LUCRETIA GARFIELD Correspondence 1919-1958 Part II

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Lucretia Garfield  
Correspondence 1919-1958 Part II

LUCRETIA GARFIELD Correspondence 1919-1958 Part II
Teacher, Scouting 1918-1922

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Lucretia Garfield came from a remarkable family. She was born on January 18, 1894, in Ohio, the daughter of Harry “Hal” Augustus Garfield and Belle Hartford Garfield. Harry, her father, was President of Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and later headed the Federal Fuel Administration during WWI and throughout the 1918-1919 flu pandemic. Belle, her mother was a very sensitive and caring parent but was given to periods of anxiety that required extensive “rests.”

Harry was the son of the 20th President of the United States, James A. Garfield and his wife Lucretia, or “Crete” Garfield. President Garfield died at the hands of a disgruntled and narcissistic assassin.

As the daughter of Belle and Harry Garfield and granddaughter of First Lady Lucretia Garfield and James, Lucretia had a high bar to reach but she had also inherited the family tenacity and sensitivity to social needs of the less fortunate and for service. Named for her grandmother, whose shortened nickname was “Crete,” she chose to be known as “Cre” and many of her letters to the staff at Pine Mountain are signed with the familiar “Cre” that she reserved for close friends.

Lucretia Garfield Comer was born in 1894. She married John Preston Comer on December 25, 1925, an Assistant Professor of Government at Williams College in Williamstown, MA. They had three children: John (“Jack”) P. Comer, Mary Laura Comer, and Elizabeth Comer.

For more about Lucretia Garfield, her family, and her affiliation with PMSS, go to her biography at LUCRETIA GARFIELD.

CONTENTS: LUCRETIA GARFIELD Correspondence 1919-1958
Part II (1923-1958)

[Note: All letters from PMSS staff are carbon copies, typewritten and unsigned that are meant for the Office files. The initials at the bottom left of most PMSS letters indicate the writer (along with initials of the secretary). For example “EZ” are the initials of Ethel de Long Zande, “KP” refers to Katherine Pettit, and “EKW” to Evelyn K. Wells. The transcriptions are in chronological order and not necessarily in order of the image numbers.]


066-066a January 14, 1923. Handwritten two-page letter to Mrs. Zande from Lucretia, “en route to Cincinnati,” who [006] asks to take patrol leaders to the Harlan Co. Girls’ Rally, which would include Martha Shoope, [006a] Fair Anna Harris, Allie Callahan from PMSS and Clara Callahan, Bessie Shields from Line Fork and one girl from Big Laurel.

058-058a January 16, 1923. Two-page handwritten letter to Evelyn [K. Wells] from Lucretia on stationery from Hotel Belmont, NYC. [058] Describes her itinerary and addresses in NYC, Rosemont, PA and Baltimore, MD. [058a] “I find Mother quite nervous about everything in general and about me in particular.” Lucretia may not go to Chicago and Detroit.

059 January 17, 1923. N.D. Typewritten letter to [no salutation] from [unsigned] at PMSS. Describes a Christmas “treat” at the Greasy Creek schoolhouse down Abner’s Branch involving decorations, gifts, and a program presented by the students. This occurs in seven of Miss [Marguerite] Butler‘s schools. [Handwritten notation upper left indicates to whom this letter was sent and signed “L.G.”]

057 January 18, 1923. To Lucretia from EZ, who writes that the four patrol leaders from PMSS may not be able to go to the rally. EZ will try to spare Clara and Martha, but she is not sure about Miss [Ruth B.] Gaines’ girls, depending on Infirmary needs.

060 January 22, 1923. To Miss Ethel McCullough in Cincinnati, OH from [unsigned, likely Garfield] in Williamstown, MA. Encloses the account of the Christmas “treats’ at Miss Butler’s schools. [See 059.] She writes: One thing that impressed me on my rounds this Christmas was the fact that the day of romantic primitiveness is passing. Several of the schools lie just across the mountain from the railroad and there is more coming and going than there used to be. The genuine simplicity of the children’s attitudes in these schools is giving way to a kind of sophistication and restlessness that needs – more than ever in some respects – the sort guidance that Pine Mt. School is giving. I am more and more convinced that what Miss Butler will bring back to the children and to the communities in which they live will be of very great value. …..” Notation upper left of page: “Sent to M. Butler Fellowship list. L.G.”

061 January 27, 1923. Typewritten letter to Mrs. Zande from Lucretia in Kew Gardens, Long Island. Updates Zande about her fundraising; encloses check from donor; plans to meet with Mrs. Carnegie, Mr. Abraham Flexner, Mr. Henry Leach and Miss Caroline Burkham; have met with Mrs. John Henry Hammond; provides her itinerary in PA, NY, MD and DC and the places she will be visiting en route to PMSS. Notation in left margin: Angela [Melville] informed Lucretia about Miss Burkham before their meeting.

063 January 30, 1923. To Lucretia from [unsigned, likely EZ]. PMSS updates: Miss Dougherty resigned last week. “Meanwhile, Freeves holds the fort.”

062 January 31, 1923. To Lucretia (℅ Mrs. T. Branson, Rosemont, PA) from EZ. “…[W]e now have Oliver Wendell Hogg, the son of William Cullen Hogg, living at Far House, though we had to refuse his cousin, Jennings Musick. You will remember Oliver Wendell, who came to [visit]….when you were in charge of Far House.”

064 February 9, 1923. Typewritten letter to Evelyn Wells at PMSS from Lucretia at Hotel Victoria, Boston, MA. Encloses $1000 donation from Mr. John B. Garrett. Asks for additional literature for her talks to groups in Baltimore and Washington. She provides fundraising ideas, such as a Pine Mt. Association in several large cities to assist with fundraising activities. Notation along left margin: Suggests Mr. Howard B. Lee of Louisville, KY, as a prospective donor.

065 February 10, 1923. Typewritten letter to Mrs. Zande from Lucretia at Hotel Victoria, Boston, MA. Lucretia asks approval to get influential people in Baltimore and Washington to serve on a Pine Mt. Committee to set up activities and help Lucretia to be better prepared to ask for donations.

066-066a February 20, 1923. Two-page typewritten letter to Evelyn [K.Wells] from “Cre” (Lucretia). In Baltimore, MD. Describes her travel plans for Scout business and fundraising (Washington, Cincinnati, Berea, Richmond, Barbourville, Pineville), returning to PMSS mid-March, in time for the rally in Harlan. “Now that I am speaking and being looked up by reporters, I feel that I am really making Pine Mt. known to more people!” 

070 [no image]

071-071a February 6, 1923. Two-page letter to Lucretia [in care of Mrs. J. Stanley-Brown] Kew Gardens, NY, from EZ, [071] who is “delighted” to receive the two latest donations. EZ encourages Lucretia about doing speaking appointments as well as individual interviews. Tells about Angela Melville’s experiences. Dillard Turner is “thrilled” that PMSS is sending him to Lexington with Dr. Roberts to a big YMCA conference where John R. Mott will speak. Describes teaching the “little new ones” how to sit at the dining table, including Willie Pennington. [071a] EZ hopes to have a “little apartment” in Louisville “until the baby comes.” Mentions Miss Hutchins and Miss Sidelinger.

072-072a February 13, 1923. To Lucretia, ℅ Mrs. Reid in Baltimore, MD, from EZ, [072] who is sorry Lucretia is having problems with fundraising and for her misunderstanding of EZ’s advice. EZ then describes the steps toward giving speaking presentations; letters, appointments, announcements, committees, all done before leaving PMSS for the tour. Pine Mountain Associations have thrived in some cities (Plainfield because of Evelyn and Montclair because of EZ’s friends there) and not others. EZ assures Lucretia that her individual meetings are “very worthwhile.” [072a] EZ gives additional fundraising advice; mentions Miss Butler’s experiences; mentions other recent donors. Suggest that Lucretia visit Mrs. Eric L. Bergland in Boston, “an old friend of Pine Mountain.” EZ will publicize the literature Lucretia will send about the Carnegie Pension Fund.

073 April 25, 1923. To Lucretia at The New Willard Hotel, Washington, DC, from EZ, who regretted missing her again, wanting to praise her for her Girl Scout activities, having raised over $2000 in a year for the school, and the play, “Little Women.”

074 May 9, 1923. To Miss Garfield in Williamstown, MA, from KP. Beta Sigma Omicron donated $400 they raise annually for Miss Marguerite Butler’s salary. KP asked what was covered by the money Lucretia raised for her. 

075 May 16, 1923. To Lucretia in Williamstown, MA, from [unsigned]. Send the $30 to Miss Gaines who is managing the girls who are going to camp; thanks Lucretia for $5 from donor; not sure of the benefit PMSS will receive from the Robinson Fund. “As you know, I went to St. Louis the minute school closed and brought back a lovely little four months old girl. She is very very good, and adds vastly to the happiness of our household.” Thanks Lucretia for the books she sent.

083-083a May 25, 1923. Two-page letter to Lucretia from EZ. [083] PMSS is very short of staff; encloses letter from Nora Howard. In case Nora can’t go [to camp], Mabel Mullins will be offered the chance. EZ relates the story of the Laurel House girls and their “rowdy” behavior down Greasy which led to their year’s suspension and why Fair Annie cannot go to camp. [083a] Mrs. Dudley Blossom pledged $500. 

076 May 28, 1923. To Miss Garfield from KP, who tells her to send the money to Miss Butler in Denmark.

078-078c May 30, 1923. Handwritten 4-page letter to Mrs. Zande from Lucretia in Concord, MA. [078] Thanks Zande for sending details about “the Laurel House troubles…” Lucretia had written Miss Gaines, enclosing a letter to be forwarded to Mr. Howard

[078b] Nora [Howard]’s letter “is surely a comfort when so many of the girls show so little loyalty.” [078c] Concerned that Fair Anna and Allie will take “at least six months of bitter experience to break through those walls of obstinacy.” Received a letter from Clara Siler. Eager to see Berto’s little sister.

077 June 19, 1923. To Miss Garfield from KP. Encloses fair program; mentions Mr. Chapel; School of Politics.

080-080c N.D. [Written before Zande’s June 21 letter.] Handwritten 4-page letter to Miss Gaines from Lucretia. [080] “It seems to me that all of the Scouts who were involved in that frolic down Greasy should be suspended from Scouts [080a] …for it is not fair to Scouting that these girls should represent Girl Scouts.” Lucretia offers to ask for their insignia if Gaines and Zande agree. [080b] If Allie took her uniform it may be difficult to retrieve it. [080c] Suggest the wording of a possible letter to the girls.

079 June 21, 1923. To Lucretia in Boston, MA, from EZ. “Both girls (Fair Annie and Allie) are estranged from the School and as far as we know, feeling bitter and hard.” EZ hopes their feelings will pass by Fall. The girls left their uniforms behind and PMSS shouldn’t ask for their badges yet. 

084-084a July 3, 1923. Two-page letter to Lucretia in Williamstown, MA, from EZ. [084] Agrees that PMSS should have a Scout Captain. Mentions Miss Baber, Miss Dunbar, Ethel Wright, Evelyn Wells. [084a] Agrees that Scout leaders must be trained before starting troops; that scouting is good for this part of Kentucky.

081-081a August 9, 1923. Two-page typewritten letter to Mrs. Zande from Lucretia. Encloses the Scholarship Badge requirements from the Blue Book of Rules. Kay [Katherine B.] Wright and her sister Marjorie Wright and parents visited. Asks permission to bring her “Civil War uncle” with her to PMSS. [081a] Describes her plans to bring her 80-year-old uncle to PMSS: “As a youngster, he fought in the Civil War around Middlesboro and later retreated through the mountains, where his regiment was cut off from supplies for many days.” Handwritten postscript: She is “pleased that Miss Baber is to have the Scouts during the winter. Miss [Rita] Roeder has applied for her Captain’s commission!”

085 August 15, 1923. To Lucretia from EZ. Miss [Maya] Sudo has told me of her visit with you.” Waiting for Miss Baber’s arrival and will ask if she will take the Scout work. Miss Sudo has an offer in New York and plans to leave PMSS this fall.

086 September 7, 1923. To Lucretia from EZ, who asks Lucretia to find out the names of the officials in the U.S. Steel Corporation and which one could be asked to establish a fund for the cost of minor operations among the children. Still looking for a Scout worker.

087 December 6, 1923. To Miss Garfield from KP, who thanks her “for taking Zona down…” Mentions Perkins Wilson, Rebecca Pennington, the Madons and Florrie.

015-015a December 9, 1923. Two-page handwritten note to “Bess,” from Garfield. Encloses contribution to the Japanese earthquake.

088 December 13, 1923. To “Cre” [Lucretia] from [unsigned]. Thanks Lucretia for the ream of paper and money and items for the country Christmases. Encloses check for Zona’s expenses. Mentions Harry, Miss Whittaker, Dr. Todd at Lynch, Mrs. Bullock.

089-089a December 27, 1923. To “Cre” from [truncated]. Expresses appreciation of Lucretia’s visits to PMSS and how much the School loves her. Mentions an article Lucretia’s wrote for World Neighbors. Asks Lucretia to make speaking appointments with two classes at the Tremont Temple Baptist Church in Boston which are PMSS friends. Also, at the Central Congregational Church in Brooklyn, who give PMSS an annual scholarship. [truncated]


090 January 11, 1924. To Lucretia in Williamstown, MA, from EZ. Mentions Southern Conference, Miss Louise Baldwin, Julia Himmelshack, Jean Wise, Scout Training classes, Marguerite Butler, the Radioptican, Harding Memorial Association, (“I have a good deal of faith that a man’s memory may be trusted to take care of itself.”), Mrs. Milham.

091-091a January 21, 1924. Two-page letter to “Cre” [(Lucretia] at Berea (KY) College from EZ. [091] January 11, 1924. Mentions Angela Melville in Berea, who accepted a position promoting a Farmer’s Credit Association, Lucretia’s Boston and Brooklyn appointments and her travel plans for Richmond and L.M.U. Prefers “Cooly” (Olive Coolidge) to take Lucretia’s position next year. Also needs a donor of about $2000 for a Girl’s Industrial Building for sewing, cooking and weaving classes. [091a] Miss Slusser is leaving; Miss Rhodus is teaching.

092 February 19, 1924. To “Cre” at Boone Tavern, Berea, KY, from EZ, who is delighted that she’s “having a trip” with Angela [Melville]. James Gilbert has died of spinal meningitis.

093 April 19, 1924. Letter to “Cre” from [truncated]. 093] Saddened by her last meeting with Lucretia, [?] writes, “I felt so sorry we couldn’t have sat by the fire a good deal longer Sunday evening and philosophized. I entirely agree with you about wanting to see what is around the next corner and about the way in which friendships that seem to belong only to one period have a way of extending all through one’s life. And yet I felt a very real sadness about having this epoch over….” EZ welcomes her to visit PMSS anytime. PMSS decided to only take children over 13 years old next year; the church bell has arrived and will be rung on Easter morning. The Model Home was given in honor of Mrs. Mary Mildred Sullivan by the NY Auxiliary of the Southern Industrial Educational Association. Mentions Mrs. King’s letter [truncated].

095 April 26, 1924. [Date-stamped April 29]. Western Union Telegram to Mrs. Ethel Zande from Lucretia at Gray’s Lake, IL, who asked for directions to Drake Hotel, Chicago.

094 April 29, 1924. To Lucretia at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, IL, from EKW. Mentions donation from Mrs. Griffin, forwarding letter from Mrs. E.C. Kin[?]. 

098-098a June 9, 1924. Two-page letter to Cre from EZ. [098] Mentions “the children’s whooping cough”; pictures of PMSS sent by Lucretia; $500 from Mrs. Bullock. Asks about Pelham Manor. Miss Childs will conduct a vacation camp; Angela [Melville] will visit for the second Pine Mountain Credit Union meeting (Columbus, Grant, Mr. Nolan, Oscar Begley and others are the incorporators).

Described Miss Bowman’s problems with her Pineville Scouts when they visited PMSS. [098a] Plans to travel to Colorado in October.

096 June 16, 1924. To Lucretia in Williamstown, MA, from EZ. Asked about the plans to get the Girl Scouts to Camp Procter. Miss Schubert or Miss Blackburn, old PMSS workers, will meet them in Cincinnati.

097 June 18, 1924. To Miss Garfield from KP, who thanks her for the picture. Indicates that Lucretia interested several people in helping fund Miss Butler’s trip.

099 [no image]

100 July 21, 1924. To Miss Garfield from KP. Thanks her for sending pictures and an article on vegetable dyes in Scotland. Miss Gaines, Dillard, Nora Nolan and KP will attend a meeting at Carr; a dental clinic is at Line Fork for three weeks.

101 November 10, 1924. To Lucretia at Boone Tavern, Berea, KY, from EZ, who asks if Lucretia could get the PMSS graduates at Berea to tell or write to PMSS friends and current students what PMSS has meant to them; Has heard from Boone and Dillard.

102 November 13, 1924. To Lucretia from EZ, who would like Lucretia to write to Mrs. Garfield and ask her to distribute letters written to Junior Leaguers requesting help with PMSS salaries. Miss Mary Work, from Oxford, is running the model home this year. EZ suggests plans for Lucretia when she returns to PMSS along with Miss Donnett and her friend.

103 December 3, 1924. To “Cree” (sic) in Williamstown, MA, from EZ. Enjoyed Lucretia’s visit; enclosing Mrs. Garfield’s letter who “turned us down so prettily that we felt almost complimented.” Tells about testing her eighth grade about geography; Nora Stamper, from Cutshin and Lena Ward from Leatherwood are at PMSS for their first year. Asks for any material about Ghandi and life of Christ, which EZ is thinking of teaching.


104 April 13, 1925. To Cre from EZ, who is glad that Lucretia enjoyed her trip to Egypt and that the School of Politics has been subsidized. Dorothy and Polly Cunningham are here and dancing is in full swing — four sword teams and morris this year, add to it as much county as ever.” Thanks Lucretia for her $15 gift. Clara has been asked to come back for two months as junior councillor. Miss Reeves will get scholarships for two other girls, one of them is possibly Elsie Hensley. Aunt Sal died about 10 days ago. “We all feel bereft, when we think we can never go and sit and talk with her again. It was always such a joy to be with her.” 

105 May 4, 1925. To Cre from EZ. Lucretia will cover the girls’ travelling expenses; Dorothy and Polly Cunningham left; describes the May Day celebration,with dancing held in a decorated Laurel House dining room due to a dogwood winter. Coolly is at PMSS until sometime in June; School closes this week, then the Merchant of Venice play and graduation.

106 May 8, 1925. Typewritten letter to Mrs. Zande from Cre Garfield, who thanks her for the Warriner correspondence. Tells about a country dance that she had for Williams undergraduates.

107 May 12, 1925. To Lucretia from EZ. Thanks her for ghd $60 gift for the girls’ expenses to and from camp.

108 July 8, 1925. To Miss Garfield from KP. Appreciates Lucretia’s pictures from Egypt; describes Fourth of July celebration with speeches in the House in the Woods, games caps, and ice cream. Becky May, Elsie, and Oma attended the Junior Agricultural Clubs at the State University in Lexington and demonstrated weaving. Miss Bolles and Miss Cunningham visited in April to prepare for May Day.

109 August 11, 1925. To Cre from EZ, Received $10 gift from a lady with questionable motives; mentions Lucretia’s engagement.

110-110a-110b October 6, 1925. Three-page letter to Cre from [unsigned, likely EZ]. [110] Tells of “the fullest school ever” with about 110 children; high school is “a third of the school” and the quality of the students from mining towns and Harlan is improving. “They come with their silk stockings and silk dresses of course, and this year we have had to confiscate the powder and rouge officially, but they soon get to look just like country children, barring the stylish bobs!” EZ writes about what some of the PMSS graduates are now doing: Dillard, Boone, Clara Siler, [110a] 

[110a] Hazel Nolan Shell (who married Pearl Shell), Stella Miniard, Martha Shoope (who left her husband Milburn Hall). She also lists changes at the school: classes at the new Girls’ Industrial Building, piano lessons for credit for three girls (Clara Callahan, Becky May and another), gymnasium work with Miss [Anne P.] Halliday and Mr. Finch, the Antioch cooperation plan in its second year, elimination of grades for academic work. 

[110b] Tells about the country school teachers: including a Mississippi couple at Big Laurel, Elizabeth Fullerton at Little Laurel, and Mandie Creech at the Divide school. Little Laurel’s school is held in Will Metcalf’s storehouse. Provides Margaret Humes’ address. 

111 October 7, 1925. To Lucretia from EZ. Will send an application to Miss Arnold. “It’s just the kind of day that I would like to see you come walking in in your red dress — mist low on the mountains and chilly — but I’ll have to go home and dress Elena up in it instead!”


113 April 15, 1926. To Cre from [unsigned, likely EZ], who thanks her for the $15 gift. Visitors included Mr. Sharp’s friends, the Kettlewells from England, and Singing Willie Nolan from Incline, both singing ballads. A Boston doctor and wife will be visiting. “This year has been so full that there hasn’t been any time for definite scouting. Miss Halliday has had informal good times with the scouts” and junior clubs have begun instead.

112 October 22, 1926. To Mrs. [Lucretia] Comer from KP, who received her letter in Berlin; ran into Miss Sinkey, from Evarts who had visited PMSS, in Egypt. Tells about Maude Creech’s good work at the Divide Sunday School and day school; girls in cooking class; starting inter-school athletics. Scarlet fever at Blackey school prevented their coming to PMSS for a basketball game. Heard from “young” Mrs. Noble; Katherine Wright will visit.

114 December 15, 1926. To Cre [Mrs. J. P. Comer] in Williamstown, MA, from EZ. Mentions sending letters to little Jack and Harry; Lucretia is teaching Harry English folk songs. 


120 January 10, 1927. To Lucretia Garfield from KP. Praised the work that Lucretia did at the Divide. Miss [Anna] Wulf, sewing and cooking teacher, and Miss [Florence] Daniels, weaving teacher, are teaching Sunday School there now. At Christmas, Katherine Wright helped with the music, training the choir. She left this week [after 3 months at PMSS]. Received a letter from Pearl Garden at Chosen Christian College, whose husband, a science professor at Oxford, is looking for an assistant. Describes snow at PMSS.

121 March 3, 1927. To Lucretia from EZ, who thanked her for the Christmas books. Looking forward to Dorothy and Polly. EZ heard about Lucretia’s brother at country dance parties in Boston.

122 May 3, 1927. To Lucretia from EZ. Asks about her little boy [Jack]. For May Day, Dorothy will be trimming the “Jock-o’-Green cages and the May pole.”

123 September 14, 1927. To Lucretia from [unsigned]. Asked for the address of a donor, Mrs. R.H. Bishop. Thanks Lucretia for the postcards of her trip. Lucretia’s mother and Miss Flinch contributed to the new Far House Terrace.

119 December 6, 1927. To Cre [Mrs. John P. Comer] from EZ. Appreciates the $5 dollars and clothing she sent; tells about poverty and sickness in the Medical Settlement area, including TB. The workers are reading and presenting plays; young teachers Maude Creech and Victoria Miniard attended; Mrs. Browning told stories about taking 18 children to Louisville for health exams and treatments, including one about Frank Cornett.


115 March 21, 1928. To Lucretia from EKW. Writes about the death of Mrs. Zande. “It is a remarkable manifestation that she is always going to be very close to us. … I know how thankful you must be that you have had this friend.” 

EKW “surmised all along that a small college town would not be the place for Maud…. She really needs small children.”

116 April 19, 1928. To Lucretia from EKW, who thanks her for her annual subscription of $15. Mentions Mrs. Alderman’s talks and her unhappiness about leaving Big Laurel. Dorothy and Polly C. are at PMSS. ”Do you remember Dorothy’s first overtures to you about coming to Pine Mountain?”

117-117a November 19, 1928. Two-page handwritten letter to Angela [Melville] from Lucretia. [117] Lucretia offers to sew items for PMSS. [117a] “The babies are thriving in spite of the fact that Miss Lynch left me at the end of September.” Asks about Miss Pettit.

118 November 26, 1928. To “My dear Lucretia Garfield” from [unsigned]. Miss Gaines would like Lucretia to sew “gay aprons for our girls and neighbors.” Miss Melville is giving speeches in the middle west; quotes children’s sayings. 




124 May 3, 1930. To “My dear Lucretia Garfield” from KP. Encloses a letter from Tena Ritchie. Describes May Day and help from Miss [Dorothy] Bolles and Miss Davis


125 May 23, 1931. To Lucretia in Italy from EKW, who thanks her from her $15 contribution. Recalls “us all” in Williamstown last May. “One feels that the school is a thing in itself som much more than in the early days. One is less conscious of individual personality. The thing goes by itself and is bigger than any one of us. You can really talk about the student body; now they cohere instead of being individuals, and yet magnificent individual work is being done.” Describes her visit down Greasy at the little Laurel District School, where Bessie Lewis has taught for two years. A Danish farmer [Leon Deschamps] is teaching at PMSS: “a most attractive young man, thrilled by the job and the place, a tireless worker.”


126 June 22, 1958. Handwritten letter to Mr. [Burton] Rogers from Lucretia G. Comer. Encloses her annual contribution. Asks for details about a summer work-camp at Big Laurel.

127 June 27, 1958. To Mrs. Comer from Burton Rogers, Director, who thanks her for her $5 gift and “faithful interest in Pine Mountain Settlement School.” Describes the work camp group at Big Laurel, which is under the Community Dynamics program of Earlham College, Richmond, IN. “This is the second summer that they have, in cooperation with Berea College, sent a group of students to work on community projects with the fold at Big Laurel and other communities in this area.” Rogers further explains the mission and operation of the camp and examples of the students’ work. “The group lives in the Community House which Pine Mountain owns, at the Big Laurel Medical Settlement.”

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Part II (1923-1958)

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