PINE CONE 1941 November

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications

PINE CONE 1941 November-December, Vol. 6 No. 3

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CONTENTS: PINE CONE 1941 November-December

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“OLD ENGLISH CELEBRATION HELD AT PINE MOUNTAIN: PINE MOUNTAIN CELEBRATES CHRISTMAS WEEK” – Open House, carol singing, Nativity Play in the Chapel, performances in the dining hall over five evenings,.

“TRADITIONAL NATIVITY PLAY GIVEN IN CHAPEL DECEMBER 14” – Written by Ethel de Long Zande; performed for over 20 years; audience donated to charity fund. Players were Oral Howard, Charles Hollins, Buster Blackson, Carl Farley, Harold Smith, Don Thompson, Lloyd Lewis, Harold Reynolds, Thelma Centers (Mary), Lloyd Brown (Joseph), Irene Garret, Jesse Lewis, Willard Enix, Jim Bishop, James Centers, Calvin Jones.

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THE PINE CONE – “A school and community paper published monthly by the students of Pine Mountain Settlement School.”

Willard Enix – Editor, Bonnie Ayers – Assistant Editor, Charles Hollins – Circulation Manager.

Reporters: Gwen Hendren, Oral Howard, Velma Peters, Charlsie Vaughn, Mary Pace, Nelle Shuler, Carl Farley.

Olive Coolidge – Publicity, Martha Anne Keen – Adviser.

“Member, Columbia Scholastic Press Association 1940-1941.”

“UNITED WE STAND” – “Again America enters into conflict for ideals and honor….”

“OLD GLORY WAVES” – The flag near the playground as seen by students; Pledge of Allegiance.

“GREAT THINGS ARE EXPECTED OF US” – William Creech is quoted concerning his expectations of youth; At annual ceremony at the museum, once home of Aunt Sal and Uncle William, Brit Wilder spoke of memories of his grandparents.

“ARMISTICE DAY” – 23rd anniversary; description of the students’ observance of the day, including a play, “Peace Does Not Last Forever.”

“ANNUAL CHARITY DRIVE HELD” – Sponsored by the Senior Class; fundraising activities.

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“MISS PEABODY VISITS PINE MOUNTAIN” – Miss Marion F. Peabody, Berea College, assisted the Community Group in re-using old material to craft items for home and school.


“HERE AND THERE (MOSTLY THERE)” – Hi-Y-Club tours campus; Mrs. R.E. Baker; Mr. [Malcolm] Arny; Thanksgiving Ball; PMSS singers performed on Harlan’s station WHLN; Metropolitan Trio in Harlan; Dr. and Mrs. Nutter and Gail; Dr. Clark Bailey; Miss Olive Coolidge; newborns at the Infirmary.

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“GUESTS” – Mr. and Mrs. Luther Burkhard, Oscar Peace, Creed Smith, Ben Carr, Elmer Combs, Collie and Don Randolph, BIll Wilder, Mr. and Mrs. Sherley Hollins.

“ASSEMBLY ON FIRE PROTECTION” – Presentation by Mr. W.H. Burkman, District Forester for Southern Kentucky; history and description of the Kentucky Division of Forestry; CCC projects.

“BLACKOUT (Continued from page one.)” – Activities during blackout; new rules concerning use of electrical equipment, enforced by the Power Committee.

“CO-OPOGRAMS” – Quote from a Japanese Christian Leader.

“CHRISTMAS WEEK (Continued from page one.)” – Far House Mummers; wassailers from Boys House; yule log; minuet danced by Calvin Jones, Charlsie Vaughn, Bill Turner, and Nelle Shuler; other Christmas activities.

“THANKSGIVING ACTIVITIES (Continued from page one.) – Dinner at Laurel House; soccerball; Thanksgiving Ball arranged by Mr. and Mrs. [Glyn] Morris, Mrs. [Fern] Hayes, Miss [Barbara] Spelman and Mr. [Arthur] Dodd.

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