SETTLEMENT INSTITUTIONS OF APPALACHIA Inc. Brochure 1970 Serving in Appalachia

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Settlement Institutions of Appalachia, Inc.
Brochure 1970

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SETTLEMENT INSTITUTIONS IN APPALACHIA Inc. Brochure 1970 Serving in Appalachia


Independent schools and centers of Appalachia have come to recognize, more than ever before, their common goals and diversified strengths. From Georgia to Ohio, settlement institutions are attempting to foster education and community development, physical and spiritual health, and effective Appalachian leadership. In order to provide a regional forum for conferences, workshops, and seminars, leaders from many of the settlements have drawn together and continue to meet out of a desire for fellowship, jointly initiated projects, and the exchange of ideas.

To this end, Settlement Institutions of Appalachia was incorporated in 1970 and empowered to help finance and coordinate the programs of its members. As a non-profit consortium of schools, agencies, and interested individuals, SIA serves as an invaluable marketplace for the sharing of thoughts and initiatives. Settlement Institutions of Appalachia welcomes new members and expressions of interest from any and all quarters.

(Text by: Jim Stokely, Serving in Appalachia, a 1970 flyer produced by SIA, Trent Printing Co.,Inc, 6/75)

Brochure 1970 Serving in Appalachia


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