CHARLES HOLLINS Burkhard Correspondence

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Charles Hollins Correspondence
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CHARLES HOLLINS Burkhard Correspondence, 1979-2001
Student, 1936-1941

Charles Hollins Correspondence

Hollins Christmas Card (1989) & note (1979) to the Burkhards. [hollins_chas_flop_001.jpg]

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CONTENTS: Charles Hollins Correspondence

1979, 1988, 1989

001 December 1979 and 1989. Christmas cards to Fred & Esther [Burkhard] from Charles (“Flop”) and Juanita Hollins. [1979] “Retirement agrees with me completely….” [1989] “We may be back in Indiana and Kentucky for a family reunion this Summer….”

002 December 1988. Christmas card to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Burkhard, Liberty, KY from “Charles and Juanita,” Hollins, Clovis, CA. [Notation: “65 in coming Feb.”]

003-004 December 1988. Two-page typewritten letter to Fred and Esther [Burkhard] from “Flop” and Juanita Hollins, Clovis, CA. [003] “This past year is one that I have looked forward to for many years now, the time that I would retire.” Describes a 40-day motorhome trip across the country with Juanita; visit with youngest son, Ricky, and his family, in Rome, NY, where he is in the Air Force. Also describes Dewayne and family in Clovis and Becky and family in Riverside, CA. [004] Tells about his hobbies, fishing, flea marketing, travel, and locksmithing. Visited PMSS last summer with Paul and Ellen Hayes. “The school sure looked run down.” Regrets the decline of the printing trade due to the “advent of the computer age of printing…Printing as an art form is a thing of the past.” Mentions a “small pump factory” where he worked the last seven years.


 [005] September 26, 2001. Computer-printed letter to Esther [Burkhard] from Charles “Flop” Hollins, Clovis CA. Responding to Esther’s letter which “brought back fond memories.” In approximately summer 1936, Esther had interviewed Charles in Coxton, KY, [concerning attending PMSS]; met Fred [Burkhardt] during his second year at PMSS, 

“who…made all the difference in my life…[H]e taught me many things, not the least was self-confidence, and of course printing, which I was to make a living and raise my family for the rest of my life. Yes, I have…many things to be thankful for that you and Fred were a major part in my life.”

Juanita died of cancer about two years ago. His children (Dewaye, Rebecca, Ricky) live in different parts of the country, “good for me to have places to visit.”

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