HISTORY PMSS Summary 1937-1938

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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HISTORY PMSS Summary 1937-1938

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History of
Pine Mountain Settlement School

* This history was compiled from incomplete records. Further information may be added.

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History of Pine Mountain Settlement School

Staff Members:

Anna Anderson, Weaving
Joan Ayers, Bookkeeper, Commercial teacher
Fred J. Burkhard Printing
Boone C. Callahan, Woodworking
Edith Cold, Group B Teacher
Arthur W. Dodd, Principal and Pianist
Anna Lee Goins, Home Management
Fern Hall, Secretary
William Hayes, Farm and Dairy
Gladys Hill, Mathematics
Maude Holbrook, Practice House
Alice Joy Keith, Group D Teacher
Dr. & Mrs. Wilmer S. Lehman, Doctor (April 1938)
James C. Livengood, Mechanics
Josephine Merrill, Housemother, Far House, and English
Gladys Morris, Home Economics (First Semester)
Bess Ollinger, Housemother, Laurel House
Anna Pishzak, Medical Settlement, Big Laurel (March 1938 – )
Winfred Powell, Housemother, Big Log, and English
Grace M. Rood Nurse (Second Semester)
Chloe Smith, Kitchen and Dining Room
Mabel Snyder, Nurse (First Semester)
John A. Spelman III, Art, Grounds
Esther Weller, Counselor, Civics
John H. Young, Housefather, Boys House, Current History, Ethics
Rev. and Mrs. Richard E. Baker – Line Fork
Mr. and Mrs. Tinsley – Medical Settlement, Big Laurel (August 1937 – March 1938)
Anna Pishzak Medical Settlement, Big Laurel (March 1938 – )
Glyn Morris, Director, Director of Music Groups

Number of Students: (Capacity 110)
Average – 90 -100 Boarding
15 Day Students

Special Gifts: $250.00 from Mrs. Elsmith for repair of swimming pool.
Autographed photographs from White House.

Gift of Edgar Dawson in memory of Capt. Wm. Cooper McKemy to be used for enlarging schoolhouse stage to be used for indoor and outdoor performances and also a large dance or assembly floor.

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Page 2, 1937-38


Board of Trustees met at Pine Mountain April 9, 1938, first formal meeting since death of Katherine Pettit (Sept. 3, 1936), endorsed statement of gratitude for her role at Pine Mountain, approved Chapel plaque to match Ethel deLong Zande’s.

Guidance institute for Harlan County Teachers and PMSS staff held August 25-28, 1937.

A Pine Mountain Study in Civics” written by Mr. Everett Wilson and printed by students in the Pine Mountain print shop used as textbook in Civics class.

1938 Calendar printed by students in the print shop, from Art Instructor John Spelman’s linoleum blocks, generated over $1,000.00 in small contributions, and a complimentary letter from Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, plus autographed pictures of President and Mrs. Roosevelt, framed in wood taken from the roof of the old White House.

PMSS purchased a bus to transport day students from Bledsoe and Big Laurel.

Plays “A Dress to Dance In”and “Hall of Terror” and operetta “H.M.S. Pinafore” presented by students.

Committee of Trustees considered, with Mr. Morris, possibilities of adding a posthigh school (junior college) program with emphasis on vocational training.

Pack horse library service to rural schools and homes provided by graduate.

“The Dye Pot and Loom” weaving project, under the supervision of PMSS, was operated by two former students at the Medical Settlement at Big Laurel. PMSS supplied the looms, and was marketing agency for the weaving.

Dairy House
Furnaces – Chapel, Office
Swimming Pool Repaired
Zande House Kitchen Moved
Laurel House Floors Refinished
Infirmary Downstairs Redone

Farm and Garden: Quantity of produce raised on the farm for school consumption judged not sufficient to warrant the expense involved. Beans and potatoes were adequate for school needs, other crops were not successful. Dairy continues to profit from the farm. Approximately 20 acres are under cultivation. Livestock at present time: 14 cows, 2 heifers, 3 calves, 1 buil, 128 hens, 7 pigs.

Settlements: Medical Settlement, Big Laurel, carried on classes, projects, and Fireside Industries Weaving Department, using weaving looms moved from PMSS campus, was operated by Chloe Smith and Anna Anderson at the Medical Settlement as “The Dye Pot and Loom”.

Line Fork Settlement Program was operated by Rev. and Mrs. Richard E. Baker, who except for a very nominal stipend, assumed responsibility for their own maintenance. They carried on Sunday School, 4-H and community projects.

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Page 3, 1937-38

Trips: Student Dance Group to Girl Scout Camp near Harlan, Oct. 26, 1937
Student Dance Group to Berea Folk Festival, April, 1937
Girls Octet to Cawood, KY.
Girls Octet sang and danced, Wallins High School, March 17, 1937
Mr. Morris to Washington, D. C. to Guidance Conference, November, 1937
Mr. Morris to Conference of Southern Mountain Workers, Knoxville, TN
Senior Class to Norris Dam
Mr. Morris to Kentucky Education Association, Louisville KY
Group of boys to Corbin YMCA

Health: Student Days in Infirmary 394
School Office Calls 818
Physical Inspections 128
Community Office Calls 399
Home Calls 199

A permanent dental clinic has been set up at the Infirmary. Power drill and equipment were purchased making it possible to have regular clinics held by a Harlan dentist who comes once every two weeks. Four dental clinics and one tonsil clinic were held for local school children. T. B., Schick and Dick tests were given to local school children, and typhoid serum was given when needed.

Students of 9 rural schools received physical examinations and dental service at clinics held on five different dates in November at PMSS. In all, 125 children had the physical examinations and 139 received dental aid in the clinics.

Financial: The report of C. N. Manning, Treasurer, at the April 9, 1938, Board Meeting called attention to the fact that it had been necessary in the last year to withdraw $9,101.77 from capital for running expenses.

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