Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17:  PMSS Publications (Published by the School)

PMSS Catalog [1934-35 ?] - Cover

PMSS Catalog [1934-35 ?] – Cover

The following Catalogs and Bulletins have been identified for Pine Mountain Settlement School for the period of 1913 to 1949, the last year of the boarding school. No catalogs have been published since 1949, as no sustained, residential educational program has been in place since that date.

After 1949 the school had a cooperative program with the Harlan County School system and maintained several educational programs which served the local community. The Community School and the “Little School” are no longer in operation. Currently, the Environmental Education Program serves a broad spectrum of schools in Kentucky and adjoining states and provides short-term residential environmental experiences for students in the K-12 educational institutions.

PMSS Catalog 1918

PMSS Catalog 1920

PMSS Catalog 1934 – 1935 (?)

PMSS Bulletin (Catalog) 1938 – 1939

PMSS Catalog 1940 (?)

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