dodd to “Glyn” (Morris): Forwards Tinsley’s letter.

[081] n.d.
Dodd in NYC to “Glyn” (Morris): Everett’s discussion with August Angel about leaving.

[082] May 24, 1937
Dodd to Morris: Updates on hiring new staff; Young; Knealy; the Bakers from Grass Lake, MI, for Line Fork.

[083] May 22, 1937
[unsigned, probably Dodd] to “Glyn” (Morris): Leasing or selling Line Fork; the Tinsleys’ visit and credentials.

[002] December 30, 1935
Newspaper clipping titled “The Journal’s Republic of Letters.” Includes letter titled “More ‘Interference’ Needed” from “Arthur Dodd, Jr., Adamsville”.”

[088] Dec 27, 1935
[unsigned, probably Morris] to Dodd: Boys’ Industrial Building fire; insurance; Mrs. (Mary Rockwell) Hook; woodworking temporarily in Laurel House basement.

[087] Dec 24, 1935
Dodd (handwritten; in Adairsville, GA) to “My Dear Glyn” (Morris): Loss of Boys’ Industrial; travel plans; malaria patient.

[090] n.d.
“Dictated by Mr. Morris” to Dodd, Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner: Record truck mileage; authorizations for driving truck.

[091] Nov 4, 1935
“Dictated by Mr. Morris” to Dodd: Asks Dodd to take Mrs. Faulker and students to Wilsonberger to represent PMSS at a get-together of county school teachers.

[105] Oct 15, 1935
Address side of postcard postmarked Winnetka, IL, addressed to Morris.
[106] Dodd’s handwitten note to Morris: Describes visit at Winnetka; arrival plans.

[089] May 18, 1935
[unsigned, probably Morris] to Dodd: Asks Dodd to negotiate with Chappell Dairy in Harlan about selling PMSS’s sour cream as well as butter.

[098, 099] n.d.
Dodd to Morris in NYC: Angel’s arrival at PMSS; Elliott; Everett; classes by Kilpatrick, Briggs; Dodd’s plans for PMSS.

[100, 101] Sept 15, 1934
Dodd to Mr. (Darwin) D. Martin in Buffalo, NY; Feud with PMSS involving Emily Frank and Henry Creech; community-PMSS relationships; Creeches’ opinions; asks trustees to support Morris and staff.

[102] Aug 7, 1933
Morris, Director, to Dodd at International House in NYC; School opening date.

[103] n.d.
Unsigned handwritten note to Dodd in Bath, NY: Come at once.

[104] Aug 18, [no year]
Dodd in Bath, NY, to Morris via Western Union: Accepts arrangements.

[108] Aug 15, 1932
Morris, Director, to Dodd in Bath, NY: Offers music position; Mr. Lehman, secretary and pianist is leaving; negotiates salary.

[109] Aug 12, 1932
Dodd in Bath, NY to Morris via Western Union: Prefer PMSS; asks for information.
Aug 23, 1932, Dodd in Bath, NY, to Morris via Western Union: Will be with you soon.

[110, 111] n.d.
Dodd’s handwritten note from Adairsville, GA, to “Glyn” (Morris): Arrival plans; Angel.

[107] April 21, 1932
Morris, Director, to Dodd in Berea, KY: Regrets having no PMSS position for Dodd.

[112, 113, 114, 115, 116] n.d.
“Addenda to School Experiences” – Unsigned 5-page narrative apparently written by Dodd. [Pages 1-2] Dodd describes PMSS program over 18-yr period; courses, textbooks; the Community Group; the Coop Group; Citizenship Committee; discipline problems; school marks; evaluations; room and board; student tasks; English Country Dancing and folk-singing; chapel; 1936 and 1937 girls’ octet tour. [Pages 3-5] Dodd provides a description of Ganado Mission High School in AZ; Georgia Dodd managed 2 cafeterias; Indian friends, ceremonies.

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