Pine Mountain Settlement School is an over 100-year-old institution focused on environmental stewardship, cultural and heritage preservation, health education, and agricultural development in the central Appalachian region.



 An in-depth digital look at the collections associated with the history of the School. The collections include photographs, documents, biographies, objects, video collections and other materials that describe the institution from its beginnings in 1913 to the present day. Many documents are available in FULL TEXT. Work is on-going.


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The programs at Pine Mountain Settlement School have evolved to meet the changing needs of the community and region. Today’s programs focus on environmental education and educational support for students in local schools.

The Pine Mountain Settlement School mission reflects a history of multiple enrichment programs for the local community and beyond. Once a boarding school with a progressive educational curriculum, recent programming has moved away from residential education to multi-faceted offerings of short-term environmental, cultural, medical, social and agricultural courses and workshops.

Though “hidden” and largely inaccessible for many years, the materials in the rich local archive are being organized, digitized and offered in a growing website that contains the School’s historical record. The School’s archive contains many historical treasures regarding life in the Southern Appalachians from 1913 until the present. This website attempts to bring some of these unique holdings to the attention of scholars, former students, former workers and the communities of interest both near and far.






LITTLE SHEPHERD TRAIL When Marguerite Butler took her hike to Jack’s Gap on August 14, 1914, an ascension of some 2,800 feet up the north face of one of Kentucky’s most unique and rugged mountains, she did not complain.  John Fox Jr. didn’t complain either. He memorialized the journey in his The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come about a young man’s coming of age as he traveled from Big Black Mountain across Pine Mountain, down the Kentucky River and into the Civil War. Today many visit the overlooks of Harlan and Letcher counties from atop Pine Mountain by driving along the Little Shepherd Trail. Originally a forester’s trail for quick access to hard to reach forest areas, the trail was upgraded by the CCC in 1933-37 and in 1961-62 an additional 21 miles were added by the Kentucky Division of Forestry staff at Putney, Kentucky. The troubled history of this rustic but noble trail is explored in a description of its past, present and future.

THE GUIDE TO COMMUNITY FAIR DAYS at Pine Mountain Settlement School explores through photographs, programs, and narratives  the nearly 95 year old tradition held in the Fall at the School. Come join in the celebration on Saturday, August 27, 2016.


ANTIOCH COLLEGE CO-OP AT PMSS describes a program that supplied a steady stream of practice teachers for Pine Mountain Settlement School in the 1920s and 1930s. The page portrays this partnership using excerpts from letters and narratives written at the time and which are now part of the PMSS Collection. Also featured is a list of the names of many of the work/study students and hired teachers who came from Antioch to teach at PMSS.

The Co-op program began at Antioch College over 90 years ago and continues to be a signature part of the college’s curriculum today. At the time, it was an innovative program that was a good fit for both Antioch College and PMSS.

VII 52 LIFE WORK CHILDREN AND CLASSES [Part I- 85 images] Includes students in 1960s. David Saylor ; Tony Ely ; Vickie Hoskins ; Celest Lehigh ; Norma Lewis ; Glenda Callahan ; Flora Johnson ; Evelyn Wilder ; Anita Baker ; Evelyn Wilder ; Delora Turner ; Danny Boggs ; Dwight Baker ; Eddie Hoskins ; Ray Cox ; Ernie Huff ; Sue Cox ; Sue Gross ; Myria Watkins ; Steve Wilder ; Rodney Huff ; Billie June Lewis ; Vicky McCoy ; Hollis Boggs ; Debbie Turner ; Bobby Bo Callahan ; Glenda Callahan ; Brenda Lewis ; Clyde Wilder ; Connie Cornett ; Mark Workman ; Lorene Lewis ; Doris Merrill ; Jerry Day ; Don Wilder ; Norma Callahan ; Debbie Middleton ; Connie Cornett ; Audry Shepherd ; Pattie Whitaker ; Suzie Whitaker ; Don Boggs ; Kathy Wilson ; Bonnie Lewis ; Anita Baker ; Artie Merrill ; Barbara Callahan ; Kathy Brown ; Jerry Caldwell ; Judy Hoskins ; Julian Turner ; Titus Boggs ; Mina Jane Huff ; Chloe Middleton ; Rickey Turner ; Kitty LeHigh ; Judy Turner ; and others.

VII 52 LIFE WORK CHILDREN AND CLASSES [Part II – 55 images] Continues VII 52 Life Work – Children & Classes Part I and covers students in the classes of Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Whitaker, Mrs. Wilson and others. Photographs were largely taken in 1965.

VII 63 LIFE WORK MAINTENANCE, FARM, GROUNDS [123 images] Maintenance and work at the Pine Mountain Settlement School Campus. Multiple pages. Automobile mechanics ; auto repair ; gasoline ; gas station ; gasoline pump ; planting garden ; tractors ; sorghum ; gardening ; maintenance ; farm ; farming ; rock work ; roofing ; stone walls ; Boyd Harris ; Brit Wilder ; Hobart Wilder ; Jess Patterson ; Omer Lewis ; Lonnie Lewis ; Julian Lewis ; Burton Rogers ; Gib Lewis ; Fred Lewis ; Asrel Browning ; Burkham School House ; Farm House ; bee keeping ; apiaries ; composting ; sowing ; painting ; ditch digging ; butchering beef ; seeding ;

VII 64 LIFE WORK MAINTENANCE, FARM, GROUNDS [66 images] Maintenance and work at the Pine Mountain Settlement School Campus. Tags: William Hayes ; Hobart Wilder ; chickens ; Ayrshires ; cows ; farms ; farming ; barns ; silos ; pastures ; model farms ; sheep ; chicken houses ; tractors ; hay baling ; corn ; fodder ; stock ponds ; Jesse Patterson ; sugar cane ; sorghum ; syrup ; mills ; cane ; sorghum pans ;

VERTICAL FILES The vertical files at Pine Mountain Settlement School contain a varied collection of materials that relate to the School, to Harlan County and to the broader Appalachian region. The material is rich in Harlan County newspaper information and collected material for the Settlement Schools of the Southern Appalachians (SIA) and related institutions. Largely comprised of newspaper clippings and publications, the collections also contain some primary source material. The VERTICAL FILES online are currently available only as a list. No online access to full text is available at this time.

THE ROAD – LADEN TRAIL From Katherin Pettit regarding progress on the Laden Trail, c. 1920:

You’d be interested in the preliminary report Mr. Obenchain [State Engineer] has just gotten out. On this side of Pine Mountain, there is a rise of one foot in every 1.34 feet (less than 45 ‘degrees). The distance through the mountain is 1-7/8 miles, but we shall need almost 12 miles of road at $6,000 a mile, with an ascent of five feet in every hundred feet. Some undertaking!

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