MARY ROCKWELL HOOK Correspondence 1942-43 Box 19: 3-14

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MARY ROCKWELL HOOK Correspondence 1942-43
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MARY ROCKWELL HOOK Correspondence 1942-43 Box 19: 3-14

January 29, 1942 – December 29, 1943

Mary Rockwell Hook (1877 – 1978)
School Architect and Consultant 1913 through c. 1968
Member, PMSS Board of Trustees

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CONTENTS: MARY ROCKWELL HOOK Correspondence 1942-43 Box 19: 3-14

[Note: Letters from PMSS staff in the PMSS Collections are carbon copies, typewritten, unsigned, and meant for the Office files. The original signed copies were sent to the correspondents. Mary Rockwell Hook‘s letters are handwritten and original. The following list of contents is in chronological order and not necessarily in the order of the image numbers.]

January – March 1942

001 January 29, 1942. To Mary Rockwell Hook (Mrs. Inghram D. Hook), Kansas City, MO, from “J.G.,” asking for Catherine Crutchfield’s new name and address, since she was recently married. The School Co-op group has just performed Our Town play.

002 N.D. (Later notation: “February 1942”). To Morris from Hook, asking if the barn storage building was built this spring and if she should work on the plans. (Notation in another’s handwriting: “Replied Feb. 7. No bldg this spring.”)

003-003c February 25, (No year. Later notation: “1942”) Four-page letter to Morris from Hook. [003] “I am sorry about the flu epidemic — and Gladys Hill.” Jean Mary Love and Marguerite Bidstrup and her husband plan to visit (PMSS?). [003a] Jay Findley is in the Army and Hook regrets losing him. [003b] Describes the route of the “Chicago direct train.” to Sarasota. Because Chuck may also go to the Army, she suggests that Morris train the students as hotel manager, bookkeepers, gardeners, handymen, waitresses and cooks. Asks him to look for a “mother’s helper.” [003c] She hopes that Morris will someday meet her niece, Mrs. Glenn Stackhouse in Louisville and her husband. They would like to hire a PMSS student. “I know you feel the urge of getting into the service but I do think you are more valuable still where you are.” Her husband, Inghram, and son, Dick, are considering doing so. She wishes the board would meet after school closes and stay a few days at PMSS, so that they would become “more familiar with your problems.”

004 March 16, 1942. To Hook from (unsigned, likely Morris), thanking her “for all you did to make it possible for Gladys Hill to go to Whispering Sands,” although Gladys declined the offer. The School has an epidemic of “strep” sore throat. The Board meeting will be held in June, as she had hoped.

005a-005c March 17, 1942. Four-page letter to Morris from Hook. Dick is engaged to marry a girl from Omaha in June. Hook suggests that the Advisory Board be invited to PMSS after the Trustees’ meeting. Also, interested contributors should be invited. Asks about the Summer program. Encloses a pamphlet that Mr. Hook brought from Washington.

006 through 008 MISSING IMAGES

009 N.D. Cover of pamphlet enclosed in Hook’s March 17th letter: “VICTORY GARDENS, Miscellaneous Publication No. 483, U.S. Department of Agriculture.”

010-010a March 23, 1942. Two-page letter to Hook from (unsigned, likely Morris). Writes about the board meeting and his concerns that no board member will attend the Institute; his vacation plans which depend on “the results of my application for a chaplaincy.” He is working on a “lengthy report to the Board regarding the future of Pine Mountain….” Mentions the labor shortage; “It may be necessary for us to streamline things at Pine Mountain next year.” Referring to Dick’s engagement and induction into the service: “It’s a topsy-turvy world, isn’t it?”

April & June 1942

011 April 13, 1942. Address side of postcard to Mr. and Mrs. Glyn Morris, postmarked Sarasota, FL.
011a April 13, (No year). Postcard message to (no salutation) from Hook, who will remain in Sarasota until the last of April. Invites Morrises to visit.

012-012c June 12, (No year. Later notation: “1942”) Four-page letter to (Arthur W.) Dodd from Hook. [012] Regrets forgetting “about the awards I wanted to make to the boys & girls in the various industries.” [012a] She hopes they were presented anyway and, if so, will pay for them. If not, she offers to send awards directly to each student. [012b] Gives her address in NY. Asks if Mrs. Morris still needs anything in furnishings that Hook can “look at and report.” Asks if four tall standard lamps and fluorescent lamps were acquired for Laurel House living room. [012c] Asks if there are bed lamps in the West Wind guest rooms.

013-013a June 16, 1942. Two-page letter to Hook, ℅ Junior League, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NYC, NY, from (unsigned) answering her questions. No awards were made at commencement; suggests the awards to send to the selected students (a standard tool for the boy, a cookbook for the girl). “…we all appreciate you giving these awards again.” Mr. Morris has been transferred to Fort Crowder, FL. Mr. and Mrs. Morris are living in Joplin, but it is hoped that she will return to PMSS in the fall. No fluorescent lamps in Laurel House yet; but there are three floor lamps. There are bed lamps in the West Wind guest rooms. Mentions Mr. Boone Callahan at summer school.

July 1942

014 July 3, 1942. To Hook in Kansas City, MO, from (unsigned), enclosing a program of a presentation by the Community Group about their work, “designed partly to show the Coop Group some of the things in store for them next year.”

015 July 6, 1942. To Hook from (unsigned), asking when Far House will undergo renovation in order to plan when to host Rev. Eugene Rainey’s groups from Evarts.

016-016a July 11, 1942. Two-page letter to Dodd from Hook, congratulating PMSS for the “excellent” Pine Mountain Catalogue. She offers to mail the prizes for the students directly to their homes. She guesses the Far House repairs will be in August after Callahan returns on July 13. Hook plans to visit Mrs. Morris in Joplin and will ask about the renovations. 

017 July 16, 1942. To Hook from (unsigned), stating that “we are badly in need of about six new double decker beds both for Far House and Big Log” and asks if they can be bought in war time; and does the Board need to approve the purchase. Mentions that Mr. (William D.) Webb will probably come to PMSS on August 2nd. Provides the names of the students who should receive the awards: Lloyd Brown of Crown, KY, and Sarah Shepherd of Delphia, KY.

018-018a July 20, 1942. Two-page letter to Dodd from Hook, [018] who has a sketch for revamping Far House from Mrs. Morris. Asks if Mrs. (Alice Joy) Keith could take measurements so that Hook can make a quarter scale drawing of the first and second floors. “Mrs. (Ethel de Long) Zande planned that house so I have no plans of it.” First task is to find out if building materials for remodeling can be purchased. She describes the items needed. [018a] “The Morrises have a very cute house (in Joplin) on the slope of a forest, which descends from the side of the house.”

019 July 24, 1942. Western Union telegram to Hook from Dodd. “No one here to make drawing. Boone arriving tomorrow. Can get materials. …”

020-020a July 27, 1942. Two-page letter to Dodd from Hook, telling about her son in Ogden, Utah, who is facing foreign duty; another son at Miami Beach, hoping to graduate to second lieutenant. Will be driving to PMSS with her dog and someone who may be able to do some clean-up around Open House.

021 July 29, 1942. Western Union telegram to Hook from Dodd: “Suggest postponing Far House renovations. Shortage of time, money and manpower.” 

023 July 31, 1942. Address side of postcard from Kansas City, MO, to Mr. Arthur Dodd at Pine Mountain School.
023a July 31, (no year, later notation: “1942”) Postcard message to Dodd from Hook, who has postponed her PMSS visit; will send drawings of Far House.

August – December 1942

022 August 7, 1942. Address side of postcard from Kansas City, MO, to Miss Alice Cobb at Pine Mountain School.
022a August 7, (no year, later notation: “1942”) Postcard message to Alice Cobb from Hook, who is sending a sketch showing how to “add protection against sun & rain on the top floor of West Wind” by extending the roof down to the railings, if Boone Callahan can do it.

024 August 13, 1942. To Hook from (unsigned, likely Dodd). Callahan can do the West Wind work if he has outside help and if money can be allocated. The Workshop also needs attention. Writes about Open House; “You know I call it my story book house and enjoy just visiting there. It seems lonesome, now.” The School misses the Morrises but “like the Webbs very much.”

025-025a August 31, 1942. To Mr. and Mrs. Webb from Hook, welcoming them to PMSS. The Morrises are in nearby Joplin but they may be leaving soon for Nashville. Encloses “a study for the extension of a roof over the top terrace of West Wind” and asks Webb to get Callahan’s opinion on it. Describes possible remedy if the decks are leaking.

026 September 9, 1942. To Hook from (unsigned, evidently Webb), thanking Hook for her welcome. He names the Board members he has already met and who have sent welcome letters. The School will begin work on West Wind after some repair jobs are finished. “Our staff for the coming year is complete, in spite of war displacements, except for a printer. With the guidance of Mr. Dodd and the other old-timers, everything is running smoothly.” 

027 November 16, 1942. Address side of postcard from Brooklyn, NY, to Mr. Webb, Director, at Pine Mountain School.
027a November 15, (no year, later notation: “1942”) Postcard message to Webb from Hook. “It was so nice to meet you and catch up with things at Pine Mt.” Tells him that Thomas and Margaret Richie from Bronxville, NY, were in charge of the work camp.

028-028a December 17, 1942. Two-page letter to Webb from Hook, enclosing a copy of a letter she sent to Mr. (James S.) Crutchfield. “Bainbridge Bunting was trained for architecture & was teaching history of art at Haroord(?)” Encloses check for ten calendars, which she will send out, describing them as “an excellent piece of work.” Also encloses a contribution to the School. Asks if the West Wind guest rooms heat properly.

MARY ROCKWELL HOOK Correspondence 1942-43 Box 19: 3-14
February – December 1943

029 February 24, 1943. To Hook from Webb. Mentions that Miss Cobb will be in Kansas City on a publicity tour. Webb is waiting for a reply from the American Friends Service Committee on the possibility of assignment from C.P.S. camp to PMSS. Describes joining scouts in a “exploring expedition to the nice limestone cave up above Sawmill Hollow. It is great to have such a romantic set of underground chambers and hallways so near our school.” Architect Perkins, “old friend of Miss Pettit and building expert in Harlan” was planning to visit PMSS but, instead, has taken a government job in Tennessee. Plans to repair the Boys Industrial and West Wind porches this summer and hopes she will visit and give advice. Other updates: the poultry houses are in process; the School has new mules (Belle and Meg); the reservoir and “dump” were work day priorities; “Farmerettes” are preparing a Victory Garden; four staff members will attend the Southern Mountain Workers Conference in Knoxville.


032 February 24, 1943. To Hook from Webb, adding to his previous letter. Encloses two receipts for her last year’s contributions and explains the delay. “After some visits to other schools in the area, as to Red Bird last weekend, we appreciate more than ever the gift of time, interest, and skill that has gone into planning and making possible the buildings here at Pine Mountain, notably by yourself.” Describes staffing issues, such as trying to keep staff “despite the calls of defense work and the armed services.” Asks Hook for advice on staffing for next year, particularly Line Fork, since the Bakers (Richard and Lutrella Baker) are leaving. “With three boys leaving for the Navy in the last two weeks, we watch with real interest the war headlines. Even peaceful Pine Mountain feels it(!)”

033 May 8, 1943. Address side of postcard from Sarasota, FL, to Mr. Webb at Pine Mountain School.
033a May 7, (no year, later notation: “1943”) Postcard message to Webb from Hook, asking about transportation from Harlan to the School. 

040 May 11, 1943. Address side of postcard from Sarasota, FL, to Mr. Webb at Pine Mountain School.
040a May 11, (no year, later notation: “1943”) Postcard message to (no salutation) from Hook, with her travel plans. 

037 May 12, 1943. To Hook from (unsigned), welcoming her to PMSS; Open House will be ready for her and Mrs. Morris may be coming on the 14th. 

034 May 13, 1943. Western Union telegram to Webb from Hook, Sarasota, FL, asking when is the best time for her PMSS visit.

035 May 14, 1943. Western Union telegram to Hook from Webb, answering that it is important that she visit before Callahan’s departure early in June. Availability of repair supplies is uncertain.

036-036a May 15, (no year; later notation “1943”). Two-page letter to Webb from Hook, relating her plans to travel to PMSS. Offers to talk with someone in Harlan about the repairs or look up materials there before arrival at PMSS.

038 May 22, 1943. To Hook from “J.G.” Answers Hook’s question about Mrs. Waldo who will be visiting PMSS in a week or so.

039 May 22, 1943. To Hook from (unsigned), enclosing “a copy of the letter to the other owners of Open House, with copies of Miss (Katherine Pettit ’s letter and your statement. It was awfully nice seeing you again.…” 

041-041c June 9, 1943. Four-page letter to Webb from Hook, [041] who is sending a report which was delayed due to the birth of her grandnephew. Hopes that Mr. (Glenn) LaRue will “prove helpful in the matter of repairs.” She states the most important need: Far House plumbing. [041a] She will work on Mrs. Morris’s plan for remodeling Far House but “the important remodeling will certainly have to wait until the war is over.” [041b] Mentions Mrs. Waldo; the window sash in the Chapel. Asks [041c] whether the LaRues are staying in the Callahan house.

042 December 29, 1943. Typewritten letter to Webb from Hook in Kansas City, MO. Mr. Charles Baird of Kansas City mailed $100 to PMSS and is waiting for a reply. He is ready to send another $500. He comes from the Harlan area and “is contributing to other schools which he and his wife attended. I think he was once athletic director at Ann Arbor.” According to Hook, “there must always be someone whose first duty it is to acknowledge donations with speed and grace.” Asks about repairs.

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